Toyo Seikan Group Holdings Co., Ltd. Toyo Seikan Group signs SDGs partner agreement with Alvark Tokyo

Toyo Seikan Group Holdings Co., Ltd.
Toyo Seikan Group Signs SDGs Partner Agreement with Alvark Tokyo -Starting the “Re-CUP Project” aiming to recapture the winning cup and circulate the beverage cup-

The Toyo Seikan Group has concluded an SDGs partner agreement with Toyota Alvark Tokyo Co., Ltd. (hereafter, Alvark Tokyo). Together with Alvark Tokyo, we started the “Re-CUP Project”, aiming for the third B.LEAGUE victory on the on-court, while also challenging the resource recycling of packaging containers on the off-court, and repeated various initiatives and demonstration experiments. I will continue. [Image 1d49660-33-b3963dab53f75a13918a-7.png&s3=49660-33-60b2cfb13d17f3f3dedb9ca29b70c639-733x187.png
“Re-CUP Project” aiming for winning cup recapture x beverage cup circulation Alvark Tokyo, which leads the Japanese basketball world and aims for the world, launched the social responsibility project “ALVARK Will” from the 2021-22 season, and is conducting activities to respond to the issues and needs of the region and community. As for environmental issues, we are actively promoting activities such as reducing plastic waste in the arena.
The Toyo Seikan Group, which has led the packaging container industry, not only manufactures and sells containers, but also promotes activities to solve social issues with the technology and know-how it has cultivated so far as the “OPEN UP! PROJECT”. We are developing a cup washer and an aluminum cup to turn the drinking cups used in the arena, which used to be “garbage”, into “resources” that can be recycled and reused.
This time, we have won B.LEAGUE for the first time since the 2018-19 season, aiming for the “Re-CUP” to recapture the winning cup, and we will challenge for another “Re-CUP” that reuses, regenerates and circulates the drinking cup. I’m going to do
[Image 2d49660-33-250d3f0f48fc420b97a5-0.png&s3=49660-33-8bb52da8c091569bf629615e4578cede-1688x1125.png
Concrete efforts
From the 2022-23 season, Alvark Tokyo will introduce recyclable aluminum cups for beverages and “Re-CUP WASHER” to circulate paper cups as resources, and are conducting various verifications with the aim of sustainable arena management. To go.
[Image 3d49660-33-b6aa0f69a56d30cb4e8b-6.png&s3=49660-33-0634e3e0259b13fb327fe99422c88009-943x282.png
 The aluminum cups are made of the same material as aluminum cans, which boast a recycling rate of 96.6% in Japan, so if they are collected, they can be reborn as aluminum materials. Furthermore, recycled aluminum ingots can reduce CO2 emissions by 97%*1 during production compared to new ingots.
“Re-CUP WASHER” is a mechanism for changing paper cups from “burnable waste” to “recyclable resources”. usually drink
Paper beverage cups in the arena become industrial waste (combustible waste) due to residue, dirt, and other residue. It can be reborn as a raw material.
*1 Amount of CO2 emitted to produce 1kg of aluminum (Unit: kg-CO2) (Source: Japan Aluminum Association, “Summary of LCI Data for New Aluminum Ingots and Recycled Ingots for Wrought Materials”)
Please experience it in the arena.
At the home opening game (October 7th and 8th, 2022 against the Chiba Jets), beer in aluminum cups will be sold*2. Please check the Alvark Tokyo official Twitter for the following sales schedule.
“Re-CUP WASHER” will be installed on home match days. By washing the cup and returning it to the collection box, you can collect stamp points on the shop card in the Alvark Tokyo official LINE account, and carry out a campaign * 3 such as winning goods according to the accumulated points.
*2 Paper cups will be available as soon as aluminum cups are sold out. * 3 The method of giving stamps, the contents of goods, etc. will be posted on Alvark Tokyo’s official Twitter.
Toyo Seikan Group’s open innovation project “OPEN UP! PROJECT” In 2019, the Toyo Seikan Group launched an open innovation project, OPEN UP! PROJECT” has started. We will continue to take on the challenge of solving various social issues together with Alvark Tokyo. [Image 4d49660-33-407a71a91ebffbdabb7b-8.png&s3=49660-33-cff85b5b97126e24ddd9e1403f9c072d-1511x520.png
Comment from Mr. Kunihiko Hayashi, President of Alvark Tokyo  Our company launched the social responsibility activity “ALVARK Will” project last season, and is strongly promoting the achievement of the SDGs, especially environmental issues. This season, with the support of Toyo Seikan Group Holdings Co., Ltd., we were able to take a big step towards reducing industrial waste and promoting recycling at Alvark Tokyo home game venues. In order to realize a
resource-recycling society, we will not only reduce waste at the venue, but also promote the understanding and cooperation of society by making full use of our ability to communicate widely through sports.
Comment from Kazuo Otsuka, President of Toyo Seikan Group Holdings  The realization of a resource-recycling society is both a challenge and a mission for packaging and container manufacturers. On the other hand, for that purpose, the understanding and cooperation of society and consumers are essential. It is very encouraging to be able to work with Alvark Tokyo, which goes beyond the framework of sports and promotes social contribution activities with fans and local
communities. I would like to work together with the people who visit the arena to create a system where they can enjoy contributing to the environment.
[Image 5d49660-33-d414978f2d4457b29646-1.jpg&s3=49660-33-bee34d3361b94acb6bdbe59c68aedf32-2048x1365.jpg
Toyo Seikan Group’s long-term management vision
The Group considers society and the global environment from a long-term perspective, and in order to maximize the value we provide to all of our stakeholders, we have established the Long-Term Management Vision 2050 ‘Wrap the Future’ in 2021. Formulated in May. We have positioned our vision and vision as a “living platform that provides peace of mind, safety, and prosperity for all people around the world,” and we aim to create a society that accepts diversity and allows each and every individual to live their own way. We will promote business activities with the aim of realizing a society where people’s happy lives can be passed on to the future without imposing a burden on the global environment.
Company Profile
Company name: Toyo Seikan Group Holdings Co., Ltd.
Founded: June 25, 1917 (Taisho 6)
Representative: Kazuo Otsuka, President
Headquarters: Osaki Forest Building, 2-18-1 Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-8627
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