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var Corporate plan β version released from Envader, a learning site for infrastructure engineers. We are look ing for advance reception.

Corporate plan β version released from Envader, a learning site for infrastructure engineers. We are looking for advance reception. [Must-see for HR personnel] Easily learn infrastructure, can be used for new graduate training and prospective employee training

A corporate plan was born from Envader, a learning site for aiming to become an infrastructure engineer. Please use the infrastructure learning that can be used for new employee training and prospective employee training. Pre-order for 10 companies only! !
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What is Envader that can learn infrastructure?
Envader is a learning site for learning infrastructure operated by var. Unlike programming learning sites, this is the only learning site in Japan that specializes in infrastructure, where you can learn Linux, networks, databases, and cybersecurity.
On previous learning sites, it was possible to learn programming languages ​​such as Python and PHP, but it was not possible to learn about server management.
That’s where the Envader was born. Released as a learning site specializing in infrastructure, it has now grown into a learning platform with over 5,000 users.
This time, Envader has released a corporate plan.
What is the content of the corporate plan?
The corporate plan comes with useful functions for managers, such as progress management for each organization and team. A rough list of functions is as follows.
・Administrator dashboard function (ranking, progress rate)
・ Simultaneous invitation function (CSV, etc.)
・Special training for corporations
Dashboard implementation example
[Image 2d88215-9-4ff68b16f3adef73f13a-1.png&s3=88215-9-97ea3a92d8cf0a767036857220a4ec6e-2828x1600.png
var Co., Ltd., which operates Envader, is a company that handles corporate training for engineers, so we aim to further improve skills by combining online site and real training.
Corporate plan pricing
1 license: 3980 yen (tax included)
(Training will be discussed separately)
Contact information
Please contact us from the contact window of var Co., Ltd.
IT School RareTECH:
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・Course list
·List of articles
・XSS countermeasures and mechanism
・What is a white hacker?
Details about this release:

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