VAIABLE Co., Ltd. New makeup NFT and haiku AI NFT are now available. The number of works posted on the diverse NFT marketplace “VAI! Art” has exceeded 400

New makeup NFT and haiku AI NFT are now available. The number of works posted on the diverse NFT marketplace “VAI! Art” has exceeded 400 “AI Creative Art 2nd Campaign” and “NFT Buy Campaign” will be held at the same time

VAIABLE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kutsuki Sadamitsu, hereinafter VAIABLE [Vaiable]), the NFT (non-fungible token) art marketplace “VAI! exceeded 400 points. We will disseminate the appeal of various arts, including makeup NFTs by makeup academy “From Hand” artists, and haiku NFTs co-created by haiku and AI.
In addition, we will also implement the second free gift of AI creative art NFT works that have been well received immediately after their release, and the “NFT Buy” campaign to discover new talent. Diverse NFT Art Marketplace VAI! about art
“VAI! Art (Bai Art)” handles the works of a wide variety of artists among the many NFT art marketplaces that exist in Japan and overseas. It is a new marketplace that you can use without worrying about it. Service site URL
The number of works published in “VAI! Art” surpassed 400 in one month after its release.
One month after the service was released on September 1, the number of posted works exceeded 400.
Attractive works such as makeup NFTs by makeup academy “From Hand” artists, collaborative haiku NFTs by haiku and AI, etc. are posted one after another.
In the future, “VAI! Art” will continue to be used by artists as a place to post a wide range of art works, and will continue to expand works and develop services so that users can enjoy art freely. . [Image 1
[Image 2
[Image 3

colorful: [Image 4

Release campaign 1: Second edition of NFT art drawn by AI as a gift To commemorate the number of works posted exceeding 400, we will present NFT art created by AI with the theme of “social issues” by Airdrop.
Only 1 NFT per work will be issued on a first-come-first-served basis, so please get your favorite NFT work as soon as possible.
Please see the following page for details of this campaign.
Release Campaign 2: Buy NFT! campaign
There are still various works of art in the world. In order to let more people know about such works, we will carry out the “NFT Buy Campaign”.
Price limit: Up to 20,000 yen or 0.1 ETH per work
Application period: 2022/10/7 (Fri)-2022/10/21 (Fri)
How to apply: Apply via SNS or email. Please see the following page for details:
We will hold an online briefing session for those who wish to publish art works An online information session will be held on October 14th (Friday) from 13:00 to 14:00 for those who wish to publish their art works. Both individual artists and content holder corporations can participate. If you would like to participate in the information session, please apply from the following page. (You can watch the recording at a later date)
VAIABLE Co., Ltd. will continue to actively develop advanced technologies such as Web3 and AI, aiming to provide services that make social issues more accessible, such as “VAI! Art”, and to create a society that can autonomously derive solutions. I will make use of it. [Website]
The following organizations cooperated in the collection of works. [From Hand Makeup Academy]
A professional makeup school that has been producing more than 3,500 makeup artists for 38 years.
As the name of the school suggests, based on the concept of [from the hands], we are developing a curriculum that pursues the diverse possibilities of each and every engineer.

[General Incorporated Association Disabled Art Association]
The Disabled Persons Art Association is an organization that supports the continuation of art activities by persons with disabilities. Participation is accepted equally without discrimination based on the artistry of the work, type of disability, age, gender, nationality, or religion. We provide financial support for the continuation of the art activities of people with disabilities and operate a gallery site to spread them widely to the world. We are also actively promoting secondary use such as commercialization. We support the continuation of art activities for all people with disabilities. We support the art activities of all people with disabilities, not just a few talented artists with disabilities, through public relations activities and financial support. In terms of public relations activities, we operate an online gallery and conduct activities to spread the word widely through owned media and SNS (updated daily). We operate a mechanism of “distribution”, and not only those whose works have been adopted for products, but also all art activities
We continue to support people with disabilities.

[Social Welfare Corporation Nagomi Fukushikai Yumehana Division]

Details about this release:


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