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Undo Tsushinsha Co., Ltd. Figure skating player Murahito participates as a top runner in the premium voice s ervice “NowVoice”

Undo Tsushinsha Co., Ltd.
[Figure skating Mr. Shihito Mura] joins the top runner in the premium voice service “NowVoice”

Now Do Co., Ltd.
Undo Tsushinsha Co., Ltd.
[Image today 2022 From October 7th, we are pleased to inform you that figure skating Mr. Murahito has participated as a new top runner.
In the future, “NowVoice” will deliver to users the real “voices” of various top runners, including Mr. Murahito, that can only be heard here.
◆Mr. Murakami’s first voice “Nice to meet you! I’m Murakami.” By accessing the following URL, you can listen to the first voice of Mr. Mura on the dedicated page.
-Mr. Murahito “Nice to meet you! I’m Murahito”- *You can listen to the audio for free for 12 hours from 8:30 to 20:30 on October 7, 2022 from the above URL. After that, if you want to listen to the voice, you will need to register an account with “NowVoice”.
◆ Profile of Mr. Sakuhito Mura
professional figure skater. Both parents are coaches. Born in Chiba Prefecture in 1991. Graduated from Chukyo University. Known for his jumps, he is internationally acclaimed as “the best triple axel in the world.” After many international podiums, he won Grand Prix Series Skating France in 2012, Four Continents Championships in 2015 and Grand Prix Series Skating Canada in 2017. Participated in the Grand Prix Final, the World Championships, and the Asian Winter Games. After retiring from active duty in 2018, she traveled around the country as a cast member of the ice show “Mao Asada Thanks Tour” until 2021. In addition, he has appeared in a wide range of TV variety programs, radio, magazines, and talk shows. Active in various media including TV as a figure skating commentator. In addition, the role of “Admiral” in the ice show “KanColle Ice Festival” with Midori Ito exploded in popularity among men, and “Mura Admiral” entered the trend ranking many times after that. in February 2019
formed the world’s first skating performance unit “Team Orange Cheers” with Sei Kawahara and Seiya Hashimoto. A new photo book “Photo Book MURA” (Shinshokan) has also been released, and the novel cover has become a hot topic. He also debuted as a car racer, a dream he had had since childhood. He has also participated in races and expanded his range of activities. As a figure skating coach, he coaches Shun Sato, a men’s singles athlete.
Belongs to the Orange Cheers
◆ About “NowVoice”
“NowVoice” is a flat-rate premium voice service that allows you to listen to the voices of top runners in various fields who have a strong influence on the world for a monthly fee of 980 yen (tax included). A top runner’s “voice” has the power to change a person’s life, even with a casual word. By delivering directly to users the true voices of top runners who continue to challenge themselves every day, we aim to create “opportunities” that make life more enjoyable, energetic, and happy.
Service URL:
◆ Premium plan and usage fee
To listen to all the voices of top runners with “NowVoice”, you need to join the premium plan. You can join the Premium Plan on the “NowVoice” website ( or via the app (App Store or Google Play), and you can use it for 980 yen (tax included) per month. .
*Credit card payment
* App Store payment, Google Play payment
* Free for 2 weeks after initial account registration.
*You can listen to the first 30 seconds of all audio, including the latest posts, for free without registering an account.
◆ Service environment
・”NowVoice” website (Compatible with PCs/smartphones)
・“NowVoice” dedicated app (compatible with iOS/Android)
-For iPhone
App Store URL: −For Android smartphones
Google Play URL: ◆Operating company
Now Do Co., Ltd.
Location: Shinjuku Mitsui Building 11F, 2-1-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Representative: Keisuke Honda, President and Representative Director Business description: Operation of the education business “NowDo”, etc. URL:
Undo Tsushinsha Co., Ltd.
Location: Kazama Building 2F, 2-19-5 Nishi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative: Kojiro Kurotobi, President and Representative Director Business description: Operation of Internet sports media “Sports Bull”, etc. URL:
-Requests to the media-
・All voices of top runners posted on “NowVoice” cannot be used or edited without permission. If you wish to use it, please contact the “NowVoice” management office.
・Please use the materials for the press that we have handed out only for reporting on the contents of this release.
・When using videos and images, please use one of the following credits. “Provided by NowVoice” “From NowVoice” “(C)️NowVoice” -Inquiries regarding this matter-
“NowVoice” management office
*Other service names and logos listed are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.
Details about this release:

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