Watami Co., Ltd. A special plan of 4,900 yen is now available for “Watami’s Home Meal” TV shopping!

Watami Co., Ltd.
A special plan of 4,900 yen is now available for “Watami’s Home Meal” TV shopping!
-Do not increase the household financial burden of the elderly who are pensioners-

Watami Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ota-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Miki Watanabe, hereinafter “Watami”) has been conducting TV shopping since April last year at “Watami’s Home Meal”, which provides a meal delivery service. increase. So far, a total of more than 25,000 customers have purchased a special plan sold on TV shopping and have experienced the eating habits where lunch boxes are delivered. And today, October 27th, we have started selling a new special plan for 4,900 yen (tax included) that is easier to try than ever before. Due to rising prices of food and electricity, the burden on household budgets is increasing. Many of our main customers, the elderly, are pensioners, so it is unlikely that they will be able to increase their income. By purchasing boxed lunches and side dishes from “Watami no Takushoku”, you not only save the trouble of thinking about shopping and making menus, but also reduce invisible household costs such as gasoline costs and food loss. We would like to connect with you. This time, by offering a low-priced plan, it is easier for first-time users to try it out and get started.
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■ “Watami’s Home Meal” TV Shopping
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While face-to-face sales are difficult due to the influence of the new coronavirus, Watami no Takushoku will be launched in 2021 in order to more carefully and accurately appeal to the elderly, who are becoming more health conscious, about the appeal of the product and the convenience of the service. TV shopping started in April.
On TV shopping, our chairman, Miki Watanabe, enthusiastically presents the world view of health-focused products and a service that delivers meals to your home by a full-time “sincerity staff”. In addition, we are selling a total of 20 meals “special plan” that combines popular products of “Watami’s Home Meal” at a special price. First of all, for one month on weekdays, we aim to have you experience “Watami’s Home Meal” and realize its charm.
New special plan that is easy to try 10 daily side dishes for 10 days + 10 “Yogurt to strengthen your body”
A food experience plan where meals are delivered to your home. A set of 10 daily side dishes for 10 days on weekdays and 10 bottles of Morinaga Milk’s “Yogurt to strengthen your body”.
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About collaboration with Morinaga Milk Industry
In order to support the healthy eating habits of its users, Watami no Takushoku has expanded its handling of not only its own boxed lunches and side dishes, but also a variety of complementary foods. I think We believe that we can accelerate this speed by collaborating with Morinaga Milk Industry, which develops a wide range of products including dairy products, infant formula, nutritional supplements, and enteral formula (there are also products handled by the Morinaga Milk Group). .
In addition, “Watami’s Home Meal” has a management objective of “delivering mental and physical health to as many customers as possible through a heartfelt food delivery service.” There is something in common with Morinaga Milk Industry’s management philosophy of “We want to create a prosperous society full of smiles by supporting the health of our customers both physically and mentally and contributing to their happy lives.”
■ About “Watami’s Home Meal”
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“Watami’s Home Meal” aims to become an “infrastructure that supports society” by delivering daily meals and “heart”. Lunch boxes and side dishes are delivered by “Magokoro staff” who live in the same area as the customer. We deliver about 240,000 meals of lunch boxes and side dishes every day, and have achieved the No. 1 sales share for 12 consecutive years* (2010-2021) in the food delivery market for the sick and elderly. In March 2020, for the first time in the industry, we are contributing to the achievement of SDGs goals, such as rolling out nationwide efforts to collect our own lunch boxes and recycle them as new containers.
*Source: “Restaurant Industry Marketing Handbook 2011-2022” (Fuji Keizai Co., Ltd. research)
◆ Watami Co., Ltd.
[Address] 1-1-3 Haneda, Ota-ku, Tokyo
[Representative name] Miki Watanabe, Chairman and President
[Established] May 1986
[Business description] Domestic and overseas food business, overseas restaurant business, home food business, agriculture, environmental business
[Homepage URL] https://www.watami.co.jp
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