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UACJ Corporation Started sales of the industry’s first foldable personal booth “origami(TM)+work”

UACJ Corporation
Started sales of the industry’s first foldable personal booth “origami(TM)+work” In-house venture system “UACJ Innovators” second commercialization
UACJ Corporation (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Miyuki Ishihara; hereinafter referred to as “UACJ”) plans and develops the aluminum foldable personal booth “origami(TM) +work”. Metal processing (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Akinori Yoshida) will start manufacturing and sales from October 3rd. Selling a foldable personal booth will be the first attempt in the aluminum industry.

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Product image

Due to the recent corona crisis and the promotion of diverse work styles, the number of companies that have introduced free addresses and remote work, as well as online meetings and business negotiations, is increasing. Against this backdrop, UACJ has developed this product, based on the concept of “Anytime, Anywhere, Your Own Space,” to easily create a personal and comfortable space and help improve work efficiency.
This product can be installed and folded in a few minutes, so it can be used immediately after installation and can be easily moved when the layout is changed. In addition, when folded, the depth is less than half of the unfolded size, making it suitable for storage. In addition, since aluminum, which has high thermal conductivity, is used as a material, it is easy to reflect the air conditioning temperature of the installation location, and it has the advantage of being able to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the booth.
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Installation method
In the future, in addition to providing work booths for employees, we plan to develop them for students, business people, and people who enjoy music and games. Furthermore, in response to the need for foldable box-type spaces other than work booths, we are considering expanding the origami(TM) product to other fields.
“origami (TM)” is the second commercialization proposed by a team of three volunteer members in the “UACJ Innovators”, an in-house venture system for creating new areas that started in 2021. Under this system, UACJ Group employees are invited to submit business plans that add value to the UACJ Group’s materials and have the potential to become new businesses. This “origami(TM)” is one of the projects that decided to promote commercialization as a result of screening out of dozens of applications.
The UACJ Group will continue to aim for “expansion of added value of materials + α” and “creation and expansion of new fields”, centered on “curiosity and challenge” set forth in the values ​​of the Group Philosophy.
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■ Product overview
Product name: origamiTM +work
Item: Booth for 1 person
Release date: October 3, 2022
Release area: All over Japan
Purchasing method: Please contact the following product inquiries as this is a made-to-order product.
Product inquiries: UACJ Corporation Management Strategy Headquarters Management Strategy Department New Domain Development Group
          Person in charge: Gondo, Kodaka, Ogami
Web page:
Product specifications: Weight about 180kg
 Size [when unfolded] W1290 x D1160 x H2100mm
            [When storing/moving] W1290×D545×H1950mm
Materials [Walls and ceilings] Aluminum plate material, aluminum resin composite plate (insulation panel)
              [Pillar/Hinges] Aluminum shape
[Door] aluminum profile + glass
               [Table] Laminated wood + urethane clear coating Color [Body] Silver
              【Wrapping】 Blue, orange, green, pink (optional) ■ About UACJ
UACJ Corporation is a comprehensive aluminum manufacturer from Japan that operates globally. The Group’s corporate philosophy is to “contribute to the realization of a sustainable and prosperous society with technology that draws out the power of materials.”
Our company was established in 2013 through the management integration of Furukawa-Sky Co., Ltd. and Sumitomo Light Metal Industries, Ltd. We have 6 businesses in our group, namely plate, automobile parts, extrusion, foil, casting and forging, and metal processing, and supply aluminum materials to a wide range of industrial fields such as beverage cans, automobiles, IT equipment, air conditioning, and aerospace. .
In the aluminum sheet business, we have built a three-pronged global system in North America, Thailand, and Japan.In the automotive parts business, we are developing our business by taking advantage of the integrated production system from alloy development to design in North America, China, and Japan. . Sales for the fiscal year ending March 2022 are 782.9 billion yen, with approximately 9,600 group employees. Details about this release:

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