Tour cost 50% subsidized We are looking for monitors for Wellness Resort SHIMA Retreat Program, an all-inclusive tour that coordinates all aspects of the trip with the theme of retreat.

Hawkeye Co., Ltd.
[Tour cost 50% subsidized] We are looking for monitors for Wellness Resort SHIMA Retreat Program, an all-inclusive tour that coordinates all aspects of the trip with the theme of retreat.
Through a unique healing retreat program supervised by experts that takes advantage of the natural environment of the Shima area, we provide an experience that will deeply soothe your mind and body in an extraordinary space while traveling.

At Wellness Resort SHIMA, the retreat plan will be implemented multiple times from October to December 2022 as a monitor tour. To do. With support from the country, you will receive a 50% discount on the tour fee, so please consider participating.
[Summary] Wellness Resort SHIMA is a long-stay travel plan implemented in collaboration with various businesses in the Shima area that want to revitalize the area. With the theme of “Wellness”, the purpose is to enjoy and heal your mind and body in a resort area away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Depending on the purpose of the participants, we will provide two plans: a workation plan that allows you to flexibly secure your work time in a space surrounded by nature in Shima, and a retreat plan that coordinates all of your travels. This time, with the theme of “Healing Retreat”, we propose a retreat plan that is all coordinated based on the charm of Shima (food, activities, etc.) from the five perspectives of diet, exercise, sleep, mental health, and the environment. I will.
The Wellness Resort SHIMA Retreat Program aims to enable everyone to regain a positive feeling and a life full of energy by removing stress and fatigue and improving their constitution through the power of nature. During the tour, it is possible to choose and experience various healing retreat programs while receiving expert counseling. In particular, we believe that the food you put into your body is important, and we provide “future meals” based on cutting-edge nutritional knowledge.

[Image 1

Image of how to spend your trip
◎Healing × Tourism・Experience healing your mind and body in an extraordinary space while traveling
・You can experience a unique healing retreat program that integrates five approaches: food, exercise, mental health, sleep, and the environment.
◎ Wellness x Sustainability
・Emphasis on liberation from the stress and anxiety that occur in daily life and essential constitution improvement, creating a healthy and beautiful mind and body without relying on medicine or cosmetics. ・We can create a better life and a better society by thinking not only of ourselves but also of other people, animals, and the earth. [Image 2

healing approach
[Distinctive Retreat Program in Shima]
The Wellness Resort SHIMA Retreat Program will be implemented in collaboration with various businesses in the Shima area that want to revitalize the area. We offer an all-inclusive program that can only be experienced here, woven by the “land” and “people” of Shima. [Image 3

Adjacent to Kansai’s surfers’ secret beach “Ichigo Beach”, the glamping resort “Kabuku Resort” is gaining popularity from saunas in recent years.
[Image 4

At Kabuku Resort, enjoy the “resort sauna” such as a Finnish sauna using the local specialty “Owase cypress”, a sauna overlooking the sea from the top of the mountain, and a night pool specification water bath.

[Image 5

We have also developed an original “sameshi” that is ideal after the sauna, as conceived by a registered dietitian.
[Image 6

Under the guidance of an expert, conduct posture analysis using AI. Receive guidance from a physical therapist
[Image 7

We offer future meals that are friendly to our bodies and the earth, making the most of the ingredients of Shima.
[Image 8

You can freely choose and experience various healing approaches [Past efforts]
・The healing concept, which was held in the past as COCORISM OWASE (February 2021) @ Owase City, Mie Prefecture, was highly evaluated, and this time it will be refined according to the location of Shima. [Image 9

Past efforts (@Owase City)
Click here for details →
[Monitor tour]
This tour is a monitor tour on the following schedule as a project adopted by the Japan Tourism Agency’s third supplementary budget project for fiscal 2020, “Project to promote revitalization and high added value of existing tourist bases” with KABUKU Co., Ltd. as the adopter. carry out. By creating a wide-area tourist base centered on the Shima-Ichigohama area in the southern part of Ise-Shima National Park, and by cooperating with multiple businesses in the area, we will be able to make it possible for tourists to travel within the area, which has not been possible before. , We will verify the ideal medium- to long-term stay with high added value.
In addition to the retreat plan, local businesses who know everything about the Shima area welcome you with carefully selected accommodation facilities, meals, and activities, and a workation plan that allows you to fully enjoy “totoi” in the sauna. increase.
*This project is to re-plan and implement the COCORISM SHIMA program, which was scheduled to be implemented in February 2022, but was canceled due to the spread of the coronavirus, with assistance from the government.
-Itinerary and price-
~Retreat plan~
Total of 4 nights and 5 days: 140,000 yen → 50% government subsidy → 69,000 yen (tax included) *Includes 4 breakfasts, 4 lunches, and 4 dinners
In addition to the accommodation fee, transportation fee, breakfast, lunch and dinner fee during the tour period,
This is an all-inclusive plan that includes health guidance by experts during the tour, healing activities such as yoga, and a pre-trip set full of charms of Shima!
*Participants are responsible for transportation expenses to the meeting place. *Costs for matters not included in the tour content are the
responsibility of the participant.
The schedule for staying in each plan is different, so please check the detailed schedule on the following site for details.
It will be a recruitment capacity of about 20 people each time. *First-come, first-served basis
▶︎Peatix special site:
・Kabuku Resort (Glamping)
・Hotel & Resorts ISE-SHIMA (resort hotel)
-Please apply for participation from this dedicated page-
▶︎Peatix special site:
[Image 10

Recruitment flyer table
[Image 11

Recruitment leaflet back
[Countermeasures against infectious diseases]
This monitor tour will be held after taking sufficient measures against infectious diseases based on the national guidelines so that participants can participate in the tour with peace of mind. [Business-related organizations]
Organizer/Organizer: KABUKU Co., Ltd.
Planning: Hawkeye Co., Ltd.
Supervision and operation of meals and activities: Maki Middle East, NF Ripple Co., Ltd.
Monitor tour window business: Waei Kanko
Cooperation: Various regional organizations centered on Shima City (ex. Daiwa Resort Co., Ltd., Wei Taxi, Shima Nature School, Step Ocean, Shima Mediterranean Village, etc.)
[About KABUKU Co., Ltd.]
Operates Kabuku Resort, a comprehensive resort facility that includes glamping, barbecues, and cafes, located adjacent to Ichigohama in Shima City, Mie Prefecture. Fusing traditional Japanese culture and other cultures to create a new and stylish culture and disseminate it to the world. From the point of view of food, clothing and shelter, we aim to unearth hidden made-in-Japan products, fuse different cultures, and serve as a bridge connecting Japanese craftsmen to the world under the KABUKU brand.
[What is Hawkeye Co., Ltd.]
Headquartered in Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture, in addition to producing businesses that utilize idle assets for companies and local
governments, we also manufacture and sell private saunas “COCO SAUNA” using Owase cypress, and provide retreat program services that can be done at home or in tourist spots. A venture company that provides services such as “COCORISM”.
[What is the project to promote the revitalization and high added value of existing tourist bases?]
Reiwa 2 of the Japan Tourism Agency to revitalize tourism bases around 100 locations nationwide based on the “Tourism Base Revitalization Plan” created by local communities, etc. The third supplementary budget project for the fiscal year.
[Inquiries regarding this project]
Wellness Resort SHIMA Management Office
Kabuku Resort Hamada

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