Votan Co., Ltd. Opened LICCA, the 5th store of Votan Group

Votan Co., Ltd.
Opened Votan Group 5th store LICCA
Hair salon LICCA October 8 NEW OPEN

Votan Group’s fifth hair salon opens in Tenjin! !
Votan Group, which currently has 4 hair salons and 2 eyelash salons in Fukuoka City, will open its 5th hair salon in October!
[Image 1d109533-1-d1fc6a0f76f4c9d90b44-3.png&s3=109533-1-0b2e136b820c7821886e1951be6dd866-1353x627.png
The name “LICCA”, another name for snow crystals, means “no single crystal of Yui is the same”. .
The location is located in Daimyo in Tenjin, and the interior of the store, which is based on white gray, is a high-quality and relaxing space.
We will provide treatments and services tailored to each person in such a store. [Image 2d109533-1-a6baf955c057b8ccc933-1.jpg&s3=109533-1-b950f2951c67497e3ce6752dd573675a-2000x1414.jpg
Votan Group will continue to
We will grow as a group that can deliver new possibilities to everyone in the beauty life.

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