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Toyota Industries Corporation Solving social issues with “new logistics” “2-day Fall/Winter Internship” to be held from October

Toyota Industries Corporation
Solving social issues with “new logistics” “2days Fall Winter Internship” to be held from October
~2-day internship that will change the image of Toyota Industries~
Toyota Industries Corporation (President: Akira Onishi) will hold “Toyota Industries -2days Fall Winter Internship-” from October to February 2022. It will be held online (zoom meeting) for students who are scheduled to graduate in 2024.
In this internship, we will take on the challenge of “new logistics” to solve social issues such as logistics labor shortages by leveraging the strengths of the industrial vehicle and logistics business, which is one of Toyota Industries’ businesses.
We would like them to learn about the current state of the logistics industry and our company’s strengths, and learn how to plan and enjoy it while receiving advice from mentor employees.
[Internship special site] In addition, this press release supports the “Recruitment Makers” project and sends out the voices of recruiters who are “Recruitment Creators” themselves.
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Outline of “Toyota Industries -2days Fall/Winter Internship-” In the “Toyota Industries Corporation -2days Autumn/Winter
Internship-“, not only planning proposals for “new logistics” but also various contents such as employee round-table discussions with a small number of people, introductions to welfare programs and company facilities, and a QA corner with personnel department staff. are available. We designed the content so that job hunting students can learn not only about the business of Toyota Industries, but also about the fun of working, life after joining the company, and their image. [Overview]
Event name: “Toyota Automatic Loom – 2days Autumn/Winter Internship -” Eligibility: Those who are enrolled in a graduate school, university, junior college, vocational school, or technical college and can join the company in April 2024
        ※The faculty and major do not matter.
Period: October to February 2022 (every month) 11:00 to 17:30 Application period: Approximately one month before the event date         ※We will contact you on our membership page
How to apply: Please apply from the URL below
Holding method: Online (zoom meeting)
A Recruiter’s Thoughts “Changing the Image of Toyota Industries”

[Image 2d97543-2-af0e41befe1e482cfd88-1.jpg&s3=97543-2-2fc1d101c3739b6581d9c31606032ccc-124x148.jpg
Recruitment Group Group Leader Kohei Futaki
Some people may think that we are a company specializing in
automobile-related business because we are a member of the Toyota Group, but in reality, we are not just that. We have an
automobile-related business, but we are also expanding our business in a wide range of fields, including industrial vehicles and logistics, which account for the largest sales, and textile machinery.
Also, because it is a company with a long history, I think there are some job-hunting students who have the image of “Isn’t it an old constitution?”
Through this internship, I would like to change the image of our company among job seekers by telling them about our company’s challenges for business development, the challenges of each employee, and the culture and systems that support them.
Voices from Participating Students
“For the project we proposed, the employees gave us careful feedback on the way of thinking and how to proceed from the discussion process, and when we gave the final report, we were able to clearly convey the points to be improved. It was a good experience that I can use in my future career.” (Humanities student)
“I had many opportunities to talk with the employees, and they were all willing to talk frankly about their work and private life, so I was able to get an image of what it would be like to actually work and live an enjoyable life.” (Science student)
“While making plans, I learned about Toyota Industries’ various initiatives and once again learned about the scale of the business. I was also very excited to learn about new technologies and the future we are aiming for.” (Student majoring in science)
About Toyota Industries Corporation
Toyota Industries is the original company of the Toyota Group, with four products with the world’s No. 1 market share and more than 275 bases around the world. We are developing a wide range of businesses, including industrial vehicles (forklifts, etc.), logistics,
automobiles, automobile parts, and textile machinery.
[Image 3d97543-2-ad586a783e68864d57b1-2.jpg&s3=97543-2-2295baf67807205bc2e5e280e7ad3c47-1316x1059.jpg
【Company Profile】
Company name: Toyota Industries Corporation
Head office location: 2-1 Toyotacho, Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture 448-8671 Representative Director: Akira Onishi
Business description: Manufacturing and sales of textile machinery, industrial vehicles, automobiles and automobile parts
Established: November 18, 1926

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