weart Co., Ltd. The first artist of the COLLECTOR PROJECT is “HORI NAOKO”, who recorded the 1st place in W EART sales.

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COLLECTOR PROJECT’s first artist is “HORI NAOKO” who recorded WEART sales number one
Horinaoko’s new work will be released in October

(Photo caption: HORI NAOKO’s representative work ‘SOUND_4’)
“COLLECTOR”, an art NFT project that introduces the concept of C2E, is attracting attention both domestically and internationally.
People who are interested in the collector’s project are raising expectations as the first artist of the project is Naoko Hori (HORI NAOKO), who is also the artist who recorded the number one sales of art editions after the release. .
Naoko Hori (HORI NAOKO) is an artist who has grown up on the royal road of art, such as a master’s degree from Tama Art University in Japan and a master’s degree from Hongik University in Korea. They are active not only in Japan but also in South Korea.
Inspired by the difference in moisture in the air that she felt while traveling between Japan and Korea, she expresses the quiet sounds of moisture in the natural world in her works. He has exhibited his works at multiple solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, art fairs, etc., and has increased his recognition. Currently, as a WEART edition best-selling author, his work is also recognized by the general public.
On the other hand, Naoko Hori (HORI NAOKO) announced the release of a new work in the global NFT project “COLLECTOR PROJECT”.
‘COLLECTOR PROJECT’ is a web 3.0 service provided by WEART, the No. 1 art platform in Korea, which is visited by more than 100,000 people a month. The most significant feature is that NFT collectors can obtain copyright income from works owned by NFT collectors, support the authors, and own the originals.
WEART Co., Ltd. is a company that operates an art platform that supports artists such as HOLINAOKO.

Details about this release:

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