W TOKYO Co., Ltd. TGC FES YAMANASHI 2022 Held locally for the first time in three years! The first outdoor festival of the TGC Regional Revitalization Project, which enlivens Yamanashi with the power of entertainment, recorded a total of about 55

W TOKYO Co., Ltd.
[TGC FES YAMANASHI 2022] Held locally for the first time in three years! The first outdoor festival of the TGC Regional Revitalization Project, which enlivens Yamanashi with the power of entertainment, recorded a total of about 550,750 people!
Girls², Suzuki Suzuki, and yama will participate in the artist live, with OWV serving as the finale. Outdoor fashion by GRAND CANYON, mont-bell, and ROXY, which will be appearing for the first time at TGC
The Tokyo Girls Collection Executive Committee (Planning/Production: W TOKYO Co., Ltd.) has launched “TGC FES” as a new business format for the “TGC Regional Revitalization Project”. As the first step, “TGC FES YAMANASHI 2022 (hereafter, TGC Fest Yamanashi 2022)” was held at Kawaguchiko Stellar Theater on Saturday, October 22, 2022.
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■”TGC Fes Yamanashi 2022″, which will be held for the first time, recorded a total of about 550,750 people! The theme is “Treasure Box” [Image 2

This time, “TGC FES” was launched as a new business format for the “TGC Regional Revitalization Project” that started in 2015. “TGC Fes Yamanashi 2022”, which was held for the first time as a memorable first event, recorded a total of about 550,750 people. The total number of visitors was about 5,750, and the total number of viewers of the live distribution of the event (TGC official LINE LIVE and TGC official YouTube re-live distribution) reached about 545,000, and the curtain closed with great success. rice field.
The theme this time is “Treasure Box”. For the first time in the history of TGC, the stage will be set in a special location with a world heritage site in the background. In addition, Yamanashi’s overflowing charms packed into a treasure chest, such as fruits, wine, famous water, and jewelry and textiles woven with craftsmanship cultivated over a long history, were disseminated to the whole country.
■In addition to Girls², ARTIST LIVE will also feature Suzuki Suzuki and yama, who will be appearing for the first time. OWV concludes the bird!
 The first artist live was the 9-member girl performance group Girls², which is popular among teens. A total of 4 songs including
“Bye-Bye-Bye” provided by Okazaki Taiiku, which was just released on October 14th, were performed as the theme song for NTV’s regular appearance “Kono Koi Itasugishita”. .
The brother unit Suzuki Suzuki, who attracted attention with last year’s representative summer tune “Umi no Living”, will appear for the first time at TGC! As winter approached, she performed the
much-talked-about Christmas song “White Kiss” that made her want to listen to it, announcing the early arrival of winter.
Since her major debut in 2020, she has been active in a style wearing a hoodie, but the other day, she finally lifted the ban on the visual without the hoodie, and the new generation singer yama, who became a hot topic, will appear for the first time at TGC! “Kubittake”, the theme song of the TGC official support movie “Line draws me”, which was released nationwide on the 21st and had a special panel exhibition (*) at the venue of TGC Fest Yamanashi 2022, and October 2 The new song “Color”, the second cool ending theme song of the TV anime “SPY x FAMILY”, which was digitally released on the day and decided to be released on CD on November 9th, was performed.
(*) Ink painting panel drawn by Ryusei Yokohama & Kaya Kiyohara on the stage of the TGC 2022 A/W movie “Line draws me”
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The finale of TGC Festival Yamanashi 2022 was the four-member boy group OWV, born from the audition program “PRODUCE 101 JAPAN”. With the triumphant return live of Fumiya Sano, a member from Yamanashi, the hashtag “#Welcome back Fumiya” was born among fans. During the live, Fumiya Sano shouted, “Everyone, I’m home!” At the end, after saying “Thank you very much!”, I bowed deeply to express my gratitude to the visitors.
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Yamanashi Governor Kotaro Nagasaki took the podium with crafts made from Koshu Inden and Ichikawa Daimon hand-made Japanese paper. [Image 5

 On the OFFICIAL TALK STAGE, Kotaro Nagasaki, the governor of Yamanashi Prefecture, who hosted the event, appeared. The governor of Nagasaki developed the paper for the Takeda family along with folding fan holders for Koshu Inden, a traditional craft handed down over 400 years ago. I brought with me a folding fan made from Ichikawa Daimon hand-made Japanese paper. “Welcome to the long-awaited ‘TGC Fes Yamanashi 2022’. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”
“Yamanashi Prefecture is Japan’s number one fruit kingdom, producing the largest amount of grapes and peaches in Japan. It also produces the largest amount of wine in Japan. The theme was “Treasure Box,” and it was an opportunity to touch and see various Yamanashi treasures both inside and outside the venue.”
■Using “Gunnai textiles” with a history of over 1000 years ~ At the foot of Mt. A show of Hataorimachi textiles that have been woven at the foot of Mt. Fuji for over 1000 years. Gunnai Orimono, formerly known as Kaiki, is a delicate, high-quality textile that uses spring water from Mt. Nakamachi JP wears a jacket and muffler from Old Man’s Tailor, and Aya Nakamachi wears a Miyashita textile dress spun by the Miyashita family. The Kajisak family appeared wearing Toaya, Haneda Chu Orimono bow ties, and Muto Orimono scarves, conveying the traditions and culture of Yamanashi to young people.
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■ KOFU JEWELRY STAGE aims to increase recognition as “Kofu, the city of jewels” “Kofu, the city of jewelry,” is the only place in Japan that has an industrial form where all the processes to complete jewelry are available. The jewelry industry, which was a 3 trillion yen industry during the bubble period, has shrunk to 900 billion yen due to the impact of the corona crisis. In order to improve the situation, Kofu City aims to increase the recognition of “Kofu, the city of jewels”. This time, we are soliciting brands to exhibit on the stage. The jewelry brand L&Co., which has the idea of ​​“becoming a presence that brings good luck,” and cui, which develops cute and attractive jewelry like a lot of small birds gathering in a big tree, was chosen. -cui and unosier, a jewelry brand born from the idea of ​​“falling in love at first sight”. Hina Kagei, the top batter, talked about the jewelry she usually wears and the points she wears, saying, “I wear earrings, necklaces, and rings. There are many,” he said. She also commented with a smile on her impression of wearing L&Co.’s special “Birthstone” (*), “It’s so cute! Birthstones make me feel excited.” (*) The birthstone for Hina Kagei’s birth month, February, is amethyst.
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■The Hidero Awai Environment Foundation, which aims to realize a sustainable society. Naomi Trauden talks about her efforts and actions to address environmental issues.
The YAMANASHI NATURE COLLECTION presented by AWAI aims to create a sustainable society by conserving the environment and water quality. A fashion show is held by the Environment Foundation. The costumes are unified in green and blue that evoke images of “nature”, “forest” and “water”. After the show, Naomi Trauden, Sustainability Ambassador of the Ministry of the Environment, spoke about the activities of the Hidero Awai Environmental Foundation to maintain the beauty of Yamanashi Prefecture. I want you to know,” he said. He also said, “I think I can do my best if I think that I can continue to live in a clean place in the future while thinking about myself. If you think that garbage is not garbage but can be reborn as a resource, how to dispose of garbage. I think it will help us think, so I hope we can all think about it together.”
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■Three brands, including one that debuted at TGC, offer the latest outdoor fashion!
 The 3 brands GRAND CANYON, mont-bell, and ROXY, which will be appearing for the first time this time, have appeared, and the latest festival and outdoor fashion that can be enjoyed in the future. GRAND CANYON, a family outdoor lifestyle brand based on the concept of “adventures for the family”, presents coordinated outfits to enjoy the park under the theme of “PARK”. In addition to the packable items worn by Nana Kato and Niki, and the multi-way items that can be used as shorts by Toua, Sakura Saiga’s outerwear and Hina Kagei’s zip vest have a water-repellent function, and the setup worn by Ryuto. is an amphibious item, and attention is paid to items that are
multifunctional and can be enjoyed for a long time.
 mont-bell, which has a store in the roadside station “Fujiyoshida” at the foot of Mt. Fuji, held a fashion show for each scene. Aya Nakamachi and Marino Yoshinaga go on a day hike in autumn, Nagomi speed hikes with a lightweight model, Noa Tsurushima camps for a bonfire, Naomi Trauden cooks at a camp, Non Koizumi enjoys snow activities, Toa Harada (Girls²) walks around the city in autumn, and Saya Kagawa proposes styling to enjoy each activity scene, with the theme of a winter trip.
And ROXY, a brand for women who love beach culture and active lifestyles, is a fashion show that proposes an outdoor style to enjoy nature. Many water-repellent items appeared and were worn by Natsuki Deguchi, Himari, Yurina Kawaguchi, Niki, and Hoshirai Anzai. [Image 9

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■Food booths using local products from Yamanashi Prefecture. Backyard catering supervised by “Tabi no Eki kawaguchiko base” In the main area of ​​the Kawaguchiko Stellar Theater and the green area of ​​the adjacent Kawaguchiko General Park, a total of 27 booths, including food booths using local products from Yamanashi Prefecture, will be opened, aiming to revitalize tourist destinations and the tourism industry in anticipation of after-corona. We have developed content that is fully packed with the charm of Yamanashi, which is the trigger.
“Tabi no Eki kawaguchiko base” will open in June 2022 as a base for promoting stay-type tourism in Fujikawaguchiko Town, accepting a diverse range of travelers. We aim to find and solve regional issues that are unique to Fujikawaguchiko Town as a tourist destination, and to create a place that will serve as a base for creating a sustainable tourist destination (region) based on the SDGs philosophy. At the booth in the green area, we sold Yamanashi wines and local products such as Fuji Hokuroku Four.
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In addition, in order to convey the charm of Yamanashi Prefecture using local products, TGC’s backyard catering, which has been well received at each event, was supervised by “Tabi no Eki kawaguchiko base” and provided local specialties to the performers. .
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■ Personalized drink brand “col.a.fruits (colorful)”
We offer a limited flavor of Shine Muscat from Yamanashi Prefecture. There is also a collaboration limited label with OWV.
“col.a.fruits (colorful)” is jointly developed by W TOKYO Co., Ltd., which plans and produces TGC, and Food Tech Capital Co., Ltd. You can freely customize the fruits, bases, flavors, and bottle designs of drinks from your smartphone. It is a drink brand that can be used, and we are aiming to make the region sixth industry by utilizing the know-how of youth marketing that W TOKYO is good at and utilizing the TGC regional revitalization project. As the first step, in order to create experience opportunities for visitors, we provided visitors with a limited flavor using Shine Muscat from Yamanashi Prefecture. In addition, collaboration with popular artist OWV who appeared at TGC Fes Yamanashi 2022 was also implemented. We have prepared a limited label for this day only. The group also has members from within the prefecture, and they have cooperated in disseminating the appeal of Yamanashi.
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[Table 3: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/7466/table/478_1_b03a2dfe3a43d2c1b62afafe0334e8d0.jpg ]
Event name: TGC FES YAMANASHI 2022 (abbreviation: TGC FES Yamanashi 2022) Date and time: Saturday, October 22, 2022 11:00-18:00 (planned)      Main area: Doors open at 13:00, performances start at 14:00, performances end at 17:00 / Green area: Doors open at 11:00, doors close at 18:00
Venue: Main area Kawaguchiko Stellar Theater (5577 Funatsu,
Fujikawaguchiko-cho, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture 401-0301) Green Area Kawaguchiko Comprehensive Park (5558 Funatsu,
Fujikawaguchiko Town, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture 401-0301)
         Official site: https://tgc.girlswalker.com/fes/yamanashi/2022/ Admission: Main area invitation (application required) / Green area free How to apply: 1. Hometown tax payment site “Satofuru”
      Period: August 24th (Wednesday) 10:00 to September 23rd (Friday)                        : Front reserved seats
https://www.satofull.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=1329134 Reserved seats https://www.satofull.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=1329131        Contact: https://www.satofull.jp
2. Event access tour
       Period: September 1st (Thursday) to October 5th (Wednesday) 23:59         Application: -Bus/Accommodation-
       https://www4.fujikyu-travel.co.jp/free2/stellartheater1.php              Fujikyu Travel 0555-21-1052 (Weekdays 10:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00) 3. TGC official LINE
       Period: (First) September 17th (Sat) 10:00 to September 30th (Fri) (Second) October 8th (Sat) 10:00 to October 13th (Thursday) 23:59         Application: https://line.me/R/ti/p/%40tgc_line
         Contact: DISK GARAGE 050-5533-0888 (12:00-15:00 on weekdays) / https://info.diskgarage.com
[Table 4: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/7466/table/478_2_c4d2e710167a5c6312f0fad623d986df.jpg ]

LINE: @TGC_LINE / Twitter: @TGCnews / Instagram: @tgc_staff / TikTok: @TGC__official
Hashtag: #TGC Festival Yamanashi / YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/girlsTV

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