United Arrows Co., Ltd. The first model room will open in Kansai’s largest renovation showroom “MYRENO OSAKA” on Saturday, October 8th.

United Arrows Co., Ltd.
The first model room will open on October 8th (Sat) in Kansai’s largest renovation showroom “MYRENO OSAKA”.
RE: Apartment UNITED ARROWS LTD., Renovation Business of My Reno and United Arrows

United Arrows Inc. (Representative Director, President and CEO: Yoshinori Matsuzaki, Headquarters location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) announced Global Base Inc. (President: Keiichiro Motegi, Headquarters location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo). ”) and Osaka Gas Marketing Co., Ltd. (President: Shinichi Ueda, Head Office: Osaka City, Osaka; hereinafter “Osaka Gas Marketing”) will open a showroom specializing in
condominium renovation on Saturday, October 8th. will open its first model room in MYRENO OSAKA, the largest*1 in Kansai.
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Model room supervised by UNITED ARROWS
In September 2017, our company and Global Base collaborated in the condominium renovation business, and in January 2018, we launched RE: Apartment UNITED ARROWS LTD., the apparel industry’s first full-order condominium renovation service. We have started offering.
For the first time, a model room of “RE: Apartment UNITED ARROWS LTD.”, a renovation plan supervised by our company from interior design to original furniture production, will be exhibited in “MYRENO OSAKA”. At “MYRENO OSAKA”, we have prepared two room plans with different tastes for “RE: Apartment UNITED ARROWS LTD.”, which has been difficult to see in person.
By exhibiting model rooms, we propose new added value by offering property plans that arrange floor plans, facilities, etc. according to customers’ lifestyles and tastes in the desired location for renovation in the Kansai area. Aim.
[Image 3d3197-127-b99ff191a8ce401d144d-13.png&s3=3197-127-42a253719ace9bb0e53162dff453e499-898x298.png

[Image 4d3197-127-8730af8f116836e28870-12.png&s3=3197-127-3272051cbb8d6ac83522b12b806b88ef-880x295.png
“MYRENO OSAKA” is a showroom based on the concept of “If you come here, you can understand everything about renovation. You can find better housing options.” As a showroom specializing in condominium renovation, it is one of the largest in the Kansai region * 1, so that you can “experience the renovation space”, touch “the latest kitchen equipment and materials”, and “gain knowledge about renovation”. We offer a variety of content. Through a tour of a model room, we can give you a concrete idea of ​​your ideal home by providing a wide range of support, from room size and design, to thinking about lifestyle flow lines, how to choose a property, and consulting on financial planning.
・Showroom special page (https://www.globalbase.jp/osakasr/)
*1 One of the largest showrooms in the Kansai region that specializes in condominium renovation for businesses that provide a one-stop service from searching for used condominiums to renovation. Survey by Global Base.
Production of visitor commemorative novelty
[Image 5d3197-127-7277ef32e8f3c4e933c2-10.jpg&s3=3197-127-7e8f255e9f46b6e3b0f0e59eab13c3f4-3900x3853.jpg
To commemorate the opening of the showroom, we have designed an original Marche bag that will be presented *3 to customers who visit MYRENO OSAKA and fill out *2 a questionnaire.
Made from a sustainable material called Tyvek, this durable bag is lightweight, water resistant, breathable, and has a paper-like texture.
*2 Advance reservations are required to visit the showroom and participate in seminars and consultations. Please make a reservation from the homepage.
*3 Benefits may end without notice.
Facility information
Address: 1-1-2 Sonezaki, Kita-ku, Osaka (12-minute walk from JR Osaka Station, 7-minute walk from Higashi-Umeda Subway Station)
Area: Approximately 100 tsubo (approximately 330 square meters) *Showroom only, excluding Global Base office space
Hours: 10:00-19:00 *Reservation required
Closed: Tuesdays and Wednesdays, year-end and New Year holidays, summer holidays Contact: 0120-965-517 (reception hours 10:00-18:30)
Contact information
Click here for more information about the showroom
・Showroom special page (https://www.globalbase.jp/osakasr/)
・ Visit reservation page (https://www.globalbase.jp/seminar/osaka.php) About RE : Apartment UNITED ARROWS LTD.
Global Base and Osaka Gas Marketing’s order-made renovation business “My Reno” will procure and construct excellent second-hand
condominiums in good locations in the city center, and UNITED ARROWS will produce everything from interior design to furniture production to create a space with style. to realize a comfortable life. We will provide a renovation plan that arranges the floor plan and facilities according to the customer’s desired location, lifestyle and taste. RE : Apartment UNITED ARROWS LTD.
PLAN: https://www.globalbase.jp/re-apartment/plan/
About United Arrows Co., Ltd.
[Image 6d3197-127-6510b25a37fe0b9267d8-14.jpg&s3=3197-127-ecfa79b9556a58583a2b9c338cc0d69f-543x238.jpg
Founded in 1989. We operate a select shop that mixes and sells products such as designer brands procured from Japan and overseas with our own sense, original planning men’s clothing, women’s clothing and miscellaneous goods. Developed brands and labels such as UNITED ARROWS, BEAUTY & YOUTH UNITED ARROWS, and UNITED ARROWS GREEN LABEL RELAXING.
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