Wellness Frontier Co., Ltd. With the opening of 100 fitness gyms “FIT365”, which offers low-priced but wel l-equipped facilities, will be held in 2022, a project to convey the enjoyment and gratitude of fitness. Start from Octo ber

Wellness Frontier Inc.
With the opening of 100 fitness gyms, FIT365, which offers low-cost yet fully-equipped facilities, we are planning to launch the “Momokuma Appreciation Nationwide Tour” in October 2022 to convey the enjoyment and appreciation of fitness.

Fitness gym FIT365 (Fit 365, hereinafter) operated by Wellness Frontier Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sumida-ku, Tokyo, President: Masashi Okamoto, hereinafter “Wellness Frontier”) for a monthly fee of 2,980 yen (excluding tax) for up to four family members. “FIT365”) is close to reaching 100 stores. In commemoration of this, the “Momokuma Appreciation Nationwide Tour” will start in October.
[Image 1d27818-39-5a4caeb527ff397ef159-0.jpg&s3=27818-39-58417b54e4e019f60c42356dedac4f1f-936x531.jpg
In the “National Momokuma Appreciation Tour”, interviews will be conducted with local residents where “FIT365” stores are located, and they will be challenged with fitness-related projects.
For those who participated in the challenge, we will present the goods of the local original design of the “FIT365” brand character “Momokuma” to express our gratitude to everyone in the store area. The interview will be distributed on the “FIT365” official TikTok account. Implementation period: October 2022 to March 2023
TikTok account: www.tiktok.com/@fit365_official
Special site URL: https://fit365.jp/campaign-fblp/promotion/ “Local Momokuma” design
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To commemorate the opening of 100 stores, we created a local original design of the FIT365 brand character “Momokuma”.
It is a character design that combines the specialty products, history, culture and fitness of all 32 prefectures where “FIT365” stores are open.
Beada family father LINE stamp
[Image 3d27818-39-6a93e23bfbcf2c7bd521-2.png&s3=27818-39-ef435baebaf6478050f279058c744f84-537x286.png
LINE stamps of FIT365’s original character “Beadaya Dad” will be on sale from September 1st. A still image sticker that can be used in various scenes with the rich facial expressions and movements of the father of the Beard family.
We hope that not only those who are interested in fitness, but also a wide range of people can use it because it is a stamp that is easy to use on a daily basis. (Selling price: 40 stamps 120 yen)
bearage point
[Image 4d27818-39-2dd03a07e51bb6133461-3.jpg&s3=27818-39-ec815f7dfd9370a1891a81c76c8df33b-528x279.jpg
FIT365 has a point system that you can earn just by attending. Save, use, make your FIT365 life more fun and profitable!
Using the FIT365 app (https://fit365.jp/pr_app/) for FIT365 members, you can earn points just by visiting stores, introducing friends, and recording training.
Bearage point introduction page: https://fit365.jp/bearleage/ About “FIT365”
[Image 5d27818-39-2676c70ab5fba51f84aa-4.jpg&s3=27818-39-04d502a60e57af008c10920b1e29af95-409x321.jpg
FIT365 is a budget (low-priced) fitness gym opened in 2015 by Wellness Frontier, which operates approximately 230 JOYFIT stores in Japan. The budget type is a fitness gym that has rapidly increased since the mid-2000s in Europe and the United States.
By lowering the monthly membership fee compared to general gyms in Japan, the barrier of “monthly membership fee = cost”, which is “concern about joining a fitness club”, is removed, making it easy for people who have no fitness experience to try it. It’s gym.
For a monthly fee of 2,980 yen (3,278 yen including tax), a family of four can commute, so if you are a family of four, you can use it for an overwhelmingly low price of 745 yen (819 yen including tax) per person per month. , you can use a variety of training machines that you can not think of at a low price.
*Monthly membership fee may vary depending on the store.
“FIT365” official website: https://fit365.jp/
About Wellness Frontier Co., Ltd.
“Make Japan healthy. For Your Smile Life”
We are professionals in pursuit of physical and mental health. Official website: https://wellness-frontier.co.jp/
【Company Profile】
Trade name: Wellness Frontier Co., Ltd.
(100% owned by Okamoto Holdings Co., Ltd.)
Representative: Masaru Okamoto, President and Representative Director Established: July 2004
Capital: 50 million yen
Sales: 9,578,630,000 yen (fiscal year ending March 2022)
Location: 4-26-5 Kotobashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
business :
-Fitness business-
We operate more than 230 stores in Japan and overseas in four business formats: “Sports Club JOYFIT”, 24-hour “Fitness Gym JOYFIT24”, women-only yoga studio “JOYFIT YOGA”, and “JOYFIT+” that provides new fitness such as EMS training. . In addition, there are more than 80 stores in Japan for the budget type fitness club “FIT365” where up to 4 family members can attend for 2,980 yen (3,278 yen including tax) per month.
-Nursing care business-
Operates Joyreha, a day service specializing in health exercise. We provide a place to aim to improve life functions by doing fun and effective exercise with friends. As a pioneer in the preventive care business, we contribute to the lives of users.

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