“What about compulsory measures against harassment and internal education? Held a webinar on the theme of

Majisemi Co., Ltd.
“What about compulsory measures against harassment and internal education? Held a webinar on the theme of

Majisemi Co., Ltd. is obligated to take measures against harassment, and is there training for the company? We will be holding a webinar on the theme.

■ Changes in the workplace environment due to mandatory power harassment prevention law
From April 2022, the “Labor Policy Comprehensive Promotion Act (Power Harassment Prevention Act)” will be fully compulsory, including for small and medium-sized enterprises.
As a result, all companies will need to clarify their power harassment prevention policy, develop a consultation system, and establish a system for quickly resolving labor-management disputes related to power harassment.
■ Measures against harassment that will change further in the future The spread of telework has made it difficult to see the reality of power harassment, and new forms of harassment are occurring due to changes in communication.
In addition, as work style reform spreads in the future, measures against harassment will become more and more important in order to prevent employees from taking leave or resigning.
What is important in harassment countermeasures is that all employees, including managers and employees, have correct knowledge about harassment.
What measures should management and personnel departments take to address this? ■ How should the management and personnel departments educate the employees? Therefore, in this seminar, we will explain how management and personnel departments should educate employees in the company against the background of compulsory measures against harassment.
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■ Organizer
SAT Co., Ltd.
■ Cooperation
Open Source Utilization Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Majisemi Co., Ltd.
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