Watami Co., Ltd. “Children’s home” Meal kit “PAKU MOGU” x Social experience app “Gokko Land” for children Appeared as a new game “Fun Orori Gokko”!

Watami Co., Ltd.
“Children’s home” Meal kit “PAKU MOGU” x Social experience app “Gokko Land” for children Appeared as a new game “Fun Oryo Rigokko”!
Watami Co., Ltd. (Ota-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as Watami) will release a meal delivery service “Children’s Omitsuke” meal kit “PAKU MOGU” as a game called “Fun Orion Play” on October 19th ( From Wednesday) *, you can now play with “Gokko Land
(https://biz.kidsstar.co.jp/)”, a social experience app for children provided by Kids Star Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Kids Star”).
“PAKU MOGU” is a meal kit for children that aims to have children finish the meal saying “It’s delicious!”. We deliver pre-cut and pre-prepared ingredients and seasonings to your home as a set, and you can make two main dishes and side dishes in about 15 minutes of simple cooking. This time, we have opened a store in “Gokko Land” with the desire to support the eating habits of growing children and to make meal kits more familiar, which can reduce the burden of preparing meals at home. .
* The iOS version will be released on October 19th (Wednesday), and the Android version will be released at a later date.
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Overview of the new game “Fun Orion Play”
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This game consists of three menus: “Omurice”, “Pilaf”, and “Gratin”, and you can experience cooking using the meal kit “PAKU MOGU” delivered to your home. By swiping your finger, you can draw freely with the ketchup topping on the omelet rice, and by tapping the frying pan at the right time, you can skillfully fry the pilaf and earn high scores. you can know the process.
In the future, in addition to “delicious!” and “easy and convenient,” we will continue to provide opportunities for children to become interested in food, such as “Gokko Land,” and strive to contribute to the growth of children through food.
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▼ “Fun Oryuri Gokko” play video (YouTube “Gokko Land” channel) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHJ6rr9UFPE
■ About “Gokko Land,” a social experience app for children
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“Gokko Land”, which was originally developed and provided by Kids Star, is a free social experience app that allows children to interactively learn about the “structure of society” through their favorite “pretend play”. The number of users is about 5 million households, which is about one-third of the child-rearing generation (family group)*.
At “Gokko Land”, experience content developed in line with the products and services of sponsoring companies is opened as a pavilion. As of October 2022, more than 50 companies and organizations representing various industries have opened stores and are using it as a new branding and marketing method for the child-rearing generation. As a successful example of a company that has sponsored or opened a store, brand recognition, first-recall rate, and reliability have significantly improved, and the brand lift has proven to be effective. * This is the ratio to the number of households with children aged 2 to 9 targeted by Gokko Land.
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/9215/table/749_1_a34a31f7c9e4756a611086d4c75db197.jpg ]
■ About Kids Star Co., Ltd. https://www.kidsstar.co.jp
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At Kids Star Co., Ltd., as part of the creation of products that create experiences that “children can be absorbed in”, including the free social experience app “Gokko Land” that allows you to enjoy learning about “social mechanisms” through games, various intellectual training and education We provide an app and media “Gokko Land Times” that parents and children can enjoy together.
Headquarters: 5th floor, Fujita Inzex Building, 9-5 Shinsen-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0045
Established: October 2014
Representative: Representative Director Allhiro Hirata
Business description: Digital content business for families
Phone number: 03-6805-5625 (representative)
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■ About “PAKU MOGU”
“PAKU MOGU” has achieved cumulative sales of 200,000 servings in September 2022. From the users, “I didn’t need to buy and prepare food on the weekend, so I could go out with my family”, “It looked good, so my child’s appetite was increased”, “It was fun making it with my children!” We have received comments such as “reducing the burden of eating” and “children’s delicious! It has been well received as a meal kit that can realize “” together.
1. Omitsuki for children
“PAKU MOGU” is a meal kit that aims to make children eat up the whole meal saying “It’s delicious!”. All the products were sampled by monitor children so that the children could eat them all with “paku-paku” and “mogu-mogu”. We are here. In addition, we take into consideration the ease of eating vegetables, such as cutting vegetables into small pieces, so that you can have a well-balanced meal.
2. Reduce the burden of menus, shopping, and cooking
In order to reduce the burden on households who are busy with housework and childcare, we deliver the ingredients pre-cut and pre-prepared. Seasoning can be done with just one seasoning, and the main dish and side dish can be completed in about 15 minutes by simply frying and simmering. Our products are designed to reduce the burden associated with dinner, such as menu planning, shopping, and cooking. 3. Reduction of food loss
Only the amount of ingredients you need for dinner will be delivered to your home on the same day, so you won’t have any leftover ingredients. In addition, since the ingredients are pre-cut, it also helps reduce garbage at home. Customers who have used our products have said, “I think this product is environmentally friendly because it prevents the loss of food such as vegetables.” We believe that we can also contribute to
4. Utilizing the infrastructure of “Watami’s Home Meals” that delivers about 240,000 meals every day
Watami no Takushoku, which handles home delivery of boxed lunches and side dishes, has about 7,500 “Magokoro staff” from 525 sales offices nationwide, delivering about 240,000 meals every day. Utilizing this infrastructure, we will deliver “PAKU MOGU” nationwide and make proposals to child-rearing groups.
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■ Product overview
For “PAKU MOGU”, you can freely choose the number of delivery days and the delivery day between Monday and Saturday*. You can also choose from two types of menus according to your child’s taste.
*Saturday ingredients will be delivered on Friday.
● Contents
A set of cut and prepared ingredients, seasonings, and recipes for the main dish and two side dishes.
For 2 people / For 3 people
●Price (For 2 people. Tax included and delivery fee included. Price varies depending on the number of delivery days.)
1 day a week: 1,198 yen per set
2-3 days a week: 1,158 yen per set
4 days or more per week: 1,118 yen per set
●Official website
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■ About “Watami’s Home Meal”
“Watami no Takushoku” aims to become an “infrastructure that supports society” by delivering daily meals and “sincerity”. Lunch boxes and side dishes are delivered by “Magokoro staff” who live in the same area as the customer. By visiting customers’ homes, “Magokoro staff” will create daily communication and contribute to watching over elderly households, such as concluding “watching agreements” with 300 local governments (as of September 2022). I’m here.
We deliver about 240,000 meals of lunch boxes and side dishes every day, and have achieved the No. 1 sales share for 12 consecutive years* (2010-2021) in the food delivery market for the sick and elderly. In March 2020, for the first time in the industry, we collected our own bento containers and rolled out initiatives nationwide to recycle them as new containers.
We are also contributing to the achievement of the SDGs.
*Source: Food Service Industry Marketing Handbook “2011-2022” (Fuji Keizai Co., Ltd.)
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■Price maintenance declaration!
Until the end of March 2023, we have decided to maintain the current product price* and provide it without raising the price. The price of raw materials such as foodstuffs and energy has soared, and the yen has continued to depreciate sharply. Our policy is not to raise prices until the very last minute, because we want to support our customers’ daily eating habits as much as possible without increasing the burden on their household budgets. We will strive to reduce costs and streamline as much as possible by reviewing purchasing and purchasing methods, improving manufacturing processes, etc., and strive to maintain prices while maintaining quality. After March 2023, we will make decisions based on future changes in economic market conditions and exchange rates.
* Target: 6 types of refrigerated lunch boxes and side dishes, health habit series and meal kits (“PAKU MOGU” and “Ah! To Gohan”)
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■ As an eco-first company
In 2010, the Watami Group was certified as an “Eco-First Company” by the Ministry of the Environment for its past efforts and expectations for the future. Since the start of the Eco-First system in April 2008, this is the first time that all domestic group businesses (restaurant, nursing care, home delivery for the elderly, merchandising,
agriculture, environment/maintenance *as of 2010) have obtained certification.
■ Watami Co., Ltd.
[Address] 1-1-3 Haneda, Ota-ku, Tokyo
[Representative name] Miki Watanabe, Chairman and President
[Established] May 1986
[Business description] Domestic and overseas food business, overseas restaurant business, home food business, agriculture, environmental business
[Homepage URL] http://www.watami.co.jp
《Contact information》
Watami Co., Ltd. Public Relations Office / TEL: 03-5737-2784 / E-mail: press@watami.net

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