VALTEC electronic contract service will be on sale from 10/17

Valtec Co., Ltd.
VALTEC electronic contract service will be on sale from 10/17 A cloud electronic contract service that allows you to use electronic signatures for free. Abundant functions such as electronic signatures, time stamps, document management, and contract renewal notifications.
Valtec Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; hereinafter referred to as Valtec) will start selling an electronic contract service that supports time stamps, electronic signatures, and electronic signatures from October 17th.
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What is VALTEC’s Electronic Contract Service?
We handle everything from “conclusion of contracts” to “management of contracts”. The other party does not need any troublesome registration procedures.
If you have a computer or smartphone, you can make a contract anywhere. Not only does it eliminate paper management, but it also streamlines operations. You will be able to eliminate contract renewal omissions. ■ Detailed URL
■ VALTEC electronic contract service document download Supports digitization of various types of documents
In addition to contracts, any document can be digitized if it is PDF data. The stamp fee that was necessary for paper contracts is no longer required, leading to cost reduction.
[Personnel/Labor] Employment contract, joining oath, written consent, dispatch basic contract
[Sales/Sales/Management] Basic Transaction Agreement, Confidentiality Agreement, Sales Agreement, Contract, Agency Agreement, Order Form, Confirmation, Maintenance Agreement, Invoice, Receipt, Estimate, Outsourcing Agreement Book/Distributor Agreement
[Company/business management] Minutes of board meetings, share transfer agreements, business transfer agreements, money loan agreements, money consumption lease agreements
[Others] Parking lot usage contract, land lease contract, land sales contract, construction contract
Features of VALTEC Electronic Contract Service
[Image 2d8585-561-8c28276a92c3108a7113-1.png&s3=8585-561-4f9b3ea9114c82864fc8e9086f8bcf69-800x480.png
Operation log/history acquisition
Keep a detailed log of when, who did what, to which contracts and documents. It also helps prevent fraud and mis-sending.
[Image 3d8585-561-66e8f5aab4c6f50f3ba3-2.png&s3=8585-561-8a7f1aba9cd41f2e6df59ca64177e3ab-800x480.png
Contract document management
In addition to contracts, you can also manage documents such as agreements, applications, and purchase orders. Set the contract conclusion date, start date, whether or not to automatically renew, etc. You can quickly search for past contract conclusions.
[Image 4d8585-561-58caae3d56bbc8d0e048-6.png&s3=8585-561-a69668a4091d75326289ee79d54a51bf-800x480.png
Group management
You can create groups to which members belong and folders (cabinets) linked to groups, and freely set viewing permissions.
[Image 5d8585-561-7e06f61e0855a75d3d0a-4.png&s3=8585-561-8a33f28b1c4ab10b161fa750b2d4cb95-800x480.png
template creation
By creating templates for documents such as contracts and calling them, you can reduce the time it takes to send them. Approvers can also be templated.
[Image 6d8585-561-523a6f747315b7d3cbee-5.png&s3=8585-561-a72d262e5ffc60315cba34634608df12-800x480.png
In-house workflow
It is flexible and can be configured to match your existing workflow. You can freely set the settings for each document, so you can flexibly set according to the recipient and content.
One of the expected effects of electronic contracts is cost reduction. This will lead to further cost reductions, not only in comparison with conventional written contracts, but also in comparison with other electronic contract services.
The low price makes it easy to get the introduction effect.
Free plan
Monthly fee: 0 yen/month
Initial cost: 0 yen
Number of users (accounts): 1
Number of submissions: 5/month
Electronic signatures: 5 free per month
Normal plan
All basic functions often used in electronic contracts are standard equipment. Unlimited accounts and sending.
Monthly fee: 8,800 yen/month
Initial cost: 0 yen
Number of users (accounts): Unlimited
Number of transmissions: unlimited
Electronic signature: 220 yen
Timestamp only: 33 yen
Electronic signature: free
■Please see here for details such as plans.
■ VALTEC electronic contract service document download ◆Company Profile
□ Valtec Co., Ltd.
Business: Development, manufacturing and management of ICT equipment and software
Established: March 23, 1993
Location: 3rd floor, Shinjuku Square Tower, 6-22-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-1103

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