web3 related event The second event of “PARDEY BASE SHIBUYA” with the theme of NFT x Shibuya has been decided!

PARTY Co., Ltd.
The second “PARDEY BASE SHIBUYA” with the theme of NFT x Shibuya will be held! -Held on October 29th and 30th at Shibuya Cast with special
cooperation from Tokyu Co., Ltd.-

PARTY Co., Ltd., which provides NFT exhibition events and marketing support in the web3 era using NFT, Metaverse, AR, etc., is a place of culture and fashion with special cooperation from Tokyu Corporation, which promotes urban development in Shibuya. The second time of “PARDEY BASE SHIBUYA”, which aims to create a place for providing useful information and bridging for “creators”, “NFT projects”, “companies” and “general people” from Shibuya, which is 10 It will be held for two days on the 29th and 30th of the month.
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“PARDEY BASE SHIBUYA” event overview
This event is not only a simple NFT exhibition, but also an exhibition of companies with innovative technologies and ideas in the Web 3.0 era, implementation of promotional measures through collaboration with the latest technology and creators, and presentation of results. , as a place to create not only “exchange” but also “co-creation”, we aim to create “NFT Exhibition 2.0” that contributes to the development of the market.
■ Sponsor: PARTY Co., Ltd. (Currently changing registration to PARDEY) ■ Sponsors/exhibitors/cooperating companies, etc.: Will be announced as needed. ■ Special cooperation: Tokyu Corporation
■ Venue: Shibuya Cast (1-23-21 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002) * We are also preparing to deploy at the Metaverse venue.
■ Period: Saturday, October 29, 2022 to Sunday, October 30, 2022 * The event on the 29th of Day1 is an application system with paid tickets. *Free admission is available for the 30th event on Day2.
-Day 1 Event Details-
・Pitch event by web3.0 startup companies
・Announcement of promotional co-creation cases with PARDEY x creator x web3 companies
・Exchange meeting with many participants such as VC, web3 startup companies, listed companies, media, creators, etc.
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State of the previous web3 startup pitch
-Day 2 event details-
Exhibition of NFT works in the venue / Booth exhibitions of NFT projects and 3 web companies / Talk sessions by prominent guests / Experience-based exhibitions and events using AR and MR / Physical AMA of NFT projects, etc.
-Other event details (planned)-
・Exhibition of outdoor advertisement-linked NFT works
・ Excursion plan with NFT gallery in Shibuya, etc.
About future development of “PARDEY BASE SHIBUYA PROJECT”
We will hold this event regularly in the city of Shibuya. In addition, with this event as a starting point, people in various positions such as “creators”, “NFT projects”, “enterprises”, and “general people” will participate, promote the creation of a value co-creation type community, and develop unique skills within the community. We are envisioning that we will develop a “guild” activity that will set up a project among the members who have it and implement it in the city of Shibuya.
About PARTY Co., Ltd.
Under the slogan of “Non-Fungible YOU”, we will provide opportunities to connect to society by optimizing the “likeness” of people and companies by utilizing Web 3.0 peripheral technologies. As a means to that end, we are developing a “creative economy” that co-creates branding and marketing in the Web3 era with creators. (Corporate site URL: https://www.pardey.land/)

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