Toyozumiya Group (SF Toyoizumiya General Incorporated Foundation) Dementia Family Association Green Oasis As sociation “Aiming to improve the quality of life”

Toyoizumiya Group (SF Toyoizumiya General Incorporated Foundation) [Association for families with dementia] Green Oasis Association “Aiming to improve the quality of life”
My knowledge of dementia has deepened, and I’ve come to understand my mother’s behavior, so I’m taking a step forward!

“I wonder if the support we are providing is – happiness – for the users…” We will teach you the care method that we have derived as a result of doubting and reexamining our support.
・ Lecturer: Dementia Care Project Representative Kenichi Akune (President of Social Welfare Corporation Fukusho Fukushikai) Background of the establishment of the “Green Oasis Association” for families with dementia
The Hosenka Group has focused on dementia care and accumulated research over many years.
The Toyoizumi family’s unique “dementia care method” derived from over 18 years of research is practiced at each home.
At CCRC Toyoizumiya Ashiya Yamate (special nursing home for the elderly, care house, day service, etc.), which opened in April this year, we are working even harder as a dementia-focused care home to provide daily support to our users.
Among them, there were many voices asking if we could provide some kind of support for dementia care at home. Therefore, out of the desire to be of some help to the families who are being cared for at home, we launched the “Dementia Family Meeting Green Oasis” as a place where we can talk about dementia together and feel at ease. was launched.
Origin of the name “Green Oasis Association”
The Toyoizumi family’s image color, green, and the desire to create a place of healing and peace of mind like an oasis in the desert, led to the name Green Oasis.
Overview of the Green Oasis Association
The “Green Oasis Meeting” is held once a month to share information with families who support people with dementia at home, talk about stories that can only be told by care professionals, and talk about your problems. We are aiming for a meeting where we can think about and support each other.
◇Venue: Assisted Living Home Toyoizumiya Momoyamadai 4th Floor Golden Room ◇Participants: Family members of those who use the Toyoizumi family’s home/outpatient service (advance reservations required)
◇ Participation fee: 500 yen (including tea and materials)
◇Consultation meeting for families who continue to support at home ◇A workshop based on the experience of accepting about 10,000 people with dementia so far
◇Generous teaching of know-how that led to book publishing, etc. ◇ Tea time & discussion
-Corona infection prevention measures-
Please arrive 5 minutes before the event as you will be required to undergo an antigen test and PCR test before the event.
-How to apply-
Please contact the person in charge of the day service center you are using. October 18th (Tuesday) 8th Green Oasis Meeting held report
The 8th Green Oasis Meeting was held on Tuesday, October 18th. This time, 5 family members who used the Toyoizumi family’s day service and short stays participated.
In the first part, Mr. Kenichi Akune, Chairman of Social Welfare Corporation Fukusho Fukushikai, gave a talk on “treatment of dementia” as a lecture on dementia.
[Image 1d88706-160-a6caccb4cfebb32b96d7-1.jpg&s3=88706-160-c8e6ef1d4d55bcd72195893ffca0d46b-3900x2925.jpg
Dementia course
In the second part of the round-table discussion, family members asked questions and opinions about the state and changes in their homes, their daily problems, nursing care facilities and homes, and their problems and thoughts. , I was able to talk to each of them and hear their frank opinions.
[Image 2d88706-160-44b1432f075b6cf59281-3.jpg&s3=88706-160-d5a3a26226d92dc28c4c1be79f283a4e-3090x2262.jpg
Listening to the other participants, many of them nodded deeply in sympathy, making for a lively and meaningful exchange of opinions. We will use your feedback to improve our services and training, and actively work to solve problems.
Information on the person’s condition and condition when he/she is at home is his/her family.
Information such as the person’s condition and condition while using day service or short stay is a care worker.
There are some things that only you can understand from your own standpoint. By sharing information and cooperating with each other, a relationship of trust is born and the person’s “quality of life” is improved. Also, there is a family member who is still annoyed and often gets angry with a strong tone, but he often participates in the “Green Oasis Meeting” and learns about dementia and helps other people. He said that by listening to his story, he gradually came to understand his actions. Such a family’s preparedness and peace of mind will also lead to daily “improvement of quality of life”.
At the Green Oasis Association, we will be close to the family and the person in question, both physically and mentally, and together we will support them to “improve the quality of life”.
-Future plans-
The 9th Green Oasis Meeting
     Date and time: Monday, November 21, 13:00-16:00
      Place: Golden Room, 4th Floor, Momoyamadai, Assisted Living Home Toyoizumiya
    Contents: In addition to the usual “dementia lecture” and “roundtable discussion”
     At the 7th Green Oasis Meeting, regarding the many requests for “how to assist and care”,
We are planning to hold a practical training session.
Watch the video! Click here for Dementia Care at the Toyoizumi Family

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