Umi to Nihon Project Public Relations Office Held the 1st special class “What’s Happening in the Sea of ​​ Fukushima Now” in the “Land Culture Project 2022” to learn from experts about the familiar sea and the creatures and fis heries that live there

Sea and Japan Project Public Relations Office
We will hold the 1st special class “What’s Happening in the Sea of ​​Fukushima Now” for the 1st special class of “Rikuyo Project 2022″ where you can learn about the familiar sea and the creatures and fisheries that live there from experts.
October 28, 2022 (Friday) 10:30-12:00 -Fukushima Prefectural Research Institute of Fisheries Resources-

From September 2022, the “Land Farming” Project Executive Committee will run the land farming experience that 5th graders at “Koriyama Xaverio Gakuen Elementary School” in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture are challenging. A special class will be held on October 28, 2022 (Friday) to learn about the entire environment and ecosystem connected to the sea. This “land aquaculture project” is part of the “Nippon Foundation ‘Sea and Japan Project'” that connects people through the sea in order to pass on the sea to the next generation. Official website:
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What is the “special class” of the land-based aquaculture experience project? Learn the blessings of the sea and the importance of life. “Rikuyo” is a land-based aquaculture experience project for children to learn, worry about, and raise sea fish. In parallel with the experience of land-based aquaculture, the special classes teach local experts about the familiar sea, the creatures that live there, and the entire environment and ecosystem connected to the sea. The purpose of this class is to help you feel the connection between the sea and people, and to understand the importance of preserving the environment and ecosystems as something that belongs to you.
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Efforts of “Fukushima-style fisheries” to revitalize coastal fisheries in Fukushima Prefecture
The first special class was a tour and class at the Fukushima Prefectural Research Institute of Fisheries Resources. The Fukushima Prefectural Research Institute of Fisheries Resources aims to realize a “Fukushima-style fishery” that aims to increase the income of fishermen while using marine resources sustainably. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to release seedlings to stabilize fishing recruitment and to manage resources appropriately. It was established with the aim of revitalizing coastal fisheries in Fukushima Prefecture, which suffered enormous damage from the earthquake and nuclear accident, and to address new research issues such as the promotion of effective fish farming and the advancement of resource management. rice field.
In the special class, we observed the flounder, abalone, and sweetfish that are cultivated and released within the facility, as well as star flounder, which we are working on at the research level. We will do what is happening in the sea of ​​Fukushima. You will also learn about changes in the sea in Fukushima (global warming, acidification, earthquake disaster, fish species and catches), facility
introductions, and the cycle of forests, rivers, and oceans conducted by the National Research Institute of Fisheries Resources.
What is the “land aquaculture project”?
“Land Farming Project” is an abbreviation of “Land Farming”, a land farming experience project for children to learn about sea fish, worry about it, and raise it. Children finally decide what to do with the fish they raised. The conclusion is born by coming into contact with various learnings and opinions. Now that digital learning is promoted, we would like to provide children with a real experience to think about the blessings of the sea and the importance of life.
Click here to view the “Fish Acceptance Ceremony” that will welcome flounder juveniles to each school this year.
-Event Overview-
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-Organization Profile-
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Organization name: “Rikuyo” Project Executive Committee
Activities: To provide opportunities for children to think about the future of the ocean by having them learn about the importance of marine resources, the importance of life, and the problems of the ocean in the area where they live, through land-based aquaculture. I am active.
April 2018 Establishment of the land nutrition project executive committee. So far, land cultivation projects have been implemented at 23 elementary schools in 10 regions across Japan (Aomori, Chiba, Tokyo, Shizuoka, Saitama, Tochigi, Toyama, Nagano, Ehime, and Nagasaki). While collaborating with companies and experts in the project area, each school came to a conclusion about what to do with the raised flounder at the end of the project, while learning about local sea-related issues and fish ecology.
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*Co-sponsored by the project
Organization name: NPO Japan Aquaculture Promotion Association URL:
Activities: With the aim of conveying the splendor of Japan’s proud “aquaculture technology using artificial seedlings” to the children who will carry the future of Japan on their shoulders, we will develop human resources who will be responsible for the future of Japan’s fisheries and those human resources. Our ultimate goal is to revitalize and promote employment in rural areas where we can thrive. [Image 5d77920-1227-c10a970f485efa319f06-5.png&s3=77920-1227-a69575e9a4f614e0d692476a4c737ebd-1868x535.png
The Nippon Foundation “Sea and Japan Project”
The sea supports the lives of Japanese people in various ways, and sometimes gives us peace of mind, excitement, and inspiration. This is an all-Japan project in which children and people all over the country see the current state of environmental deterioration in the sea as something that belongs to them, and spread the circle of action to pass on the sea to the future. is.

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