“Welcome to Magic Stone Shop Alexandrite ~ Prosperous business with non-standard magic stones ~” Comics Volume 1 released on October 12 (Wednesday)

Earth Star Entertainment Co., Ltd.
-Work fantasy in another world-“Welcome to Magic Stone Shop
Alexandrite-Prosperous business with non-standard magic stones-” Comics Volume 1 released on October 12 (Wednesday)

The hero party was banished, but… if you put it on your equipment, it will have all kinds of effects! Leave the magic stones to us! Earth Star Entertainment Co., Ltd. Comic label [Earth Star Comics] New publication information.
Volume 1 of the popular work “Welcome to Magic Stone Shop
Alexandrite-Business prosperity with non-standard magic stones-“, which is currently serialized in Comic Earth Star, will be released on October 12 (Wednesday).
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Introduction to comics
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“Welcome to Magic Stone Shop Alexandrite ~ Prosperous business with non-standard magic stones ~” Volume 1
Original: Ria Torado, riritto Manga: by Takujio
Amazon purchase: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/4803016984/
Alec, a boy who belonged to the brave party as a jeweler, was expelled as “used” along with his partner jewel beast Sandra.
While wandering aimlessly in the royal capital, the store that was decided to open by chance is “Magic Stone Shop”.
Magic stones are excellent items that can be attached to equipment to provide various effects, but the knights and adventurers of the royal capital will be surprised and delighted by the tremendous effects of unfamiliar products!
The magic stone shop on the street corner is making a name for itself! Benefit information
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Highlights of comics
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Introduction to the original novel Volumes 1-3 now on sale!
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“Welcome to Magic Stone Shop Alexandrite-A Different World Prosperity of a Non-Standard Special Jeweler and a Mofumofu Jewel Beast-” Volume 3
Author: Torado Rear Illustration: riritto
Special page
This time, we will challenge restaurants, mofumofu spirits, and adventurers! Maishiya is expanding its business one after another! ! ! Alex invites Ruri, who is now free, to join in and open a Japanese restaurant next door to Maishiya.
The eccentric genius alchemist Theophras also rolls in there and gives birth to a convenient and cute artificial spirit “Magic Stone Spirit”. Furthermore, in the ruins visited as an adventurer with Diana, he is very busy, such as meeting a dark elf!
Then, at the bottom of the crystal lake, Alec and the others meet an unexpected person again, and the secret of the magic stone and the magic stone master is finally revealed! !
The 3rd volume of the thriving series of magic stone shop management and stories!!
A new book introduction video is now available on the official YouTube channel!
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lITqFDEppU]

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