Village Vanguard Havoc Channel x Village Vanguard-Collaboration goods will be released! ! ~

Village Vanguard
[Havoc Channel x Village Vanguard]-Collaboration goods will be released! ! ~
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From October 7, 2022 (Friday), [Havoc Channel x Village Vanguard] limited collaboration goods will be sold at the online store! Chinozo, Chiitana, Kesumaru, Iyowa, Medmia’s strongest Vocaloid P 5 people gather and work “Havoc Channel” for short “Habochan”! ! In addition to the illustrations drawn by Arsetica, it is a valuable item with members’ hand-drawn illustrations! Don’t miss it as it is a limited-time order sale! !
【Product Details】
■ Hoodie ¥5,900 (tax included)
[Image 4

100% cotton
M Length 67cm/Width 50cm/Shoulder Width 44cm/Sleeve Length 62cm L Length 70cm/Width 53cm/Shoulder Width 47cm/Sleeve Length 63cm XL Length 73cm/Width 56cm/Shoulder width 50cm/Sleeve length 63cm ■ Cotton bag ¥2,500 (tax included)
[Image 5

100% cotton
Length 370mm x Width 240mm x Depth 120mm
■ Acrylic key chain 5 types in total ¥770 each (tax included) [Image 6

chinozo: W34mm×H65mm
Small: W46mm x H63mm
Kesumaru: W32mm x H61mm
Iyowa: W38mm x H65mm
Medemia: W36mm x H70mm
■ Round badge 5 types in total ¥400 each (tax included)
[Image 7

synthetic paper
■ Stickers 5 types in total ¥400 each (tax included)
[Image 9
▼ Click here for details!
▼ “Havoc Channel” official Twitter is here!
▼ “Havoc Channel” official YouTube is here!
▼ “Village Vanguard Support Site” is now open!
Villevan staff’s love explodes! POP is not enough! ?
The “Village Vanguard Support Site” filled with “things we like so much that we want to support ourselves” will open on August 1, 2022! I’m waiting for your comments and likes! !
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■ Village Vanguard Official HP


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