We Road Co., Ltd. Started selling a fryer cleaning agent that leads to labor cost reduction and work efficiency improvement for restaurants

We Road Co., Ltd.
Started selling a fryer cleaning agent that leads to labor cost reduction and work efficiency improvement for restaurants
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We Road Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Shotaro Sano), which develops infection prevention products for corporations, sells dD master used for cleaning restaurant fryers, kitchen equipment, floors, etc. have started.
Through dD master, we will realize cost reduction and work efficiency improvement for restaurants.
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Restaurants are cleaned every day, and cleaning oil that is
particularly persistent is a burden in terms of cost and time. By using dD master, the work time can be greatly reduced and the efficiency of the work time can be greatly improved.
It has already been used in certain major supermarkets and
restaurants, and is also used in individual butcher shops.
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Troubles in cleaning restaurants
・Oil stains on the fryer cannot be removed
・ It takes about 1 hour every day for cleaning time
・The floor is slippery with oil, which is dangerous
Effects of dD Master
・Fryers and kitchen utensils can be cleaned cleanly by simply rinsing them with water.
・Since the soaking time is allocated to another work, the actual work time is about 10 minutes.
・Can be cleaned by spilling the used cleaning liquid on the floor as it is Features of dD Master
1. Overwhelming work time reduction
2. Removes stubborn oil stains easily
3.Because it decomposes and biodegrades, it is environmentally friendly. dD master use case
[Image 2d80379-12-f535d27f75228404d3ee-0.jpg&s3=80379-12-dcdb8fda4ad5ffc31f8c809fd24296cc-1568x1046.jpg
*Before cleaning on the left, after cleaning on the right
Store type: Butcher shop
Working process
1. Oil removal
2. Save water and put in the dD master
3. After boiling, soak for 20 minutes
4. Bottle opener
5. Wash with water
▼Comments from workers
・You can now do other work while soaking.
・ Dirt on the back that was not reachable is also removed cleanly ・Remaining oil after washing is completely different
・After dD cleaning once, less dirt remains even with normal cleaning. Product Summary
[Image 3d80379-12-1b51573b8abfd1ae9ac7-2.jpg&s3=80379-12-fb7876b840ee6b2ad9f0fe41b9ca2a90-283x212.jpg
Product name: dD master
Package type: 300g, 750g, 1.5kg
Purchase method:
Inquiries from our website,
Or please contact info@wiroad.co.jp.
Operating company
Company name: We Road Co., Ltd.
Date of establishment: April 26, 2018
Representative: Shotaro Sano
Location: Ebisu K Building 5F, 4-9-9 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo URL: http://wiroad.co.jp/
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