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Venture Support Inheritance Tax Accountant Corporation Starts [Providing Ending Notes for Free] to Help Smooth Inheritance
Venture Support Inheritance Tax Accountant Corporation (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Tax Accountant: Hiroaki Furuoya has started providing ending notes free of charge.
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This time, Venture Support Inheritance Tax Accountant Corporation has started providing ending notes free of charge so that heirs will not fight over inheritance, and as a peace of mind for bereaved families, ending notes will help create wills. Did.
About the ending note
As a method of manifesting intentions during life, the representative ones are “wills” and “ending notes”.
Since a will has the legal effect of how to divide the inheritance among the heirs, it is possible to effectively prevent inheritance troubles by making a will correctly.
However, there is a disadvantage that it is difficult to create a will by yourself without asking an expert because the will will be invalid if it is not created in the correct way stipulated by law.
Therefore, we recommend “ending notes” as a step before creating a will. -Current status of inheritance problems-
We provide over 600 free inheritance consultations every month. We often consult about “inheritance troubles” between heirs over inheritance division.
Inheritance problems are often difficult to resolve between heirs and become a quagmire.
The best course of action is for property owners to make their intentions clear before they die.
With this measure, most disputes between heirs can be prevented. However, the current situation is that there are still few people who are well prepared for what-if.
-Frequent cases of consultation about inheritance-
Examples of consultations include:
・Since there is a lot of real estate in the inheritance and there is little cash and deposits, it is not possible to reach an agreement among all the heirs in the inheritance division negotiations. ・Suddenly claiming inheritance rights from a child with a former wife who has never met
In order to avoid such inheritance troubles, it is important to make a will before your death.
On the other hand, as a procedure after death,
・I do not know the format of the funeral (religion, attendees, etc.) ・I do not know the contact information of friends and acquaintances ・I don’t know the financial institution where I deposited my savings and stocks Everyone will experience such troubles.
That’s where “endnotes” come in handy.
・The difference between a will and an ending note
A will is legally binding on each heir’s share of the estate. On the other hand, the ending note is only for writing down assets such as deposits and savings, real estate, contact information of friends and acquaintances, desired funeral style, message to bereaved family members, etc. There is none.
・Benefits of the ending note
The ending note reflects the intention of the owner of the property and serves as a major guideline for proceeding smoothly with inheritance procedures.
Depending on the presence or absence of the ending note, the complexity of the inheritance procedures experienced by the bereaved family will be a huge difference.
By writing down an ending note, heirs can greatly reduce the time spent worrying about dividing the inheritance and searching for documents.
Reducing the burden on heirs both physically and mentally is a great advantage. ・Description in the ending note
The ending note provided by the Company has the following contents. ・Your basic information
・Digital data
・Family, Relatives
・friends, acquaintances
・Medical and nursing care
・Place of burial
▼Actual description page
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Please apply for our Ending Note by filling in the required
information in the request form below. Introduction of Venture Support Inheritance Tax Accountant Corporation Inheritance tax return “Five strengths”
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1. Advanced services by inheritance tax specialists
Inheritance tax is a very specialized and special tax.
Our company is a tax accountant corporation that handles only such inheritance tax.
Having tax accountants specializing in inheritance tax handling more than 1,700 inheritance tax returns annually has made it possible for us to have a high level of expertise and know-how within the company. Our company has published many specialized books related to
inheritance, and among them, “First Inheritance and Wills that Parents and Children Should Know” is a book packed with know-how about measures during life.
2. Tax returns that are difficult to point out to the tax office When considering filing an inheritance tax return, the first priority should be given to tax audit measures.
At our company, a tax accountant specializing in inheritance tax will file a tax return with a tax audit in mind.
In addition, we have a tax audit response and tax return verification system based on the advice of a former national tax accountant. In addition, by using the “document attachment system”, the content is guaranteed to the tax office, which significantly reduces the possibility of a tax investigation.
3. Proposing maximum tax savings and countermeasures
It is important to systematically implement inheritance tax savings from the stage of life.
However, there are many ways to make it in time even after an inheritance occurs.
Especially in the division of inheritance, the inheritance tax will change greatly by considering the division with tax, and if you divide the inheritance without considering the secondary inheritance in the future, you will ultimately lose money.
At our company, “tax accountants who are familiar with tax saving” will make proposals that can maximize tax savings.
In addition, in order to avoid inheritance troubles, prenatal measures are important.
At our company, you can consult from the stage before birth. 4. Lowest price in the industry
Inheritance tax filing fees start from 130,000 yen (excluding tax), which is set to the lowest level in the industry.
Since we specialize in inheritance tax and file a large number of tax returns each year, we have made thorough division of labor and systemization within the company possible, enabling us to provide low-cost, high-quality services.
5. One-stop support for registration changes and real estate sales In addition to tax accountants, administrative scriveners, judicial scriveners, lawyers, and real estate agents are gathered in the same group company, so we can provide one-stop support for all professions with just one consultation.
We can also consult with you about changes in real estate registration and sales of real estate.
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