Wandstline Co., Ltd. “Limited to Hatanodai store” 10/10 (holiday) is “TONTON day”! A special event wil l be held for one day only!

One’s Tryin Co., Ltd.
<< Hatanodai store limited “Ganso Butadonya TONTON Hatanodai Branch” (address: 5-13-12 Hatanodai, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, TEL: 03-3787-8061), which is popular for Hokkaido’s Obihiro Pork Bowl, will open TONTON on October 10 (holiday). A special event will be held as “Day of”.
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At the “Ganso Butadonya TONTON Hatanodai Branch” where you can enjoy authentic pork bowls from Obihiro, Hokkaido with plenty of volume, on October 10 (holiday) as “TONTON Day”, various rice bowl menus will be available for the first 10 people for one day only. will be offered at a discount of 200 yen.
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▼Event details
[event name]
“TONTON Day” Special Event
[Target store]
Ganso Butadonya TONTON Hatanodai
[Implementation date]
October 10, 2022 (holiday)
200 yen discount on various rice bowl menus for the first 10 people *Limit one cup per person
Ganso Butadonya TONTON Hatanodai store details
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/61742/table/67_1_e39534d33d1f1d182d215e90cf2bc416.jpg ]

The original pork bowl shop TONTON
Our pork rice bowl retains the flavor of Obihiro, Hokkaido’s specialty, while condensing the umami of the grilled pork into the ultimate dish. The secret sauce will whet your appetite, and each bite of the carefully grilled meat will fill your mouth with the aroma. Please come and visit us for this opportunity to eat at a great price. [Image 3d61742-67-c65d845ddec3df56c64c-2.png&s3=61742-67-35560cbda99962da3d858cc1f7dd1823-1039x400.png
(Left) Pork Loin Bowl -Mega- (Right) Broiled Cheese Pork Belly Bowl -Normal- [Image 4d61742-67-e55218276e7fc4721c17-3.png&s3=61742-67-7c198d9861262eb28e3b77f03d8d0acd-1039x400.png
(Left) Half & Half Donburi -Normal- (Right) Pork Belly MIX Bowl -Normal- [Image 5d61742-67-5bb79aefac379584c2d5-4.png&s3=61742-67-47166cbab3afe61b78275cee55ec147f-1039x400.png
(Left) Kimchi Pork Belly Rice Bowl – Average – (Right) Pork Belly Plate – Average –

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