Trade Waltz Co., Ltd. Trade Waltz won the Excellent Project Award and the PMI Asia Pacific Award at the PM Award 2022, which recognizes excellent projects in Japan.

Trade Waltz Co., Ltd.
Trade Waltz won the Excellent Project Award and the PMI Asia Pacific Award at the PM Award 2022, which recognizes excellent projects in Japan.

TradeWaltz Co., Ltd. (President: Hirohisa Kojima, hereinafter: TradeWaltz), which operates the trade information collaboration platform (hereinafter: trade PF) “TradeWaltz”, has won the PM Award 2022, which recognizes excellent projects in Japan. We are pleased to announce that we have received the award and the PMI Asia Pacific Award.
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■ About PM Award
The PM Award is a system that recognizes excellent projects by Japanese companies and organizations in Japan that will lead to the creation of the future, with the cooperation of PMI Global. . Large companies, startups, NPOs, and academic organizations all over Japan receive a large number of applications every year. Social Contribution Project to Support Access to Diagnostics” received the Best Project Award.
At the PM Award 2022, as a result of a strict document screening, the following 6 projects, including our “Project to facilitate trade procedures through cooperation with overseas trade platforms”, were selected as finalists, and lectures were given for 30 minutes each at an online seminar. It was conducted. Based on this, each award project was selected by a public vote of about 1,000 people based on four criteria: “novelty”, “usefulness”, “influence on the organization”, and “contribution to the issue”.
■ List of finalists
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■ The trade waltz award
Representatives of a total of 8 projects, 6 finalist projects and 2 encouragement award projects, were invited to the award ceremony held at Comore Yotsuya Tower on October 22nd. Gou attended. As a result, TradeWaltz won the PMI Asia Pacific Award as a special award in addition to the Outstanding Project Award sent to the finalists. SoHyun Kang (PMI Asia Pacific), a judge, said, “It was a tough project that needed to cross national and language barriers, and despite the system linkage of advanced technology called blockchain, it was completed in a short period of time. I received high praise for “things”.
Please see the photos below for the awards and the venue.
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■ Comments from stakeholders
Trade Waltz Co., Ltd. Product Development Manager Takeshi Nodasaka “We are very honored to receive the Excellent Project Award and the PMI Asia Pacific Award out of the many projects we have developed. We would also like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our domestic and overseas business partners and employees who have supported the project. I feel that the sharing and sympathy of the purpose and significance of the project led to this achievement.System cooperation with Thailand and other four APEC member countries has been smoothly realized. We believe that this initiative will contribute to the future development of trade and the economy of the Asia-Pacific region.”
Trade Waltz Co., Ltd. Product Development Department Consultant – Singapore/Thailand – Chie Ando
“I have experienced a lot of projects at my seconded company, but this was the first time I experienced management using English in a cross-border project, so it was a learning experience. Therefore, we not only created the specifications, but also worked on the stance of developing together, such as trying to hit the API by ourselves.As a result, we consistently worked on the project from adjustment of the linkage specifications, development, testing, to PoC. I was able to push forward, which led to my confidence.”
Trade Waltz Co., Ltd. Product Manager -Australia and New Zealand- Asami Beppu “I am very honored to receive the Outstanding Project Award and the PMI Asia Pacific Award at the PM Awards. I had many experiences in project management in my previous job, but I have a lot of experience working with overseas platforms with different cultural backgrounds. There are many things to adjust, and strict task and deadline management is required, but I feel that it is more important than anything to do each one without fail.In the future, I will continue to work on this project for the further global expansion of TradeWaltz. We will promote
■ About Trade Waltz
Trade name: Trade Waltz Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hirohisa Kojima, President and Representative Director Location: WORKSTYLING, 36th floor, Kasumigaseki Building, 3-2-5 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-6036
Established: April 2020
Business description: SaaS (Note 2) provision of “TradeWaltz (Note 1)” trade information collaboration platform utilizing blockchain Number of staff: 45 full-time
Shareholder list: NTT DATA Corporation
       Toyota Tsusho Corporation
      The University of Tokyo Collaborative Creation Platform Development Co., Ltd.
Mitsubishi Corporation
TW Link Co., Ltd.
Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.
      Toyoshima Co., Ltd.
Kamigumi Co., Ltd.
       Fujitrans Corporation Co., Ltd.
      Mitsui-Soko Holdings Co., Ltd.
Nissin Co., Ltd.
       Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Ltd.
      Mitsubishi Warehouse Co., Ltd.
Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.
Initiatives for SDGs: Our service mainly promotes initiatives on themes 8, 9, 12, 13, 15, and 17.
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(Note 1) “TradeWaltz” is a registered trademark of TradeWaltz Co., Ltd. in Japan.
   Other product names, company names, and organization names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. (Note 2) An abbreviation for Software as a Service, a system that allows users to use necessary software functions via the Internet.
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