Tourism resource score Top 100 announced

NPO Aoyama Design Forum
Tourism resource score Top 100 announcement
Nationwide Municipal Ranking

Aoyama Design Forum (ADF), a non-profit organization, has released the scores of tourism resources owned by each municipality based on the registration data of the tourism search site “Tabiiko”.
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Kyoto is the No. 1 municipality with tourism resources!
Kyoto City, Nara City, Taito Ward,
These are the 4 wards of Osaka City. Among them, Kyoto City marks 3795 and cuts off
tu score. 2nd place 1365 Nara City, 3rd place 1326 Taito Ward, Osaka City It has a difference of about 3 times from 1139. Municipalities nationwide has an average score of 64.3, and a tourism resource score of 0 There are 10 points municipalities.
The best 9 wards in the top 100 in Tokyo!
In Kyoto Prefecture, only Kyoto City is in the top 100, and how Kyoto I understand well that it depends on the city. In that respect, Tokyo has 9 wards
It is in the top 100 and has well-balanced tourism resources. I understand that Tokyo’s top 100 wards are Taito (all
3rd place in body), followed by Chiyoda Ward (10th place), Minato Ward (13th place),
Bunkyo Ward (24th), Shinjuku Ward (25th), Setagaya Ward (27th) ), Shibuya Ward (47th place), Chuo Ward (52nd place), Koto Ward (74th place) rank).
In addition, multiple cities in other prefectures are in the top 100 5 cities in Shiga Prefecture, followed by 4 in Niigata Prefecture, Kanagawa Prefecture, Hyogo Prefecture, and Hiroshima Prefecture In order of city.
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47 prefectural capitals not in the top 100
The prefecture that is not in the top 100 in terms of prefectural capitals is Saga.
There are six prefectures: Aomori, Ibaraki, Chiba, Okinawa, and Tochigi. Another 41 prefectures are in the top 100.
Two cities were not selected from the top 100 among ordinance-designated cities! Unfortunately, Chiba City and Sagamihara City are out of the top 100. vinegar. They are 119th and 153rd respectively. 20Ordinance designation Kyoto city (1st place), Osaka city (4th place), Nagoya city (5th place) No. 1), Kobe City (No. 6), and Yokohama City (No. 7) steadily entered the top 10.
plays. Fukuoka City (11th), Sendai City (14th)
), Niigata City (16th), Shizuoka City (19th), Okayama City (22nd) 28th), Sapporo (28th), Hiroshima (32nd), Hamamatsu (33rd)
35th), Kitakyushu City (35th), Kumamoto City (36th), Saitama City (7th) 1), Sakai City (74th), and Kawasaki City (98th).
Which municipalities are in the top 100 other than prefectural capitals? There are 15 cities in the top 50 (excluding Tokyo). 1st place is Nikko City (17th place), 2nd place is Kamakura City (20th place), Takayama City, Matsumoto City,
Followed by Nagahama City. 35 municipalities are among the 51st to 100th. Only 3 towns outside the city are in the top 100!
Among them, Koya Town in Wakayama Prefecture (ranked 1st) ranked first with a score of 309, followed by Ikaruga Town in Nara Prefecture (58th) and Minakami Town in Gunma Prefecture (97th). You will have resources.
[Image 3d39033-14-587a1b4b4b6c625b20a6-8.jpg&s3=39033-14-b057b2991b02154efeb5367038829d4e-1394x1330.jpg
Top 10 tourism resources owned by prefecture
Surpassing Kyoto Prefecture, the top of the list is Tokyo (score 7054) 2nd place Kyoto
There is an overwhelming difference with the prefecture (5390). 3rd place Hokkaido (464
3), 4th place Nagano Prefecture (4572) and there is a surprise. both prefectures All I can say is that the area is rich in nature. of Attractives I can understand it even if I see the place where the item of scenic beauty is high (1st and 2nd)
increase. 5th place Aichi prefecture, 6th place Hyogo prefecture and so on. Many foreigners in Tokyo
In addition to the attractiveness of the city, many tourists are able to attract tourists.
This is thought to be due to the possession of many tourism resources. vinegar.

[Image 4d39033-14-71f53d33a970ad510bf2-9.jpg&s3=39033-14-ae9161c9de2a623c3688b0f3d6d46bfe-1385x1134.jpg
Tourism resources score table by region
The ranking by region cannot be compared unconditionally due to issues such as the area of ​​the region and the number of prefectures. It is not possible, but the ranking is shown for reference. especially in Hokkaido
It seems that the 8th place is unavoidable because it is alone. in addition Even so, the difference between 1st to 3rd place and below is clear. tourism resources
Core is about half.

“Tabiiko” was developed as a platform to connect local governments and general users. Local governments can register local tourism resources that are not yet known, and general users can post information on hidden tourism resources as tourism supporters.
                    Tourism supporter application:
                               : It is the aim of the NPO Aoyama Design Forum to revitalize the region through tourism in this way. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of tourism resources will be registered in the future.
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                        Aoyama Design Forum
                              Tabiico Tourism Promotion Office [Image 6d39033-14-0d7c48ebc68e469232b1-4.png&s3=39033-14-fd80b50fa705f2f312b29773eb150e77-268x92.png

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