Using Web3 technology to bring a new business model to Kyoto

Donbatec Co., Ltd.
Using Web3 technology to bring a new business model to Kyoto Value Creation Born from Traditional Intellectual Property Rights
Mr. Shirayoshi, representative of Donbatech Co., Ltd. (address: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as Donbatech), will be on stage at the “Kyoto Smart City Expo 2022” to be held at the Keihanna Open Innovation Center (KICK) in Seika-cho, Kyoto. A special lecture was given on the theme of “Strengthening Kyoto’s economy through the use of technology.” As a fan of Kyoto, he believes that utilizing advanced Web3 technology is one way to achieve financial
reconstruction in Kyoto.

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With Web3, you can build a new business model “Play NFT to Earn Token” using NFT (Non-Fungible Token). Mr. Bai Qiang and his team are working towards the upcoming FIFA World Cup, and the “Kraze Football” project will represent this business model “Play NFT to Earn Token”, bringing new power to the traditional digital age. I believe in giving [Image 2d89514-10-8851c63471ff3096917b-12.jpg&s3=89514-10-e26df9446348ac58820de82209d92341-3900x2925.jpg
It is often said that “Web 1.0 is the information age, and Web 2.0 is the platform age.” And now, in order to overcome the problems of Web1.0 and Web2.0, the newly emerging Web3 is focused on so-called “value”.
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Kyoto, the world-famous and glamorous ancient capital, is in serious financial trouble in this digital age. Due to various factors, including not only the old-fashioned economic system and single source of income, but also the over-reliance on traditional industries, the charm of this ancient city has not been fully demonstrated to the world. Due to the corona crisis, the tourism income that we have depended on so far has decreased sharply, and the balance of payments has deteriorated further.
Therefore, we will launch a new business model that utilizes Web3 and create a one-of-a-kind Kyoto Metaverse industrial cluster in this digital age. Specifically, using NFT as a certificate, the actions and abilities of people who love Kyoto culture around the world, their contributions, property rights, etc. will be recorded on the blockchain and issued based on the AI ​​model. We will create a business model of “Play NFT to Earn Token” unique to Kyoto. People who love Kyoto and Kyoto can meet, connect, and provide new value to Kyoto anytime, anywhere, with anyone, without being bound by time and space. As a result, we can bring sustainable development to Kyoto, and further spread the gorgeous culture of Kyoto to the world in this digital age.
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Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, in his policy speech on the 3rd, said that he would focus on investing in digital transformation (DX), and aimed at expanding the use of Web3 services, including services that handle non-fungible tokens (NFT) and the Metaverse. He said he would continue to work on it. The idea of ​​“Play NFT to Earn Token” is also part of it.
But on the other hand, looking at Japan’s old-fashioned business culture and its system, how far can Web3 be introduced? As a fan of Kyoto, Shirogane feels there is still a long way to go.

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