U-22 Programming Contest 2022 Preliminary screening results announced!

U-22 Programming Contest 2022 Preliminary screening results announced! 32 out of 328 works will be selected for the first screening! !
The U-22 Programming Contest Executive Committee, which hosts the “U-22 Programming Contest”, has passed the preliminary screening of 328 entries (total number of applicants: 995) at the U-22 Programming Contest 2022. I have published 32 works.
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From the 32 works selected this time, after narrowing down to 16 works in the first screening, each award including the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award (additional prize: 500,000 yen) will be decided at the final screening. In addition to supplementary prizes provided by the executive committee and sponsoring companies, the winners will also receive various benefits for self-improvement. The final judging session, which will be held on November 27th, is scheduled to be held on-site (Akihabara Convention Hall) for the first time in three years. The passionate presentations by the creators themselves will be streamed on Nico Nico Live, so please take a look. Works that have passed the pre-screening (32 works in total: in order of reception ID)
ID work name/producer name/affiliated school name
005 Sapphire / Yoshihito Okuzawa / –
007 THE ESCAPE / Yasuharu Kuze / Kawahara Electronics Business College 052 Summer vacation of calculation play / Konoshin Kobayashi / Kodaira Municipal Kodaira Second Elementary School
061 VoiPoi / Balancer / Trident Computer College
072 Fishers Party / Takeru Kashiwa / Kesennuma Municipal Jonan Junior High School
078 yoshiki language and its processing system / Yoshimi Nagata / National Institute of Technology, Sasebo College
085 Moirégraphy Generation System / Shunsuke Tsutsumi / Wakayama University 109 Fuwariteru/Iceberg Triangle/HAL Nagoya
115 Im’Boom/Joke Lovers/HAL Nagoya
117 FPS DUNGEON / Takuya Numao / Keio University
124 base automatic ear copy AI “TabHaBass” / Ayato Maya / The University of Tokyo
153 Nf7 / Tamaki Yonemaru / –
154 Japanese/Nihongo for Students/SKGO Japanese for Students/San Diego State University
164 Mushi this / Mushi lover / HAL Osaka
173 The World of Mysterious Toys and Puzzles / SUNGCC / Sun Techno College 175 Fall Gunyatto / Shinji Kojima / ECC Computer College
181 Twinkle / Ikki Hiramoto / N High School
186 Honey Breaker / Ofuton Co., Ltd. / HAL Osaka
187 Stareco / Aoi Suzuki / Shinagawa Girls’ High School
207 DeepWaka Automatic waka poetry AI model / Shoki Katsuyama / Kaijo High School
216 Interplayer / Iku Machida / Tomakomai National College of Technology 222 Mobile phone type door call system / Sone Adachi / Tokyo University of Communication
239 ButiEngine / Takaki Takebuchi / Nihon Kogakuin College
242 Rock-paper-scissors demon online / Kotaro Sukamoto / Kaisei Junior High School
246 JumpSpeed!!/36minal/HAL Tokyo
253 YAMIDAMA / Hiroki Higashi / Kawahara Electronics Business College 256 SpecialSence / Raito Nakatani / Kawahara Electronics Business College 273 PPDi/Slide Improvement Committee/Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Science and Technology High School
285 BlackNoise / Hiroki Nagayama / Kawahara Electronics Business College 292 Pure Functional Programming Language Plato / Rikiya Kashiwagi / Keio University
298 SCRAMBLE BALL / Team Scramble / International Information Technology and Automobile College
333 Fallen Crusader / Crusaders / Hiroshima Information IT Creator College (*Results of the first screening are scheduled to be announced in mid-October 2022.)
▼ 2022 Application Status (School Category/Genre/Region)
[School classification/work genre]
[Image 2

[Producer’s residential area (school location for groups)]
[Image 3

■U-22 Programming Contest 2022 Final Judging will be streamed on Nico Nico Live Broadcast!
The final screening to determine the winners of the U-22 Programming Contest 2022 will be streamed on Niconico Live Broadcast! There is also an “audience award” chosen by the viewers. Please pay attention to the majestic figure of the next generation IT engineer until the end.
Scheduled broadcast date: November 27, 2022 (Sun) 11: 50-19: 00 (planned) URL: https://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv338630125
Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award/Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Commerce and Information Policy Bureau Director Award/Sponsor Company Award/Audience Award
See U-22 Programming Contest Official Website for details
▼ News Release (PDF)
https://prtimes.jp/a/?f=d13310-20221003-31495d21b47bcbb03d1345fd0f93fb51.pdf ▼Inquiries regarding this matter
U-22 Programming Contest Secretariat
(Inside Software Association of Japan)
Akasaka Grace Building, 1-3-6 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052 E-mail: u22-info@saj.or.jp TEL: 03-6435-5991 https://u22procon.com/

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