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Type Project Co., Ltd. Type Project provides Japanese corporate font “BridgestoneType TP” to Bridgestone

Type Project Co., Ltd.
Type Project provides Japanese corporate font “BridgestoneType TP” to Bridgestone

Type Project Co., Ltd. (Nerima-ku, Tokyo, President Isao Suzuki, hereinafter referred to as Type Project) announced today that Bridgestone Co., Ltd. has developed AXIS FitFont for European corporate fonts developed in cooperation with Monotype as
BridgestoneType TP. ” was announced.
“The main purpose of introducing the corporate font is to express the Bridgestone character and brand image with a sense of unity outside the company. We also intend to have internal branding effects such as creating a sense of unity and pride,” says Kohei Sakamoto, Senior Research Manager, BRIDGESTONE DESIGN Department, Corporate Brand Division, Bridgestone Corporation.
While promoting the global expansion of corporate fonts, it is a typeface that most satisfies the conditions of Japanese typefaces, such as the high versatility that can be used for signs and text for brand expression in Japan, and the fact that it has a condensed typeface. AXIS Font was chosen.
Mr. Akinobu Morita of the Brand Management Section of the Corporate Brand Division said, “In the end, AXIS Font was the most suitable as a result of a comprehensive judgment in terms of design compatibility, operational aspects including web fonts, and introduction costs. We came to the conclusion that it was, and we adopted it.”
Type Project set the weight and character width of the AXIS Font to match the European corporate font, and also adjusted the expansion rate and baseline of the European font and provided it as
“BridgestoneType TP.” FitFont technology developed in-house is used to adjust the weight and character width.
You can download the press release here. Click here for Bridgestone’s interview.
About Bridgestone
Established in 1931, Bridgestone is a global leading company in the tire and rubber industry. We are developing the tire business, which is our core business, the solution business that leverages the strengths of the tire business, chemical products such as seismic isolation rubber, golf goods, and bicycles, as well as diversified businesses.
About Type Project Co., Ltd.
“I want to expand the possibilities of letters” is the driving force behind Type Project. Since our founding in 2001, we have provided basic fonts such as AXIS Font and TP Mincho aiming for next-generation standards. In addition, we have achieved a variety of results, such as corporate fonts that promote corporate branding and city fonts that express urban identity. Based on the corporate philosophy of “making people’s lives more comfortable and rich through letters,” we are working as a 21st century letter company that develops typefaces that are necessary for a new society.

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