Toyota PR Secretariat Jointly Developed a New Sport That Transcends Generations with the World Yuru Sports Association and Launches “SPACE SOCCAR”

Toyota PR Secretariat
-Toyota “#What electricity can do when it moves” project started -Joint development with the World Yuru Sports Association to create a new sport that can be enjoyed across generations “SPACE SOCCAR” Competition video URL:

Toyota Motor Corporation (hereafter, Toyota) has launched a project to change society with power-supply vehicles, “What electricity can do.” , jointly developed a new sport called SPACE SOCCAR that utilizes the power supply function of a car. It will be available from Sports Day on October 10th.
[Video 2:] With the desire to expand the possibilities of life with a power supply vehicle that can extract electricity from cars, Toyota has started the “#What electricity can do” project to work with people who face various issues.
The first is SPACE SOCCAR, a sport that improves the lack of physical and mental exercise, jointly developed with the World Yuru Sports Association, a group of sports creators who create new sports genres that anyone can enjoy.
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SPACE SOCCAR (hereinafter referred to as space soccer) uses
electricity from a car that looks like a spaceship as energy to kick a ball while sitting on a chair and aim at the opponent’s goal, which looks like a planet. It is a new sport that makes it possible to reduce physical strength and age differences with the power of electricity. Since it is a new sport that utilizes cars, the word CAR is used in the name of soccer [SOCCER].
Toyota will continue to utilize automobiles not only as a means of transportation, but also as infrastructure of the future as a “moving power source.”
What is Space Soccer
It is a football that uses electricity from a car that looks like a spaceship as energy and is enjoyed as an EVA (extravehicular activity). Kick the ball while sitting on a chair and aim at the opponent’s goal, which is likened to a planet. Space activities require precision and calmness, so be careful not to get too enthusiastic. If you move too much, the feeding tube will come off and the EVA will not be able to continue. Also, if you kick the ball too hard, it will be a crash foul and you will lose points. Cooperate with 3 crew members and complete the EVA safely and accurately.
“Space Soccer” competition video URL: “Space Soccer” special site URL: [Competition information]
Number of players: 3 to 3 (2 players + 1 assistant) Time: 1 match 4 minutes 30 seconds (90 seconds x 3 missions)
Features: Since it uses a special ball that can be kicked without strength while sitting on a chair, it can be played regardless of age or physical strength.
Power consumption: Total 2158w (Powered by two RAV4 PHVs that can power 1500W each)
Background of development: Over the past two years, the physical strength and athletic ability of the elderly has declined by 3%. [Image 4d104325-11-abbcc6528cd5746768a4-2.png&s3=104325-11-daf0baf1e78785d66dbe58ad14f0d097-433x414.png
The physical fitness and athletic ability of the elderly has been increasing gradually every year. However, in the corona misfortune, the trend has changed. There is a possibility that the physical function of the elderly is declining nationwide due to the loss of opportunities for activities due to long-term movement and refraining from going out.
People who spend less time exercising are also less likely to participate in hobbies and pastimes. It may be more difficult for the elderly, who have once lost contact with society, to regain new activities on their own, compared to the younger generation. It is hoped that we will create a place where the elderly are not alienated and where everyone can enjoy moving their minds and bodies. Against this background, the sport “Space Soccer” was developed to improve the lack of physical and mental exercise.
contribute to this project
[Image 5d104325-11-c96bcebab017c71aed25-1.png&s3=104325-11-b85c9e5524a9ba690cc27396dd3dd12f-176x176.png
General Incorporated Association World Yuru Sports Association Secretary General Takuya Hagiwara
This time, we jointly developed with Toyota with the theme of resolving the lack of exercise among seniors. I wanted to create a sport where people of all ages could compete under the same conditions without handicap, but when I actually tried it, the young team in their 20s lost to the senior team with an average age of over 70. I think I was able to do exactly what I was aiming for. It was great that people who had fewer opportunities to exercise and get together with others due to the influence of the coronavirus were able to interact and enjoy themselves across generations. Cars that can supply electricity have greatly expanded the enjoyment of yuru sports. I believe that being able to bring these kinds of competitions to places without electricity, such as parking lots, with portable power sources will be a great advantage in the future.
[Image 6d104325-11-1f7eab082ff00348601f-6.png&s3=104325-11-35f08582b3e9340402d35c4a3c576835-269x268.png
NLI Research Institute Yoko Muramatsu
According to a survey by the Japan Sports Agency, in 2021, the physical strength and athletic ability of the elderly will begin to decline. This trend is likely to continue for some time to come. Both physical activity and social interaction are known to be important for the health and longevity of the elderly, so providing such
opportunities for the elderly is a national challenge.
This space soccer is a new game, but it is devised so that you can participate even if you do not have physical strength. By
participating in the competition, of course, cheering, and visiting the venue, it can be expected to be used as a place to expand exercise opportunities and activities in the local community.
*Biography: Specializes in research in the fields of health promotion and disease prevention. Analyzing health and medical anxiety from a new perspective based on analysis using various statistics.
What is Toyota’s “# What electricity can do” project
[Image 7d104325-11-65f7c0164dd2424277f4-7.png&s3=104325-11-a3866037ffd70a8183a9d556ae267cf2-738x257.png
Since power supply vehicles are useful as emergency power sources in the event of a disaster, efforts have been made to promote their use in disaster areas and evacuation centers as part of disaster prevention measures. This time, Toyota started this project to expand the possibilities of phase-free power supply vehicles that can be used not only in “what if” but also in “usual life”. We will continue to work on co-creation with partners who face various issues.
Project site URL:
Number of Toyota power supply vehicles in use (in Japan): 875,000 *As of August 2022
What is power supply?
[Image 8d104325-11-1c9cb78639c2cb90c41b-5.png&s3=104325-11-b3b6129a9ec2bd846eb8ce53671969ad-753x323.png
It can be used as a “mobile power source” by extracting electricity from a car. From everyday life to emergencies, “moving electricity” will spread happiness and peace of mind one after another without being tied to a place.
“Toyota Power Supply” website:
*1*2 Please check the above website for conditions and precautions for using electricity.
What is the World Yuru Sports Association?
Official website:
Official Facebook:
The World Yuru Sports Association was established on April 10, 2015 with the concept of “eliminating the weak in sports from the world.” Our association pursues the creation of new sports genres that anyone can enjoy, and has released more than 100 types of competitions (as of January 1, 2022), and is engaged in activities that are widely familiar. In addition, the operation is promoted by sports ambassadors and many sports creators, mainly producers and directors
( In December 2017, we received the first “HEROs Award 2017” of the “HEROs AWARD”.

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