Umeda Sky Building Now accepting Christmas dinners at “Chinese Cuisine Sangu” and “Sky Lounge STARDUST” with a sparkling night view!

Umeda Sky Building
[Umeda Sky Building] Now accepting Christmas dinners at “Chinese Cuisine Sangu” and “Sky Lounge STARDUST” with a sparkling night view!
Introducing two stores where you can enjoy a Christmas dinner overlooking the sparkling night view from the 39th floor of the Umeda Sky Building.
A limited-time Christmas dinner will be offered at the Chinese restaurant Sangu, which combines innovation and tradition, and the sky lounge Stardust, which is wrapped in the starry sky.
Spend precious time with your loved ones.
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Sky Lounge “STARDUST”/Tower East 39F
[Image 2

39FSTARDUST window seat image
A space for adults that boasts a dynamic night view that spreads beyond the window and a wide variety of high-quality sake unique to the Sky Lounge.
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STARDUST Christmas dinner image
[Image 4

Magret Duck Japone ~Vacuum Low Temperature Cooking Bittersweet Campari Orange It incorporates a wide range of techniques and nuances that are said to be world gastronomy such as French, Italian, and Japanese. “International Cuisine” colors the table elegantly.
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36F STARDUST window seat image
Enjoy an elegant and extraordinary experience in our simple yet sophisticated interior.
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36F STARDUST venue image
■Period: December 23 (Friday) to 25 (Sunday), 2022
■Price: 17,000 yen (per person/tax, service charge, free drink included) ■ Venue / Time / (staying time 120 minutes)
・December 23 (Fri)-25 (Sun) 1.17:30-19:30 2.20:00-22:00
[36F special venue SKYROOM]
・December 23rd (Friday) 19:00-21:00
・December 24th (Sat) 1.17:30-19:30 2.20:00-22:00
・December 25th (Sun) 1.17:30-19:30 2.20:00-22:00
■ Click here to make a reservation for STARDUST
Sky Lounge Stardust Official Homepage
Chinese restaurant Sangu/Tower East 39F
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Sangu window seat image
While inheriting and preserving the traditions of Chinese cuisine, we offer a number of original dishes with our own interpretations. [Image 8

Sangu Christmas course image
[Image 9

Roasted Kuroge Wagyu Beef with Foie Gras Terrine ~Truffle Scented Black Pepper Sauce~
Focusing on seafood dishes that bring out the flavor of carefully selected ingredients such as shark’s fin, spiny lobster, and scallops from Hokkaido.
We will prepare a special menu to create a romantic holy night where tradition and evolution coexist.
■Period: December 23 (Friday) to 25 (Sunday), 2022
■ Price: 15,000 yen, 20,000 yen, 25,000 yen (per person/including tax and service charge)
■ Time / (staying time 120 minutes)
[Window seats] 1.17:30-19:30 2.20:00-22:00
[General seating] Entry time 17:00-20:00
Click here to make a reservation for Sangu
Chinese Cuisine Sannomiya Official Homepage
Umeda Sky Building
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About 7 minutes on foot from JR Osaka Station. In 2008, the Umeda Sky Building, which towers over the landscape where the city and nature coexist and where you can meet the scenery of the four seasons, was ranked among the top 20 buildings in the world, along with other historical buildings such as the Sagrada Familia and the Parthenon. It became a hot topic overseas because it was published in the English newspaper “THE TIMES”.
[Image 12d63228-34-d73bbfcd49450bab3034-13.jpg&s3=63228-34-3b3e1083951705422afe5754a784a524-2486x1657.jpg
At 173 meters above the ground, you can enjoy a dynamic 360-degree view from the expansive Kuchu Teien Observatory where you can feel the breeze. It is also attractive that you can enjoy it.
■Umeda Sky Building Official Website
■Umeda Sky Building Official Instagram
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