VR startup ImaCreate raises a total of 180 million yen (Series A)

Imcreate Co., Ltd.
VR startup ImaCreate raises a total of 180 million yen (Series A) Accelerate research and development of training that is more effective than reality using virtual space

ImaCreate Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Akihiro Yamamoto, hereinafter ImaCreate), which conducts research and development of physical virtual technology that works in reality, has raised a total of 180 million yen in the series A round. We are pleased to inform you that we have raised funds. The procurement source is Monozukuri Ventures Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kyoto City and New York, USA), with the University of Tokyo Co-Creation Platform Development Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, President: Katsuhiko Oizumi, hereinafter “Todai IPC”) as the lead investor. City, CEO: Narimasa Makino, hereinafter referred to as “MZV”), and individual investors. With this funding, we will proceed with research and development of experiences unique to virtual spaces, with the aim of further strengthening the characteristics of being more effective than reality.
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What is Imcreate
Imacreate’s mission is to “bring blood to data, people, and the world.” It is a startup that works on research and development and social implementation of embodied XR with the aim of realizing it in the world.
We are mainly working on the development of training that utilizes virtual technology in the industrial and medical fields, and instead of “viewing VR” such as 360-degree videos, we are developing “doing VR” that uses the body like reality in a virtual space. We take power as our strength.
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What is “Suru VR”?
In virtual space, the use of technology makes it possible to experience things that are impossible in reality, such as the visualization and transmission of objects, the display of guides, the manipulation of phenomena and events such as the output of gravity and movement, and the immediate feedback of movement. At ImaCreate, we call this kind of experience that can only be obtained in a virtual space using the body like in reality, “VR”.
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Features of “Suru VR”: Training that is more effective than reality is possible ImaCreate is working on the development of training based on the concept of “effectiveness beyond reality” by utilizing the knowledge of “VR”. For example, in kendama, 1,087 out of 1,128 beginners who practiced in a virtual space mastered a technique they had never succeeded in before. We have confirmed that there is a more
proficiency effect than practical practice. We have received various awards so far for our ability to develop training using virtual technology.
▼Effectiveness in reality
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▼Won various awards
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Use of Proceeds: Strengthening the Feature of “Effectiveness Beyond Reality” With this funding, we will promote research and development of experiences that can only be experienced in virtual spaces, with the aim of further strengthening the feature of “effectiveness beyond reality” of training using “Suru VR”.
As the first step, we developed a multiplayer function. Until now, the training developed by ImaCreate was done by one person, but now it is possible for multiple people to enter the same virtual space at the same time, while maintaining the experience that is unique to the virtual space. This makes it possible for people physically separated from each other to communicate as if they were next to each other. Highly flexible training is possible even in the virtual space because it is through.
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▼ “Suru VR” introduction video
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NV8h9pnuaY] ImaCreate will continue to aim to realize training that is more effective than reality, and will further enhance the experience that can only be achieved in a virtual space.
Comments from each stakeholder
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Imacreate CEO Akihiro Yamamoto
In the not-too-distant future, naked-eye-level VR and MR devices will become as commonplace as eyeglasses, and everyone will be able to experience a variety of new experiences in virtual spaces. While looking ahead to that time, we will first implement cutting-edge research into society in the To B education and training field, which is expected to grow.

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Imcreate CTO Hitoshi Kawasaki
We aim to realize a system that improves human abilities through virtual experiences, like the combat training system that appears in the movie The Matrix. We will proceed with the research and
development of the system while imagining the actual combat system that Neo learned while fighting with Morpheus after learning the technology alone.

■ Technical Advisor
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Masahiko Inami, Professor, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo
I have great expectations for ImaCreate’s efforts to improve training efficiency beyond the real world by using VR instead of real-world simulations.

■ Investors
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University of Tokyo IPC Partner Keisuke Furukawa
I still remember being stunned when I experienced the demo for the first time. We thought that we could really realize the world view they were aiming for, and the management team also highly appreciated it, so we decided to work with them. We will work together to realize a future where people are updated with XR. Please feel free to contact us as there is a possibility of application in various industries.

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MZV CEO Narimasa Makino
We are investing exclusively in IoT and manufacturing industry technology, and we had high expectations for manufacturing DX as digitization progressed. Under such circumstances, ImaCreate has developed various training VR based on the tip that “VR is highly effective in learning skills”, and one of them is “Welding VR”, which combines VR with the manufacturing industry, which is Japan’s strength. did. The “manufacturing industry x digital” market is expected to expand in the future, and it is also an area where Japan’s strengths can be utilized. I would like to bring about innovation in the manufacturing industry together with Imacreate.
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New Entrepreneur Minoru Moriya
The future of “trying virtual first”. Until recently, we were talking about the distant future, but technology is evolving at breakneck speed and we are already approaching the not-too-distant future. Medicine, manufacturing, technology tradition. I would like to contribute to ImaCreate, which will open up the future of experience with “Do with XR”.

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Naedco CEO Yasumitsu Yukawa
Imacreate can reproduce, pass on, and sublimate skills that are difficult to visualize in the XR space. We believe that the expansion of new forms of skill transfer will make the world of future technicians better, and we support them.
Event exhibition
You can experience training using “Suru VR” at the ImaCreate booth at the XR Comprehensive Exhibition to be held from October 26th. Please feel free to drop by.
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Name: XR Comprehensive Exhibition Autumn
Date: October 26th (Wed)-28th (Fri), 2022 10:00-18:00
(until 17:00 on the last day only)
Venue: Makuhari Messe Booth No. 2-75
Organizer: RX Japan Co., Ltd.
Recruitment information
In order to make it possible for everyone to enjoy the opportunity to “do” as well as “know”, Imacreate aims to realize a world where “trying with XR” has become commonplace. For data, for people, and for the world.”
We are currently recruiting Unity engineers, server engineers, 3DCG modelers, 3DCG designers, and business developers. If you are interested in our efforts, please contact us.
   Imacreate recruitment page
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■Press release from concerned parties
・University of Tokyo IPC
URL: https://www.utokyo-ipc.co.jp/2022/10/ima-create/
■ Supplementary information
The note article supplements the contents of this release. Please take a look at the in-depth explanation of why VR is effective for learning technology.
URL: https://note.com/imacreate/n/nc9c88c06252e
■Company profile
Company name: Ima Create Co., Ltd.
Location: Room 101 KAY & KAY West, 5-22-7 Higashi-Gotanda,
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0022
Representative Director and CEO: Akihiro Yamamoto
URL: https://ima-create.com/
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