Tottori Prefecture A real event for the popular content “Hinabita♪” will be held! “Hinabita♪ 10th Annivers ary Eve in Kurayoshi”

Tottori Prefecture
A real event of the popular content “Hinabita ♪” will be held! “Hinabita♪ 10th Anniversary Eve in Kurayoshi”
Voice actor: Ai talk show, Kurayoshi Hinabita ♪ test course, etc.
In Kurayoshi City, Tottori Prefecture, the 10th anniversary event of the popular character band content “Hinabita♪” will be held for two days on November 5th (Sat) and 6th (Sun), 2022.
Voice actor Megumi will appear as a talk show guest. [Image 1d78201-43-0856b3e4d845289f3a83-0.png&s3=78201-43-281e88053c4134e46b935bfbc59e3882-625x295.png
■Hinabita♪, celebrating its 10th anniversary, will hold a real event in sister city Kurayoshi!
The popular character band content “Hinabita♪” celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. A commemorative anniversary event will be held in Kurayoshi City, Tottori Prefecture, which has a sister city relationship with the fictitious town of Kuranogawa, which is the stage of Hinabita♪.
Kurayoshi has held real events such as music concerts and character birthday festivals, and is a familiar town and sacred place for Hinabita♪ fans.
This time, at the commemorative event entitled “10th Anniversary Eve Festival”, in addition to a talk show inviting Ai , who plays the role of Sakiko Kasuga, there is a nostalgic atmosphere that overlaps with the story’s stage “Kuranogawa City”. We will hold events such as tours around the town of Kurayoshi, where the old town remains.
“Hinabita ♪ 10th Anniversary Eve Festival in Kurayoshi ~ It’s starting, look, it’s really wonderful ~”
Event overview
[Image 2d78201-43-66de012f28a7bd378faa-3.jpg&s3=78201-43-ac26a925246d6fcbde7952c4331566a0-273x387.jpg
Date: November 5th (Sat) and 6th (Sun), 2022
Venue: Tottori Prefectural Kurayoshi Future Center
Various locations in Kurayoshi City, around Shirakabe Storehouses Event content:
11/5 (Sat) Kurayoshi Hinabita ♪ Certification course held
     Special Lecturer: TOMOSUKE
11/6 (Sun) Hinabita ♪ By voice actor “Ai (as Sakiko Kasuga)” Hinabita♪ 10th Anniversary Talk Show (with TOMOSUKE)
Held during the period Town excursion event / Hinabita ♪ shop opening        Kuranogawa City resident card issuance
* Please check the official Twitter for event details.
■ What is “Hinabita♪”?
[Image 3d78201-43-5cd26f5ba8cf116ece21-7.png&s3=78201-43-5494797f77f179363961572bf5aa0f53-577x404.png
 Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. is using the web, social media, games, music distribution, etc. to create a new type of character band content.
The Hinatabi Shopping Street in Kuranogawa City, a local city, has a completely rustic atmosphere, pushed by a newly constructed shopping center. Under such circumstances, five people who were born and raised in the shopping district, “Marika”, “Ichimai”, “Sakiko”, “Meu”, and “Rin”, formed a band called “Hinata Bitter Sweets♪” to revitalize their hometown. ” will be formed.
It depicts girls who love their hometown aiming for regional revitalization with songs they made themselves.
■ About Kurayoshi City, Tottori Prefecture
What is Kurayoshi City, which has a sister city relationship with Kuranogawa City, the stage of Hinabita♪?
[Image 4d78201-43-32a98f9fb8418469ae3e-2.jpg&s3=78201-43-76540e4ca292e05ba3d68681fd82d972-306x229.jpg
Kurayoshi City is the model for Kuranogawa City, which is the stage of the work. On April 1, 2016, the two cities signed a sister city partnership between a real town and a fictional town as the first initiative in Japan, and this year marks the sixth year.
Kurayoshi City, Tottori Prefecture is a city with a population of about 50,000 located in the central part of Tottori Prefecture. In the city, many houses and storehouses from the end of the Edo period to the Showa era remain, including the Utsubuki Tamagawa district, which has been designated as an important preservation district for groups of traditional buildings by the country. It has a nostalgic appearance that leaves a lasting impression.
Surrounded by four hot spring areas, Sekigane Onsen, Misasa Onsen, Hawai Onsen, and Togo Onsen, it is also known as a place blessed with water and greenery.
(C) Konami Digital Entertainment
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