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Toyozumiya Group (General Incorporated Foundation SF Toyoizumiya) Short-term accommodation at a nursing home October 3 (Monday) to October 9 (Sunday) Autumn where you can relax and enjoy the season in a “safe living environmen t” “Short-term accom

Toyoizumiya Group (SF Toyoizumiya General Incorporated Foundation) [Short-term accommodation at a nursing home] From October 3rd (Monday) to October 9th (Sunday), a “short-term accommodation (healthcare stay)” service in autumn where you can relax and enjoy the season in a “safe living environment”! Accepting reservations
CCRC Toyoizumiya Ashiyayamate (Location: 9-1 Tsurugiya, Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture)

“CCRC Toyoizumiya Ashiya Yamate” is a general term for a community consisting of the following home services.
・Care House Toyoizumiya Ashiya Yamate (for those with support level 1 or higher) ・Nursing Home (Special Nursing Home for the Elderly) Toyoizumiya Ashiya Yamate ・Day Service Center Toyoizumiya Ashiya Yamate (capacity: 20 people / open on the 22nd of the month)
・Care Plan Center Toyoizumiya Ashiyayamate
・Toyozumiya Clinic Ashiya Yamate
Short-term accommodation service “Healthcare Stay”
Care House Toyoizumiya Short-term accommodation service in Ashiya Yamate. The period is available from 2 days and 1 night, and you can experience the nursing care and medical services and support that you can entrust with peace of mind because it is a nursing facility, and the interior and hospitality like a hotel.
It is a plan where you can enjoy a resort feeling in a living environment that emphasizes health and safety.
“I want to enjoy the autumn resort feeling while healing the fatigue of summer” “I want to enjoy the change of seasons and the feeling of traveling” “I want to spend my time in a place where nursing care and medical care are available during this period when it is easy to get sick.” It is a plan that combines “healing” and “peace of mind” in response to such voices.
Also, “I want time to think about the future because I can’t go back to the original facility after being discharged.”
This plan is also recommended for those who are not thinking about entering a nursing home, but would like to experience life in a nursing home.
[Image 1

On each floor, there are many shared spaces that can be used as a place for interaction between family members and other users, and Japanese, Western, and Chinese restaurants are also available, so you can enjoy it with your family and friends.
[Image 2

Many paintings and furnishings suitable for enjoying “autumn of art” are displayed throughout the hall, and you can challenge various unique creations in activities.
[Image 3

There is a spacious multi-purpose hall on the 1st floor, where various events and activities are held to create an enjoyable atmosphere. You can also enjoy the “Autumn of sports” with exercise that feels like a game while sitting.
24 hour care support. A nurse call system has been set up even in the event of sudden illness. It is a plan that provides a safe support system as a nursing care facility and a service that respects the way each person spends their time.

◇Reliable support system (nursing care/medical care)
◇ Ample amenities in a comfortable space
◇ Extensive well-balanced meal menu
◇Implementation of enjoyable entertainment
It is a plan designed so that you can spend your 100-year life in comfort and enjoyment with full meals and 24-hour care support. Detailed information additional reservation acceptance start [Reservation target use start date]
Monday, October 3, 2022 to Sunday, October 9, 2022
* Please contact us if you would like to use the service after the above period. ●Fee: 1 night 2 days 18,000 yen ~ (tax included)
*For those who require nursing care: Self-payment of long-term care insurance fees will be incurred.
*Self-reliance/required support: Service fee not covered by insurance (own expense) will be incurred
◆ Target: Anyone can use
◆ Fully equipped with amenities and reliable support system
(Available with minimal luggage such as medicines and clothes)

Measures against infectious diseases (cooperation with Toyoizumi family medical institutions)
Amidst the “7th wave” of the new coronavirus infection, we have established a complete backup system by the Toyoizumi family medical corporation in addition to the clinic on the premises so that you can spend your time safely and securely.
The Toyoizumiya Group has implemented the following measures regarding the new coronavirus.
・Toyozumi Family PCR Testing Center
・ Hosenka New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Ward -60 beds-
・Hospital-integrated lodging facility -106 beds-
・ Osaka COVID-19 Elderly Medical Care Temporary Center ・ Hosenka – 40 beds -, etc.
In the unlikely event of an emergency, we will work together quickly to support your safe and secure life.
There is also a [Short Stay] that can be used by people with a high degree of care.
For those with a high degree of nursing care, we recommend the short stay service (1 night 2 days and up) at Nursing Home Toyoizumiya Ashiya Yamate (special nursing home for the elderly).
We will respond with a perfect care and medical system so that even those who need heavy care can feel at ease.
Please feel free to contact us.
[Image 4

▼Inquiries: Toyoizumiya C.I.S Center
(TEL: 0120-294-998)
Reception hours / 9:00-18:00 [every day including weekends and holidays] You can also apply from the website below.

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