Wacoal Corp. Launched the “Wacoal Femcare Portal Site”, a website that supports changes in the body and mind, with a special page by obstetrician and gynecologist Miho Takao

Wacoal Corp.
Opened the “Wacoal Femcare Portal Site”, a website that supports changes in the body and mind, and also developed a special page by obstetrician and gynecologist Miho Takao

For more than 70 years since its founding, Wacoal Corporation has pursued the beauty, comfort and health of women. We have established the Wacoal Femcare Portal Site to promote femcare*, which supports changes in the body that are unique to women based on the results of many years of research. It will be released on October 3, 2022 (Monday), and we will develop and disseminate information to respond to customer concerns and requests.
This site is a “portal” that organizes and reorganizes the body research data, existing articles in owned media, and product information that Wacoal has cultivated so far, and leads to the information that customers want. I will play a role.
For the production of the new content, we enlisted the cooperation of Dr. Miho Takao of Ihc, an integrated health clinic for women, which is also a partner institution in Wacoal’s breast care activities, and developed a special page supervised by an obstetrician and
gynecologist. We aim to create more reliable content with medical knowledge and advice from experts.
“Wacoal Femcare Portal Site” URL
* “Femcare” is a coined word created from “Feminine” and “Care”, and refers to products and services that approach the concerns of women. [Image 1d9664-579-7bc898766a2ef9a18760-0.jpg&s3=9664-579-6e5374cbdbaa78d9e1c96fbdd50896fc-901x554.jpg
From the “Wacoal Femcare Portal Site” article
About Wacoal’s “Fem Care”
For more than 70 years since its founding, Wacoal has continued to research women’s bodies and progressed together with society. As part of our future mission, we aim to create a society where everyone can play an active role in their own way, and in conducting business activities, femcare, which leads to the improvement of women’s QOL (*), is one of the important issues to be addressed.
Utilizing the knowledge we have cultivated so far, we will develop products and communication to make each person’s life more comfortable so that they can shine in their own way.
(*) QOL: Abbreviation for Quality of Life. Meaning of “quality of life”, “quality of life”.
[Image 2d9664-579-adc8c6ef43db19133ab3-1.png&s3=9664-579-5ed032e1f87783aaa77f8d5204777854-3900x3900.png
Message about “Fem Care”
■ “Wacoal Femcare Portal Site”
Based on the concerns and questions that Wacoal has received so far, we have set up six categories: “menstruation/hormones,”
“symptoms/disorders,” “well-being,” “bust,” “sensitive zone,” and “products/services.” We will reorganize useful knowledge and wisdom for people in various life stages such as adolescence,
pregnancy/childbirth, and after menopause, and introduce them as articles.
In addition, as a special content, there is a permanent page supervised by Dr. Miho Takao (*), an obstetrician and gynecologist. In addition to information based on medical evidence, we will deliver tips to spend every day more comfortably with advice from experts in each field.
* Profile of Miho Takao
Obstetrician-gynecologist, medical doctor, sports doctor.
Deputy Director of Integral Health Clinic for Women “Ike Omotesando”. Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and
Technology/National Center for Sport Sciences Female Athlete Development and Support Project
She has been practicing yoga for many years and has taught many yoga instructors.
On YouTube “Real Voice from Miho Takao”, we answer women’s worries every day, We deliver ideas that make life easier.
Miho Takao Official Website https://www.mihotakao.jp/
[Image 3d9664-579-db6eb1d5811619aa3263-2.jpg&s3=9664-579-a8cae28ae4ac0d5e42ce41e8137633a5-2736x1824.jpg
Miho Takao Doctor
■ Products for “Fem Care” (new products for the Fall/Winter 2022 season) 1. AMPHI/W‘BASIC (Amphi/Double Basic) water-absorbing sanitary shorts -Product Features-
● Sanitary shorts with a gusset that can absorb approximately 20ml of water with a three-layer structure that provides a sense of security. ●Rubber is sewn in the center of the front gusset to enhance the closeness of the absorber.
●Waist and leg openings are treated with stretch lace to prevent it from showing through your outerwear.
Product number: PFF020
Size: M/L
Color: BL (black), KO (navy)
Suggested retail price (tax included): 2,990 yen
[Image 4d9664-579-611db5bc46a426ca1530-3.jpg&s3=9664-579-47f0c85c6bfae13b802ac138854db613-3900x2194.jpg
AMPHIW’BASIC Water absorption sanitary shorts (PFF020)
2. Wing water absorbing sanitary shorts
-Product Features-
●Separate water-absorbing sanitary shorts with a pocket-shaped gusset and a removable water-absorbing pad. You can remove the pads and wear them as normal shorts, and you can also use them with pads when you are concerned about urine leakage or moisture.
The gusset has a 5-layer structure (the first layer on the skin side is a mesh material that has little contact with the skin. ・The second layer is an antibacterial and deodorant material. ・The third layer is a removable water-absorbing pad. ・The fourth layer is waterproof fabric. ・The fifth layer is a thin and soft waterproof fabric that prevents horizontal leakage). The maximum amount of water absorption is 25 ml when using a pad that has a water absorbing body wrapped in a mesh material.
●The body fabric is made of a material that does not get stuffy and stretches well.
Product number: EC7500
Size: S, M, L, LL, 3L
Color: BL (black), GB (dark blue)
Suggested retail price (tax included): 3,080 yen
[Image 5d9664-579-4dbb9e06f2bcb3adf332-4.jpg&s3=9664-579-f0b6bd0a99717c1536273df006959984-1691x1124.jpg
Wing water absorbing sanitary shorts (EC7500)
3. Wacoal shorts pad
-Product Features-
A shorts pad for light incontinence that can be washed and used repeatedly. ●Water-resistant material is used for the back of the pad and around the skin, and the maximum amount of water absorption is 35ml (*5ml x 7 times).
●Attach to the shorts with the hook-and-loop fastener sandwiched between the rubber pieces.
*We assume that the amount of light incontinence per use is about 5 ml. However, there are individual differences in the amount of incontinence.
Product number: PPL001
Color: BL (Black)
Suggested retail price (tax included): 2,200 yen
[Image 6d9664-579-8bfe29dbe898074c99ea-5.jpg&s3=9664-579-19937f246c8d0f1ef26a8387150cc694-1101x711.jpg
Wacoal shorts pad (PPL001)
-Inquiries from the press-
Wacoal Corporation Advertising Department MAIL:press-ml@wacoal.co.jp TEL: 03-3239-1117
-Inquiries from general customers-
Wacoal Corp. Customer Center https://www.wacoal.jp/support/

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