What is your future life? Announcement of the renewal of the fortune-telling site “Miho Nakazono lifted! Women’s absolute fate” supervised by Miho Nakazono

CAM Co., Ltd.
What is your future life? Announcement of the renewal of the fortune-telling site “Miho Nakazono lifted! Women’s absolute fate” supervised by Miho Nakazono

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CAM Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Shunkai Suda, hereinafter referred to as CAM) operates “Miho Nakazono Ban! Women’s Absolute Fate (https://nakazono-miho.marouge.jp/)” We are pleased to inform you that the has been renewed.
In this renewal, in addition to revamping the design, we have also added a new content called “Fortune Calendar” that shows the flow of luck for one month. In addition, we have introduced a mechanism that allows you to use a common account with the fortune-telling portal site marouge (https://marouge.jp/) operated by our company, so you can view free columns and content in marouge without logging in each time. We will continue to work closely with our users and aim to provide an easy-to-use service.
■Features of “Miho Nakazono Unlocked! A Woman’s Absolute Fate” Life Scenario: Your life scenario that can only be drawn by Miho Nakazono. I wrote a chronological table of your life from birth to over 70 years old.
Fortune Calendar: A calendar that allows you to see at a glance the day’s fortune (general luck, love luck, work luck), and the days when your luck increases and days when your luck declines. It is important to spend positively on days when your fortunes are good, and to prepare and treat yourself on days when your fortunes are sluggish. Try using the luck calendar as a guideline for your daily life. Column/Troubleshooting: Opportunity to have your worries read! A must-see for those who have deep troubles. Winners will receive a message from Miho Nakazono herself about their concerns.
Compatibility graph: What percentage of compatibility do you have with that person? You can predict compatibility with that person you care about from the perspective of marriage, love, work, family, and friends. Even if your love compatibility is not good, your marriage compatibility may be good.
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About Miho Nakazono
After working at an advertising agency, started working as a fortune teller under Utaiko Imamura, who had been studying since the age of 14. He used to fortune-telling politicians and presidents of large companies on a daily basis. Since then, he has worked on numerous hit works such as “Yamato Nadeshiko”, “Haken no Hinkaku”, “Hanako and Anne”, “Segodon”, and “Doctor X” series. In 2022, the movie “Seven Secretaries THE MOVIE” and the TV drama “The Travel Nurse” are scheduled to be broadcast.
While working as a screenwriter, she always thinks as a fortune teller, and says that she has decided her entire life through fortune telling, such as her decision to become a screenwriter, childbirth, and work. Also, pay attention to how successful people seize luck in meeting celebrities and entertainers. He has become a hot topic by publishing the secrets of making use of fortune-telling in life, “Getting lucky with fortune-telling” and “Familiarity changes fate, Fukujuen Uranai” (both published by Magazine House).
■ Service overview
Title: “Miho Nakazono Unlocked! A Woman’s Absolute Fate”
Service URL: https://nakazono-miho.marouge.jp/
Fee format: 330 yen per month (tax included)
Recommended environment: https://support.marouge.jp/hc/ja/articles/360046535993 About marouge
“marouge https://marouge.jp/” operated by CAM is an opportunity to make everyday life more enjoyable in order to solve problems in life based on the concept of “be yourself who you want to be tomorrow”. I am working on making it. As one of them, we provide fortune-telling content, and a group of professionals with various talents, including fortune tellers who are widely active in TV, magazines and media, will stand by your troubles.
■ CAM Co., Ltd. https://www.cam-inc.co.jp/
Company name: CAM Co., Ltd.
Location: 40-1 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established May 31, 2000
Capital: 101 million yen (as of March 25, 2019)
Representative: Shunkai Suda, President and CEO
246 employees (as of July 1, 2022)
Business description Entertainment business, media business
* Company names and product names mentioned in the text are registered trademarks of their respective companies.
Inquiries about this release
CAM Co., Ltd. Corporate Relations Office
Email: pr@cam-inc.co.jp
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