Tsukui Holdings Co., Ltd. Tsukui Group’s e-commerce site “SONOSAKI LIFE” for seniors begins development of private brand series

Tsukui Holdings Co., Ltd.
Tsukui Group’s e-commerce site for seniors “SONOSAKI LIFE” begins development of private brand series
– Renewal of the first “Nagoya no Tsukui Air Through Pants” with a new package –
Tsukui Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President and CEO Tsuyoshi Takahata, hereinafter “Tsukui”) and DIGITAL LIFE Co., Ltd. (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President Hirotaka Fujitani, hereinafter “DIGITAL LIFE”) are DIGITAL LIFE. will start developing the private brand (PB) series “SONOSAKI LIFE PB Series”. As the first in the series, the “Nursing Tsukui Air Through Pants” will be renewed with a new package and will be sold on the EC site “SONOSAKI LIFE” operated by DIGITAL LIFE from October 4, 2022. [Image 1

About “SONOSAKI LIFE PB series”
The “SONOSAKI LIFE PB series” aims to make nursing care products familiar and close to life so that everyone can live happily for 100 years with a smile. It was born from the thought. In the future, we will develop products with designs that are more familiar with life, functionality that is easy to use, and price settings that are friendly to household budgets.
New package and function of “Nagoya no Tsukui Air Through Pants” Based on the opinions of Tsukui’s customers and staff, the “Nursing Tsukui Air Through Pants” was born in 2019 as a joint project with a specialized diaper manufacturer. Breathability is supported by many customers. The “Nagoya no Tsukui Air Through Pants”, which will be on sale from October 4, 2022, will be packaged in response to customer requests for a product that will not be recognized as a diaper, while maintaining its excellent functionality. renewed to. The package design uses motifs such as canes and wheelchairs related to nursing care and daily life, and adopts a repeat pattern like a warm Scandinavian design.

・Because it is designed to fit the body both front and back, there is no need to check it, and the amount of water absorption does not change.
・A side leakage guard that fits around the suspension is used, and gaps are not created even with pads. In addition, the double deodorant function prevents odors from leaking out.
Uses a thin, fully ventilated sheet with excellent breathability, and the silky soft material makes it safe for people with sensitive skin. Product Summary
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/49667/table/52_1_e958b2cdbd982dec229e4a0fdf4a186c.jpg ]
[Image 2d49667-52-ea6b5054b26e73909ab9-1.jpg&s3=49667-52-c472aeea26e458920138af100cbc10fc-990x633.jpg
“Nursing care Tsukui air-through pants” store
“Nursing Tsukui Air Through Pants” will be available on the EC site for seniors operated by DIGITAL LIFE.
・ SONOSAKI LIFE https://www.sonosaki-life.jp/
・ Rakuten Ichiba https://www.rakuten.co.jp/sonosaki-life/
・Yahoo! Shopping https://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/sonosaki-life/
・Amazon https://www.amazon.co.jp/s?me=A2FGO9Q60HKHVL&marketplaceID=A1VC38T7YXB528 During the period from October 4th to 31st, you can purchase even cheaper than the regular price as a campaign to commemorate the development of the “SONOSAKI LIFE PB series”.
“SONOSAKI LIFE” introduces “Nagoya no Tsukui Air Through Pants”, videos about excretion assistance, and information that conveys expertise in nursing care by care managers who have experienced Tsukui nursing care sites.
・ Special page for “SONOSAKI LIFE” diapers
▮Tsukui Co., Ltd.
Tsukui provides day services, home care services, and residential care services nationwide. Under the slogan of “For welfare, always, and straight forward,” we support our customers to “live in their own way until the end of their lives in a familiar area.”
DIGITAL LIFE was established in September 2020 as a subsidiary responsible for the IT field of the Tsukui Group, and is developing a healthcare IT business and a web service business. We will provide valuable solutions to the issues of people living in a super-aging society, using the experience we have cultivated through Tsukui’s nursing care services and the power of digital technology.
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