Toyo Ink SC Holdings Introducing new functions to the web platform for the printing industry, Primarelink (TM)

Toyo Ink SC Holdings
Introducing new functions to the web platform for the printing industry, Primarelink(TM)
Aiming to revitalize the printing industry at Waigaya Square, where users can interact with each other

Toyo Ink Graphics Co., Ltd. (President: Toshiya Serizawa, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo) provides a sharing platform for the printing industry, “Primarelink (TM)”, which has a user interaction function “Waigaya Plaza”. ” has been added.
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“Primarelink(TM)” is a sharing platform specialized in the printing industry that allows you to find new business partners. Since the beta version was released in March 2022 and the official service started in June, about 70 companies have registered.
Until now, it was possible to contact users using the message function, but we have added the user exchange function “Waigaya Square” as a place where information and knowledge can be shared more easily. Users who are familiar with the industry can freely ask and answer questions, ranging from questions related to printing to everyday events that occur in their immediate surroundings, allowing them to accumulate and share information, as well as information related to printing from the Primarelink management team. We will deliver seasonal columns such as trivia, the latest environmental regulations and market trends.
We will continue to provide attractive content and solutions so that Primarelink can become a useful “place” for everyone involved in printing and contribute to the revitalization of the printing industry.
Primarelink (TM)
[Basic functions of Primarelink (TM)]
■ Function 1: “Request a job/search for a job”
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You can find new business partners through the company, facility, job search function, recruitment function, and message function. In addition to pre-screening when registering for the service, it is also possible to disclose information only to your favorite companies, so you can proceed with work exchanges with peace of mind.
In addition to offset printing, equipment for on-demand printing, screen printing, post-processing, and special processing can also be registered, supporting the search for a partner for total printing. ■ Function 2: “Learning”
Video content is posted as a learning tool for the printing industry. Please make use of the know-how that the Toyo Ink Group has
accumulated through the development of the printing ink business to solve problems that occur at printing sites.
* E-learning is paid content for 3,000 yen/month per account. After registering for free with Primare Link, you can use it by applying separately.
■ Feature 3: “Communicate”
This is a new feature that allows users to easily interact with each other. You can easily post questions and issues you want to solve, and events around you, and you can also search and browse other users’ posts and leave comments. We will support communication between users by providing a new form of information sharing that leads to accumulation of know-how and value improvement as an industry. [Image 3

[About Toyo Ink Graphics Co., Ltd.]
 Toyo Ink Graphics Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd., which sells and provides services for Toyo Ink Group products, mainly printing inks, in the Kanto-Koshinetsu area. TOYO INK, the TOYO INK logo, Primarelink and the Primarelink logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd.

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