Value-Based Pricing Research 2nd ~ PSM analysis is subtle… It’s a question of “who to ask?”

Neo Marketing Co., Ltd.
Value-Based Pricing Research 2nd ~ PSM analysis is subtle… It’s a question of “who to ask?”

Neomarketing Co., Ltd., which conducts consumer-oriented research and marketing support, conducts its own surveys in order to quickly grasp trends in the world. This time, we conducted internet research targeting 750 Japanese men and women in their 20s to 40s to verify our hypothesis regarding value-based pricing.
Person in charge of this survey design and analysis
Kei Yoshihara
strategic researcher
[Image 1

After working at a marketing company, transferred to a listed company’s marketing research company.
Build a team of researchers and engage with managers. He also publishes research books.
Joined Neo Marketing (Expert G) in 2022 and worked as a strategic researcher with the mission of “creating synergy with the Digima PR Group, starting with research”.
In October of the same year, he newly established the marketing research solution Div and concurrently served as manager.
■ Survey background
There are many cases in which we want to decide the price through research, but in the end we cannot obtain the research results that will allow us to make a decision.
PSM analysis is a typical method in pricing research.
Although this is very easy to understand, there are many cases where the results are far from the assumptions and reality.
Against this background, we launched the Value-Based Pricing Research Study Group to pursue research methods that enable value-based pricing.
This time it will be the second edition.
Last time) First step: Verified with Netflix
This time) Second round: Verification with neo-marketing’s in-house planned and developed new product (supplement)
Next time) Planning
■Survey overview
Survey method: Conducted by web questionnaire method using the questionnaire system operated by Neo Marketing
Survey target: 750 men and women in their 20s to 40s nationwide Survey implementation date: Survey period: October 12 (Wednesday) to October 14 (Friday), 2022
sample size:
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◆ Verification hypothesis
[Table 3: ]
◆ Main Topics of “Value-Based Pricing 2nd Edition”
[Table 4: ]
■ 2Ws to realize value-based pricing
[Image 3d3149-304-ff4b616742b3bc3ccadf-1.png&s3=3149-304-f89c323907967d9ab2ce312516bf6ae3-606x325.png
■ Survey results
Those who understand the market price of lactic acid bacteria supplement users convert the value above the sale price into a price [Image 4d3149-304-51ced60b68d2c727543e-3.png&s3=3149-304-af78265de1018e047f23876cd16bb070-782x393.png
■ presentation material
Presenting the features of the lactic acid bacteria supplement “Onakahake” planned and developed by our company and investigating the price
[Image 5d3149-304-df9ee567351ed1757ba3-4.png&s3=3149-304-9337d9765e55094b34ae144877d296d0-846x343.png
■Who should I ask?
If there are people who cannot convert value into value, the overall acceptance price will be lower.
Acceptance price is the highest among supplement users in the same category (lactic acid bacteria) who understand the market price Same category users – product category users, market price
understanding – non-understanding
[Image 6d3149-304-3ca340ef57f31e7855ea-5.png&s3=3149-304-d68e7600be7244538f76f71dcbf6c872-684x343.png
■What would you say about the features?
The features of functional food supplements containing lactobacillus rhamnosus, which is being researched around the world, are the most supported.
[Image 7d3149-304-a2efe27b006c0a2ea2f2-6.png&s3=3149-304-1d0acbb8a6273ab8aaced8e3a49039e3-693x359.png
■-Reference-What if there is an advertisement?
People who understand the market price are close to the announced price. [Image 8d3149-304-15c3c1d9c746ae37f130-7.png&s3=3149-304-1244e809a8404b46a98686a22e442ef1-802x356.png
* Excerpt from the survey results of the “value-based pricing research study first”

■ Click here for the survey service used in this survey
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