VALT JAPAN Co., Ltd. Valt Japan, which operates “NEXT HERO”, a job ordering platform for people with dis abilities, has raised funds. Cumulative procurement amount is 740 million yen

Wald Japan, which operates “NEXT HERO”, a job ordering platform for people with disabilities, has raised funds. Cumulative procurement amount is 740 million yen
Transforming into a DX/SX promotion platform that balances corporate sustainability management with the active participation of people with disabilities and other people who have difficulty working

Wald Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Takaya Ono; hereinafter referred to as “our company”), which operates a job ordering platform “NEXT HERO” specializing in people with disabilities and other people who have difficulty working, is Headline Asia, Sumitomo Mitsui Maritime Capital, Kamakura Asset Management and Future Venture Capital (joint GP), Mitsubishi UFJ Capital, Mizuho Capital, SMBC Venture Capital and private investor Mr. Masanori Murakami (Signifiant co-representative) as underwriters of the third-party allotment of shares, 440 million yen has been procured. We would like to inform you that with this capital increase, the cumulative amount of funds raised has reached 740 million yen in about one year from the funding in June 2021.
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■ Comment from Representative Director Takaya Ono
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This time, we have received high praise for the growth potential and social significance of our “NEXT HERO” business, which aims to solve social issues by connecting people with disabilities and other people who have difficulty working with corporate issues, and have raised Series A round funding. I was able to do it.
New investors such as Headline Asia, an independent VC that is active globally, and new investors such as Kamakura Investment Trust and Future Venture Capital, which aim to foster startups that will become 100-year companies that will create the “future society” We feel proud that our existing shareholders and Mr. Masanori Murakami, who is familiar with corporate growth with a view to post-IPO, have placed great expectations on us as a company that can change society on a global scale. I am very grateful to all those involved, including The impetus for the “NEXT HERO” concept was when I was an MR for a pharmaceutical company, and I was shocked by the fact that patients with mental illness who participated in patient associations had a common problem of “not having a successful experience at work.” That’s how it all started. After that, we launched the job ordering platform “NEXT HERO” in order to build a mechanism that connects “those who have difficulty working to play an active role through work” and “business growth of companies”. Through the expansion of our business, by matching the content of work with the characteristics of a disability, even people with disabilities can demonstrate their skills in the same way as non-disabled people, and in some cases, they can demonstrate higher skills. It has been clarified that the
collaboration between the two will solve problems related to labor shortages and productivity, and will be an effective means of preparing an environment for tackling new work in the DX / SX * 1 era. It has been proved that “people who have difficulty in finding a job can become a force for work.”
Through this funding, we will incorporate the power of technology in order to establish a platform in society that balances the resolution of social issues and corporate growth. increase.
*1: SX: Identify opportunities and risks by backcasting changes in ESG (environment, society, and governance) that will be required by society in the future. A management strategy that enhances “potential” and “resilience”
■ NEXT HERO, a job ordering platform that promotes DX and SX, specializing in people who have difficulty working
NEXT HERO, a job ordering and ordering platform specialized for people with disabilities and other people who have difficulty working, has continued to grow, doubling annual sales and the number of employees since funding was raised in June 2021. increase. As a service that promotes DX / SX between employment support offices where people with difficulty working and ordering companies work, we have created “new connections” through work and improving the careers and wages of people with difficulty working.
In order to accelerate the “NEXT HERO” business, this funding will be used to develop the “NEXT HERO Data Engine”, a database that promotes visualization of the abilities of people with difficulty in working, characteristics of disabilities, labor supply capacity, etc. We will use it to launch product teams, strengthen recruitment of CTOs, product managers (PdM), business managers, directors (sales), administrative managers, etc., and strengthen businesses such as new service development.
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■ “NEXT HERO” service features
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With the vision of “creating an era in which people with disabilities can play an active role”, we operate a job ordering platform “NEXT HERO” that specializes in people with disabilities and other people who have difficulty working. This platform provides information on “employment continuation support offices” (more than 15,000
establishments) that provide employment opportunities and training to persons with disabilities, etc. This is a service that conducts interviews and converts them into data, and based on that data, optimally distributes jobs received from private companies, government agencies, etc. to work continuity support offices.
“NEXT HERO” service site: ■ Issues to be resolved regarding the employment of people with disabilities and other difficulties in working
Japan has a disability employment rate system (2.3% or more for 43.5 or more employees). However, 47% of companies have achieved the statutory employment rate (48.6% in the previous year), and there are about 2.8 million working-age people aged 18 to 64 who are unemployed or indirectly employed. The situation is that it is difficult for anyone with a disability to find a job at a company.
Of these, about 370,000 people with disabilities who are not employed by companies are working and training while receiving welfare support. However, even if they are able to work at such establishments, the remuneration is low, and it is currently very difficult for the person concerned to lead an independent life. The average monthly income of each employment support office is 76,925 yen for continuous employment support office type A (employment type) and 15,776 yen for continuous employment support office type B (non-employment type). Transition support offices are mainly for work training and practical training, so they are paid only when remuneration occurs. In this way, raising wages for people with disabilities, increasing employment
opportunities, and diversifying work styles have become social issues. In addition, people who are neither typical nor developmentally disabled, but tend to be developmentally disabled, are called the “gray zone” and cannot obtain a disability certificate. Therefore, compared to people who have a disability certificate, the support they can receive from public institutions is limited.
Through “NEXT HERO”, we will provide wage increases and employment opportunities for people who have difficulty working, including people with disabilities and people in the gray zone.
■ Accelerating the business growth of Japanese companies by making use of the skills of those who have difficulty finding work
In recent years, the environment surrounding corporate management has changed, including changes in values ​​and work styles due to environmental constraints such as decarbonization and
deplasticization, and the pandemic of the new coronavirus infection. ) are increasing in demand.
Companies need to clarify the direction they are aiming for and build business models, management resource allocation, and capital allocation strategies in line with changes in society.
By synchronizing corporate sustainability (earning power) with environmental, social, and economic sustainability (social issues, future markets) on the premise of a long-term time axis, companies can improve their corporate value over the medium to long term, can grow steadily over time. In addition, the evaluation from stakeholders will improve, which will lead to the acquisition of customers such as consumers and business partners by expanding investment from ESG investors and improving the corporate image.
With the recent shift to DX, the business areas that people with difficulty working are good at, such as annotations generated in AI development, are expanding. For example, in jobs that require concentration for long hours, such as proofreading letters and picking up logistics, even people with disabilities or intractable diseases are no different from healthy people, and in some cases can
demonstrate even higher skills. Regarding the promotion of DX, which is one of the management issues of companies, people who have difficulty working will become a company’s strength as DX human resources who support routine work.
“NEXT HERO” creates sustainable employment opportunities for both parties by having people who have difficulty working work as a force for the company.
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■ Comments from investors
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Headline Asia
Principal / IVS CEO Mr. Toshiaki Shimakawa
I met Mr. Ono last year at the IVS LAUNCHPAD held in Nasu, Tochigi Prefecture. Among the speakers, it was very impressive that he gave a passionate presentation. VALT JAPAN has both the social significance of supporting the employment of people with disabilities and growth potential as a startup. In Japan, there should still be a way for people with disabilities and offices to play an active role, i.e., a market. We will do our best to provide support based on Headline’s global knowledge and experience in startup building that has created new employment.
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Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Capital Co., Ltd. / Mr. Masayuki Shiramatsu Since the first investment in May 2021, we have made a second investment in VALT JAPAN, which continues to grow steadily. VALT JAPAN is steadily producing results in solving major social issues, such as improving the working environment for people with disabilities and improving their careers and wages. I’m confident.
President Ono’s vision has been consistent since the initial investment, and I sympathize with his strong feelings. In addition, all employees, including the management team, are working hard to expand the business. think.
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Kamakura Asset Management Co., Ltd. / Certified Public Accountant / Incubator Hiroshi Koba
Every time I had discussions with Mr. Ono, my expectations for the future drawn by NEXT HERO grew, and I was strongly impressed by his words that he wanted us to run together to realize it.
We invested in Wald Japan because we felt that it would be a company that would play a major role in realizing a sustainable society by balancing the creation of economic value and social value. I am very happy to be able to run together with the company toward the realization of “a society where everyone can play an active role through work” envisioned by the company.
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Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co., Ltd. / Mr. Ryo Imamura Deputy General Manager Investment Department 2
VALT JAPAN stands between work continuation support offices nationwide and private companies that want to outsource work, and by matching supply and demand with the power of people and IT, new challenges and appropriate It leads to the realization of reasonable rewards. I strongly sympathized with its social significance and the vision of managing it sustainably while balancing it with commerciality. We will do our utmost to support the further expansion of this business within the MUFG network.
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Mizuho Capital Co., Ltd. / Investment Department 4 Manager Mitsumasa Matsumoto VALT JAPAN will be launched in March 2021 as a platform that can connect companies that want to increase the employment of people with disabilities by promoting the SDGs, people with disabilities who want to work but have no jobs, and employment support offices, and can solve the problems of both parties. Even after the initial investment, the company has steadily grown and evolved in terms of sales and network construction, and we made an additional investment in this round. We have all the members under President Ono, and we would like to continue to support business growth and challenges by utilizing the Mizuho Group network for further growth in the future.
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Mr. Yasuda
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Mr. Iizuka
SMBC Venture Capital Co., Ltd. / Mr. Junya Yasuda, Mr. Wataru Iizuka I am very happy to be able to make the second investment this time. Currently, many people who have difficulty finding employment find it difficult to find employment at companies, even though they have the intention to work. Under these circumstances, VALT JAPAN’s special ordering platform “NEXT HERO” for people with difficulty in employment digitizes the abilities of people with disabilities, etc., and actually accepts orders from private companies, government agencies, and local governments. We offer great value. We hope that this funding will become an indispensable infrastructure for those who have difficulty working. We would like to cooperate with you further. [Image 13

Private investor Mr. Masanori Murakami
The 21st century is the century of the individual. In the age of the individual, consumption and labor constitute the most important links with society. Until the 20th century, a large, homogenous labor force made up for the labor that robots and software have now replaced. From now on, human labor will cause qualitative changes. We hope that this will not only shine a spotlight on a small group of people, but will also become a driving force that will generate great power to transform society as a whole. In addition to providing work
opportunities, equality of labor compensation and wage increases are major social themes. We expect that through our services, we will present a new “shape” to society.
■ Together, we are looking for members to create an era of great success for people who have difficulty finding work
In order to realize our mission of “creating an era in which people with difficulty working can play an active role,” we are working to expand the service of “NEXT HERO” and are strengthening recruitment in all directions. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. -Recruitment page-
-Main application items-
[Tokyo Head Office] CTO
[Tokyo Head Office] Product Customer Success (CS)
[Tokyo Headquarters] Candidate for business development and promotion manager [Tokyo Head Office] Business Development and 2B Director
[Tokyo Headquarters] President’s Office / CEO Assistant
[Sendai Branch] 2B Director
[Fukuoka Branch] 2B Director
【Company Profile】
Company name: VALT JAPAN Co., Ltd.
Business description: “NEXT HERO”, a job ordering and ordering platform specialized for people with disabilities and other people who have difficulty working, “EC HERO”, an in-house customized logistic center specializing in EC/D2C, public-private partnership business, employment support business for people with disabilities
Representative Director: Takaya Ono
Established: August 1, 2014
Location: 〒100-0013 1-4-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Nittochi Building 2F URL:
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