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VALT JAPAN Co., Ltd. VALT JAPAN has been entrusted with a BPO project specializing in people with difficulty working in Kamakura City, and has started a new digital employment support.

VALT JAPAN has been entrusted with a BPO project specializing in people with difficulty working in Kamakura City, and has started a new digital employment support.
~Opening of “Digital Employment Support Center KAMAKURA” in Kamakura City~
VALT JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Takaya Ono, hereinafter referred to as “our company”), which develops the largest DX platform business for people with difficulty working in Japan, is a disabled person living in the city operated by Kamakura City. We have been entrusted with a new job support measure for people who are socially withdrawn, “Kamakura City BPO Project for Persons with Difficult Jobs.” As part of this initiative, we will operate the “Digital Employment Support Center KAMAKURA” from October 3, 2022 (Monday), which will provide work opportunities at home or out of the office, mainly for work using PCs (hereinafter referred to as “PC work”). will start.
[Image 1d13618-20-b87b9bc61c2d9aaf0585-7.png&s3=13618-20-1ce81094af25d610f90a3e97240e5cfc-3900x2194.png
-Business summary-
Kamakura City’s BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) business
specializing in people with difficulty in finding jobs is a business process outsourcing business that focuses on people with disabilities and people who are withdrawn from life in Kamakura City. For those who have difficulty in finding a job in Japan, by providing two types of employment support, centered on PC work, commuting type and home type, we aim to create diverse employment opportunities and participate in society as a member of the local community. , is a business that works to create an environment where people can be independent.
* What is BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)?
Part of the business process in a company’s activities is outsourced to a specialized company in its entirety, from business planning and design to implementation.
As part of this project, when opening the “Digital Employment Support Center KAMAKURA” in the city, we will select orders for orders that have demand from private companies, formulate sales strategies, project management and work specifications for order orders. We will collectively operate a series of processes associated with receiving and placing orders, such as design, work instructions, quality control, and delivery management.
Our company has a track record of over 1,500 contracted projects so far, and a track record of appropriate work matching with workers accumulated through network with companies and direction work. Furthermore, in this project, we will make use of our knowledge and achievements so far, through assessments in collaboration with the University of Occupational and Environmental Health, and through active collaboration with related organizations such as the Kamakura City Employment Center for 2,000 Persons with Disabilities. We will contribute to the provision of new employment opportunities for people with difficulties (hereinafter referred to as “workers”).
■ Digital employment support center KAMAKURA business model (overall picture) [Image 2d13618-20-93039caf0dba21e81ab5-3.png&s3=13618-20-de784a4e217b3c5e9c3c359b76c3444c-2083x932.png

-Interior view of the facility for commuter use-
[Image 3d13618-20-a9460ab391f2009fec57-1.jpg&s3=13618-20-98717b5a92e3ddd726dccd2025bed409-3900x2925.jpg
[Image 4d13618-20-d8b8c9e7f1c23b1aad7a-2.jpg&s3=13618-20-6b467f9d429bf80c2df97669fc2318f8-3900x2925.jpg
-Background of this project and social issues to be solved-
The number of people with disabilities in Japan (the number of people with disability certificates) is about 9.5 million (1 in 12 people). Of these, about 600,000 (14%) of the approximately 4.23 million working-age population who have a disability certificate are employed by companies. Approximately 400,000 people (9%) use continuous support projects Type A and Type B, and there is still a situation in Japan where it cannot be said that there are sufficient employment opportunities even for those with disability certificates alone. doing. On the other hand, the percentage of companies that have not achieved the statutory employment rate is about 53%, and the fact that more than half of companies have not achieved it is also a social issue.
On the other hand, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has actively approved the use of continuation of employment support offices, where the use of commuting services has been common until now. has started to move. In addition, the shortage of digital human resources due to the acceleration of digitization and DX in society as a whole, and the accompanying demand for outsourcing of PC work, is highly compatible with working from home, creating employment opportunities for people with disabilities, etc., who are
diversifying. is a big opportunity for
In this project, “Digital Employment Support Center KAMAKURA”, acquisition and training of digital human resources is a major pillar, and digitalization and DX are progressing while not only improving work skills but also accumulating know-how on support systems that can continue to work. We will create opportunities for more workers to play an active role in society.
-Characteristics of this business and main role of our company- In this business, we will provide new employment opportunities for workers while making use of our strength, which is a series of know-how on receiving and placing orders, from acquiring projects from ordering companies to delivery and quality control. In addition, in order to create human resources who can play an active role in the field of PC work, which has not had many employment opportunities, we will operate this business by taking advantage of the following characteristics.
Features of this project
・Provision of employment opportunities through telework (work from home) in addition to commuting
・Minimum Wage Guarantee
・Provision of new employment support services that incorporate diverse know-how through collaboration with related organizations in Kamakura City, including the Kamakura City 2,000 Employment Center, and the University of Occupational and Environmental Health.
The main role played by VALT JAPAN (main business content)
■ For companies
1. Business acquisition work using PC (sales / marketing)
2. Direction work such as requirement definition, specification design and manual creation for commissioned projects
3. Quality control and delivery management of entrusted projects 4. All communication with the ordering company
■ For workers (registrants for this project)
1. Use of websites, SNS, advertisements, etc., and work to attract workers in cooperation with local organizations
2. Visualization of worker characteristics, work performance and situation (data conversion)
3. Employment support integrated with support staff and distribution of work using data
4. Digital employment support using online tools such as chat and videos -Business details-
Office name
Digital Employment Support Center KAMAKURA
Opening date: Monday, October 3, 2022
Opening hours: Weekdays from 9:00 am to 5:45 pm *Excluding holidays business address
Room 302, 3rd floor, Riasco Building, 1-6-8 Komachi, Kamakura City Digital employment support center KAMAKURA website
About VALT JAPAN Co., Ltd. (
It is a company that plays the role of an ordering platform that optimally distributes jobs ordered from private companies and local governments to continuous employment support offices and people with difficulty working. With the vision of “creating an era of great success for people with difficulty in working”, potential labor human resources (people with disabilities, etc.) can play an active role in the business market through “NEXT HERO”, a DX platform specialized for people with difficulty in working. We are working to create a new labor economy system. This service creates a circulation of jobs and can be expected to improve the career and wages of people with disabilities and intractable diseases. We are taking on the challenge of creating a social infrastructure that creates “new connections” through work among private companies, local governments, etc., businesses that support continued employment, and people who have difficulty finding work.
【Company Profile】
Company name: VALT JAPAN Co., Ltd.
Business description: “NEXT HERO”, a job ordering and ordering platform specialized for people with disabilities and other people who have difficulty working, “EC HERO”, an in-house customized logistic center specializing in EC/D2C, public-private partnership business, employment support business for people with disabilities
Representative Director: Takaya Ono
Established: August 1, 2014
Location: 〒100-0013 1-4-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Nittochi Building 2F URL:
-Inquiries about this project-
For inquiries regarding this release, please contact the following. VALT JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Contractor of this project)
Public Relations: Nakamura
Details about this release:

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