Two new colors of “feliamo” are on sale today! “Adult cute” and “adult pretty” Mai Shiraishi’s visuals in two new colors released

PIA Corporation
Two new colors of “feliamo” are on sale today! “Adult cute” and “adult pretty” Mai Shiraishi’s visuals in two new colors released -A novelty campaign where you can get one clear file for each box purchased-
PIA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Satoshi Nakanishi) has released two new colors from the color contact lens brand “feliamo” today, October 6, 2022 (Thursday). .
[Image 1d59752-84-1744427bc302f78107ac-0.jpg&s3=59752-84-11ada01478a97bcb72fbd8c079aa31a6-1280x2082.jpg
Mai Shiraishi’s image model colored contacts “feliamo”, new colors are easy for anyone to use “adult serving” × “transparency” lens Mai Shiraishi’s image model colored contact lens “feliamo” will be released in two new colors today, October 6, 2022 (Thursday). The new colors are based on the concept of “New Romantic” and “Eyes that are loved by everyone at any moment.”
[Image 2d59752-84-61d7e550d7335a392a03-1.jpg&s3=59752-84-bbc98d0df8e1a535ca256e342344364c-1280x2262.jpg

Affogato Affogato Juwatto transparency x Fluffy heap Slightly large lens Fluffy lens design and gentle dark brown
Produces sweet eyes that melt away.
[Image 3d59752-84-53d99c6f9e07ae17342f-2.jpg&s3=59752-84-d367bd44e1726c4250ab5330db9810c2-1000x1000.jpg

Coffee Jelly Coffee Jelly Moisturizing and Translucent x Secretly Heaping Natural Lens
Subtly enhance the impression of the eyes
Naked-eye style lens with lustrous and nuanced colors.
[Image 4d59752-84-4312e6836b3a15f41bca-3.jpg&s3=59752-84-710fb88661c7bdf2b95d00d041e1ca13-1000x1000.jpg

A lineup of 12 natural colors that you will surely find your favorite. [Image 5d59752-84-e6d2729d71e55caea6a3-4.jpg&s3=59752-84-5972b8fbf91929e45d48fa9527f72c6d-1280x1148.jpg

Official HP/SNS
Official website:
Official Twitter:
Official Instgaram: Commemorating the release of the new color of “feliamo”, a novelty campaign will also be held! Mai Shiraishi’s original clear file present
[Image 6d59752-84-bcb1a6a73c4e4b32e408-5.jpg&s3=59752-84-6b951ed53ae91a3560deb8a61751c3ff-1280x640.jpg
To commemorate the release of the new color, we will carry out a campaign in which Mai Shiraishi’s original clear file will be presented for each box purchased from the “feliamo” series.
There are 6 types of clear files.
■ Implementation period
October 6, 2022 (Thursday) ~ Ends as soon as it runs out
* All colors of color contacts in the “feliamo” series, including new colors, are eligible.
* The “feliamo Clear” series is not eligible.
*You can freely choose the frequency.
*Limited quantity, it will end as soon as it runs out.
* You cannot choose the type of clear file.
* Conditions may vary depending on the store.
Starting today, a campaign will also be held where you can win a check signed by Mai Shiraishi.
[Image 7d59752-84-59311b3bc1a78ba717a5-6.jpg&s3=59752-84-7b5763615a47031ac681d788234e532b-800x800.jpg
From today, October 6th (Thursday), we will carry out a gift campaign where 6 people will win a check signed by Mai Shiraishi by lottery on feliamo official Twitter.
Campaign period:
From October 6th (Thursday) to October 16th (Sunday) 23:59
■ How to apply
1. Follow the feliamo official Twitter account

2. Retweet the campaign target post to complete the application For details, please check the feliamo official Twitter account. Product Summary
Product name: feliamo
Price: 1,760 yen including tax (10 pieces)
Color: 12 colors in total
Lens: BC8.6mm DIA14.2/14.5mm UV cut
Moisture content: 55%
Period of use: Daily wear, daily replacement
Degree: ±0.00D (no degree), -0.50D~-6.00D (0.25D increments), -6.50D~-10.00D (0.50D increments)
Sales name: Peer Contact Aqua
Approval number: 22900BZX00118000
Sales route: Scheduled to be sold sequentially at stores such as contact lens specialty stores, drug stores, and miscellaneous goods shops
*Some stores may not carry it.
About “feliamo”
“Eyes that melt into any moment and are loved by everyone”
The origin of feliamo is felice amore ~ ​​happy love ~
Directing femininity and elegance with a good impression lens that is loved by the eyes and emits an aura.
On, off, and special days. Eyes loved by everyone with a lens lineup that blends into any scene.
Profile of Mai Shiraishi
Born August 20, 1992, type A.
Debuted as a member of Nogizaka46 in 2012. After graduating from Nogizaka46 in 2020, she is widely active as a model and actress. His recent works include the drama Wandering Person (21 TV Asahi), Mystery to Say Donotare (22 Fuji TV), Teppachi! 2009), theatrical version “Detective Conan Halloween Bride” (22 years, voice / Elenika Lavrencheva), etc.
Company Profile
Company name: PIA Corporation
Location: 11F TOC Building, 7-22-17 Nishi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031 Representative: Kiyoshi Nakanishi, Representative Director
Business description: Medical device manufacturing and sales business / Import and sales of contact lenses / Medical management consultant URL:
Details about this release:

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