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Valentino Unboxing Valentino Spring/Summer 2023 Collection

Valentino Japan Co., Ltd.
Valentino Unboxing Valentino Spring/Summer 2023 Collection

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Maison Valentino unveiled the Spring/Summer 2023 collection “UNBOXING VALENTINO” on Sunday, October 2nd, 2022 in Paris.
It focuses on the individual who opens the box and transcends differences such as race and gender. This collection was created from such an inclusive idea.
Taking the image out of the box is taking the idea out of the box. When you remove the structure, you can see what’s inside.
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The first look was a new pattern “TOIE ICONOGRAPHE” using Valentino’s iconic V logo. The V logo expresses an identity that radiates a distinct appeal.
Painted on iconic canvas, this new signature motif is a statement, appearing on both clothing and accessories. This all-over pattern appears in a total look and is also used for small items such as bags. [Image 4

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“UNsizeME” uses bodysuits and jersey materials that can be adjusted in size. The smooth material blends with your skin tone to create a skin-like visual effect. Various materials in neutral colors, such as lycra and knit, enhance individuality, liberate the form and allow freedom of dressing.
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Valentino’s couture maison codes are translated into formal wear and are incorporated into the construction of coats, trousers, tuxedos, oversized jackets and outerwear. Combining embroidery, feathers and romantic fabrics with an urban attitude, it is sublimated into contemporary, stylish tailoring. The tradition of the classic suit is reinterpreted by Valentino’s couture concepts of volume, minimalism and pure form, expressed in a new way through an inclusive process. [Image 9

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