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Wakasa Seikatsu Co., Ltd. An anime screening of “High School Girls and Magical Note” will be held at UPLINK Kyoto! !

Wakasa Seikatsu Co., Ltd.
UPLINK Kyoto will hold an anime screening of “Joshikosei to Maho no Note”! ! ~Perfect for the autumn of art! Experience the world of anime at the cinema! ~
Wakasa Life Co., Ltd. (Location: Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, President: Ken Yochi Kadoya, hereinafter “Wakasa Life”) will be held on Saturday, October 8, 2022 at UPLINK Kyoto “High school girls and We will hold an anime screening of “Magic Note”.
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This work is based on the book “High School Girls and Magical Notebook” (author: Ken Yochi Kadoya, President of Wakasa Life Co., Ltd.) released in July 2020.
The animation is set in Kyoto, and with the cooperation of the local government, Kyoto City, and local companies, it is a realistic work set in an attractive spot unique to Kyoto.
◆ Work story
The main characters, Yuzuki Shito, a second-year high school student, and Bulbul, a blueberry fairy, appear. Buru Buru-kun is a humorous person who speaks the Kansai dialect, but he plays the role of conveying an important message to Yuzuki.
The story begins with a clash between first and third year students in Yuzuki’s dance club.
In front of Yuzuki, who is worried, Buru Buru-kun appears, and the story takes a sudden turn…
Yuzuki learns various things from BuruBuru-kun and finds hints to bring her dreams closer while making people around her happy. I hope that the viewers will be able to find their own dreams and take the first step towards their dreams.
This time, a screening event will be held at UPLINK Kyoto on the first basement floor of the complex facility [Shinpukan] in Kyoto, which was the stage.
In addition to anime screenings, in the gallery space, there is a booth where you can experience the “Metaverse” experience where you can experience the world of the popular anime “Joshikosei to Maho no Note” using VR goggles, and a photo booth where you can take pictures with Buru Buru. We will also sell spots and cute goods.
In addition, we will prepare wonderful souvenirs only for those who come to the venue of UPLINK Kyoto on the day ♪
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◆ Animation screening details
・Date: Saturday, October 8, 2022
・Animation screening time: 14:00- / 15:00- (screening time is about 40 minutes) * Reception is possible from 1 hour before the screening
*Gallery booth is open from 13:00 to 17:00
・Appreciation fee: 500 yen (tax included)
*[Advance reservation] is required to view the anime.
・ Venue: UPLINK Kyoto (Shinpukan B1F)
Directly connected to the south ticket gate of Karasuma Oike Station on the Kyoto Municipal Subway
[Click here for advance reservations] ◆Related sites
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