Toyo Seikan Group Holdings Co., Ltd. Double awards at “The Canmaker Cans of the Year Awards 2022” – “Finger Fitting Tab” and “aTULC neck embossed can” –

Toyo Seikan Group Holdings Co., Ltd.
Double award at “The Canmaker Cans of the Year Awards 2022” – “Finger Fitting Tab” and “aTULC neck embossed can” –

The Cans of the Year Awards 2022 ceremony was held at The Can Maker Summit 2022 held in Prague, Czech Republic on October 5-6, 2022, and our consolidated subsidiary Toyo Seikan Co., Ltd. However, the “Finger Fitting Tab”, a lid that dramatically improves the ease of opening food cans, and E. & J. Gallo Winery (hereinafter referred to as “Gallo”) beverage cans for 375ml dark horse wine The “aTULC neck embossed can”, which extends the flavor and shelf life of wine and has an embossed decoration on the neck of the can, won the silver and bronze awards, respectively.
It should be noted that this month’s award for our group is the second after the “Assembly cardboard tent “DAN DAN DOME” won the 2022 Good Design Award”.
1. “Finger Fitting Tab” Ends, Caps & Closures Category Silver Award Winner [Image 1

“Finger Fitting Tab” is a lid for food cans that dramatically improves the ease of opening.The tab that fits the finger not only improves the ease of opening, but also prevents the lid from opening against the person’s intention. It also reduces risk. As a result, we won the silver award in the Ends, Caps & Closures category of the Cans of the Year Awards 2022.
 The “Finger Fitting Tab” will be on the market in 2022 as a product for the Japanese domestic market.
1. Easy-to-reach tab
→ By adopting a concave tab that fits the finger, it is possible to hold the finger firmly, and the increased contact surface of the finger reduces pain and discomfort at the fingertip.
[Image 2

2. Encourage them to open their mouth accurately
→Since the tab has a concave shape, the finger is naturally guided to the center of the tab. This prevents fingers from being hooked from an oblique direction and suppresses the occurrence of mis-opening. [Image 3

3. Reduced risk of opening unexpectedly
→By making the tip of the tab concave, it prevents unintended opening due to other products getting under the tab.
[Image 4

Left: Conventional product, Right: Finger Fitting Tab
2. “aTULC Neck Embossed Can” Beverage Two-Piece Category Bronze Award [Image 5

“aTULC neck embossed can” is a beverage can developed for 375ml of dark horse wine from Gallo, the world’s largest wine producer. “aTULC” aluminum cans with polyester laminated inside and outside and BPA-free (BPA-NI) special lids are used to preserve the flavor of the wine and have a shelf life of more than twice that of conventional aluminum DI cans. It is possible to provide In addition, by adopting the FINE (Fantastic and Impressive Neck shaped can) technology, which can be embossed on the shoulder (neck) of the can, it is possible to provide packages with eye-catching decorations.
[Image 6

FINE (Fantastic and Impressive Neck shaped can)
At the “The Can Maker Summit 2019” held in October 2019, the aTULC 375ml dark horse wine can jointly submitted with Gallo won the gold prize in the two-piece beverage can category, and the “FINE” was a prototype as a development product. Received a bronze medal in the category. The “aTULC neck embossed can”, which combines the aTULC 375ml dark horse wine can and the “FINE” technology, will be adopted for Gallo’s dark horse wine in 2021 and will be launched nationwide. Bronze award in the Beverage Two-Piece category.
[Future initiatives at aTULC]
As stated in the keynote speech at “The Can Maker Summit 2022,” the Group will provide aTULC, which has dramatically improved productivity and environmental friendliness, from material sales to equipment sales and installation, and empty can manufacturing technical support. We are promoting the development of the “aTULC Compact Can Making System” that we provide comprehensively. We have decided to introduce it to American Canning LLC, which sells packaging materials such as cans and filling equipment and services to beverage brands across the United States, and we are preparing for full-scale operation in January 2023. This initiative will make it easier for small-scale beverage can consumers to respond to the current tight supply of cans, contributing to a recycling-oriented society and reducing CO2 emissions during manufacturing and transportation. (For details, please refer to pages 28-29 of Integrated Report 2022.)
Integrated Report 2022:  Our group contributes to the realization of a sustainable society by expanding our environmentally friendly aluminum can manufacturing technology and engineering technology.
In order to consider society and the global environment from a long-term perspective, and to maximize the value we provide to all of our stakeholders, we have established the Long-Term Management Vision 2050 ‘Wrap the Future’ in 2021. Formulated in May. The Group aims and ideals are positioned as “a ‘living platform’ that envelops all people around the world in safety, security, and prosperity,” and “a society that accepts diversity and allows each and every individual to live their own way.” We will promote business activities with the aim of realizing a society where people’s happy lives can be passed down to future generations without imposing a burden on the global
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