What are the popular items on the Yahoo auction market? Second half of September Ranking results announced!

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What are the popular items on the Yahoo auction market? Second half of September Ranking results announced!

Interesting popularity from the second half of September 2022 trading ranking of the convenient tool “Auction Price Market Research Institute” (HP: https://auc1.net/) developed by shoichi Co., Ltd. (Tokyo/Osaka) Pick up items! Rankings are updated every Wednesday. [Image 1

Pick up popular items on the Yahoo Auction market from the transaction rankings in the second half of September 2022 from the “Auction Price Market Research Institute”!
[Survey overview]
■ Survey method
Analysis of transaction data using research tools (“Auction Price Market Research Institute”)
■ Survey target data
Yahoo! Auction transaction data during the survey period
■ Investigation period
September 16-30, 2022
■ Transactions subject to aggregation
3,904,349 cases
Ranking for the second half of September Click here for featured products ◆No. 1: A sign of a resurgence of popularity! cassette tape
[Image 2

The item that attracted the most attention in the ranking in the second half of September was “cassette tape”!
Do you know what a cassette tape is?
There are probably people in their twenties, as well as those in their teens, who do not know about cassette tapes.
A cassette tape is a recording medium that can record music. In the Showa and early Heisei eras, many people recorded music on cassette tapes and carried them around.
Due to the MD and iPod that appeared later, the demand disappeared, and before we knew it, we no longer saw it.
Cassette tapes have recently been re-evaluated and are showing signs of a resurgence.
The unique sound quality of cassette tapes and the retro atmosphere of cassette tapes are gaining popularity.
There is a saying that trends repeat themselves, but cassette tapes are becoming popular not only among adults who know the past, but also among young people.
Cassette tapes are showing signs of a resurgence, but many sets of cassette tapes were exhibited at this month’s auction.
The transaction price is around 700 to 2,000 yen.
◆ 2nd place winter classic item champion trainer
[Image 3

“Champion Trainer” was the second most popular ranking in the second half of September!
Sweatshirts are a staple item in winter fashion.
The strength of the trainer is that it has a wide variety of colors and can be combined with various items.
Even if you have just one sweatshirt, you can create a variety of variations, so it is indispensable for winter fashion.
While each brand sells trainers, champion trainers are ranked in this month’s auction.
Speaking of champions, the secret to its popularity is its tough texture, color variations, and that logo mark.
Similarly, the trainers are equipped with strong materials and color variations that do not collapse in one season.
And that logo has various designs, such as a large print and a small print on the chest.
The reason why champion trainers are so popular is that they are stylish and strong enough to perform heavy rotations.
Such a champion trainer was traded for around 500 to 15,000 yen at this month’s auction.
The reason why the champion trainer made the list is definitely winter preparation.
Considering it’s preparation for winter, there may be a possibility that it will be ranked until around February next year.
◆ 3rd Place: Text, not keywords!? Already deleted by Blancco [Image 4

The third most notable item in the late September ranking was “Erased by Blancco”!
Not only items but also keywords are included in the ranking. For example, let’s say that there are many items such as “Tokyo Olympics 2021” and “Disney 2021”.
Then, it is not uncommon for “2021” to be ranked as a popular keyword. Keywords are mostly word-level cases, such as “2021”.
In this month’s auction, words at the level of sentences were ranked as a popular keyword.
The keyword is “erased by Blancco”.
It’s easy to get surprised by the length of keywords, but items related to keywords are not uncommon.
Items related to “Erased by Blancco” are laptops whose data has been erased. It is ranked in as a result of a large number of laptop computers whose data has been erased by a data deletion tool called Blancco. The transaction price of a notebook computer with deleted data is about 2,000 to 8,000 yen.
◆ 4th Place: The Heisei Era!? Retro
[Image 5

The 4th most popular item in the late September ranking is “Retro”! New things and services tend to be preferred, but there are a certain number of people who like the atmosphere of old things and buildings. Kominka cafés are popular among young people because of the retro atmosphere they create.
By the way, the word “Heisei retro” has started to appear in the streets recently.
Even though it’s only been four years since the Reiwa era started, it’s surprising that it’s Heisei retro.
The Showa era is more than 30 years before the year 2022, so even if you hear the word Showa retro, many people will understand.
I feel like Heisei retro is quite early, but the evolution of lifestyle and technology may be making Heisei feel retro.
In the early Heisei period, there were no smartphones, not even the Internet. Looking at the eras that were looked up in dictionaries and
newspapers, it may not be surprising that young people today feel old. At this month’s auction, many items containing the keyword “retro” were traded, and “retro” became a popular keyword.
Game consoles, home appliances, and magazines are often traded, with transaction prices ranging from 1,000 to 8,000 yen.
◆ 5th place Commemorative coin is an eternal item Challenge coin [Image 6

“Challenge Coin” was the 5th most popular item in the ranking in the second half of September!
“Challenge Coin” is a coin given to members in the military. Since the unit name, logo, operation name, etc. are engraved, it has the effect of raising awareness of belonging to the unit.
When I cut out only the items, I thought that military geeks were the result of trading more, but it seems that my expectation was wrong. Many of the challenge coins traded this month were stamped with Queen Elizabeth. It goes without saying that the reason Queen Elizabeth is drawing attention is because she passed away.
The death of Queen Elizabeth shocked the world.
Many Japanese people have an image of the British royal family = Queen Elizabeth, so many Japanese people must have been surprised. Considering the shock the world received, it wouldn’t be surprising if items related to Queen Elizabeth continued to be ranked next month. Rankings are updated every Wednesday!
The product rankings that caught our attention in the second half of September were as above! We will also announce the ranking in the first half of October!
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