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Wireless earphones EARMIND wearing art Art x earphone startup “EBRU” will hold the world’s first completion ceremony!

EBRU Co., Ltd.
[Wireless earphones EARMIND wearing art] Art x earphone startup “EBRU” will hold the world’s first completion ceremony!
Art x earphone startup “EBRU” will hold a completion ceremony! Exhibited at “rooms PARK” (Shibuya Hikarie) from 10/13 (Thursday) to 16 (Sunday)

EBRU Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Rei Sato), which manufactures wireless earphones [EARMIND] created in collaboration with artists and craftsmen, is a startup company that aims to make art take root in everyday life. manufacturing. This time, the world’s first product completion exhibition will be held at the joint exhibition “rooms PARK”.
The wireless earbuds [EARMIND] allow you to enjoy a variety of sound art pieces just like jewelry in your ears. The completion exhibition will be a valuable opportunity to try all kinds of art pieces and clear and dynamic sounds before they are released.
[Image 1d79621-5-d60f0772459fba7978dd-24.jpg&s3=79621-5-90f5a40a7ac13d14d10fd38737fa60ea-650x450.jpg
For people around the world who love arts, crafts, fashion, music, and culture. Enjoy your favorite music, talk with your friends, love real art, and enjoy the richness of expressing yourself.
The art part of EARMIND’s wireless earphone “Sound Art Piece” is a small work created one by one by the artist’s hand, and by making use of the artist’s style and materials as they are, we incorporate art into everyday life by making earphones that are practical products. increase. For creators, “sound art pieces” are small canvases in their ears, and users use them to support artists.
EBRU Co., Ltd., which handles EARMIND, is a startup founded by three people who studied as classmates at the same art university and gained experience in the field of art, fashion, and manufacturing. The three people, who love various cultures, will create new value by mixing cultures such as arts, crafts, fashion, and music in order to achieve wellness in the arts and crafts fields, which have been in an even more severe situation due to the corona crisis. We operate our business with the mission of
EARMIND received a lot of attention before its release, such as winning the International Talent Support 2020, a global fashion competition, receiving a pre-order of 2.34 million yen on the support purchase service Makuake, and raising 14 million yen on the stock investment type crowdfunding FUNDINNO. are collecting.
In addition, as a company, Rei Sato won the female entrepreneur award at the Startup Business Plan Contest Ishikawa, was selected for WWD NEXT LEARDERS2022, and is currently selected for APT Women, a startup support program sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. have a track record.
[Image 2d79621-5-8c5e9e2e25022c599800-10.jpg&s3=79621-5-4367458cb12e82c5feb603c53a93dace-3120x2080.jpg
[Image 3d79621-5-d811b35530dfa1718dff-15.jpg&s3=79621-5-a061352949e706baf5a01dd3395f11d1-3120x2080.jpg
-Sound quality and functionality-
Equipped with a high-quality dynamic 6.5mm driver, continuous playback time is 7 hours of music playback and 4 hours of talk time. In addition to the appeal of design, these earphones are also particular about functionality.
These in-ear earphones have a universal design that is comfortable to wear, and there are 3 types of earpieces that can be attached to the tips of the earphones, and various sizes are available to provide an optimal fit.
-Overview of the exhibition-
At the special exhibition of EARMIND held at “rooms PARK”, you can actually wear the EARMIND sound art piece, which is a device that transcends the boundaries of art, music, fashion, and various cultures, and listen to the sound. . At the venue, EARMIND sound art pieces will be exhibited along with actual works created by
co-creating artists, making the exhibition content more immersive. We also offer limited gifts only for visitors.
-List of participating artists-
Eb Ru
Create Tsukishima
Yuu Kawasaki (reference exhibit)
Yasuka Kojima
Kei Goto (reference exhibit)
Koudai Suga
Mirai Nagai
[Image 4d79621-5-9fb5105f7c62cf37d8ce-22.jpg&s3=79621-5-ce9b8eaec40c2d1902a2649fa07439ac-650x450.jpg

Visiting rooms PARK
Advance visitor registration is required to enter roomsPARK. Please note that the date and time of visitation and the registration form are different for business people and general visitors. [Image 5d79621-5-a21d277d18da8b813cca-21.jpg&s3=79621-5-efa5fc39f755c98a48305ddce2f718dd-1417x1752.jpg
Admission fee: Free
MARKET DAY (general visitors):
10/15 (Sat) 11:00-20:00
10/16 (Sun) 11:00-17:00
BUSINESS DAY (for business people):
10/13 (Thu) 11:00-19:00
10/14 (Fri) 11:00-19:00
10/15 (Sat) 11:00-20:00
10/16 (Sun) 11:00-17:00
Venue: Shibuya Hikarie 9F Hikarie Hall Booth No.62

The online exhibition rooms ONLINE is also being held at the same time. We are also exhibiting at rooms ONLINE, which will be held until the end of March 2011, for business people. It is a special venue that maximizes the charm of EARMIND.
2022/10/3(Mon) – 2023/3/31(Fri)
Exhibition URL:

-Company Profile –
Company name: EBRU Co., Ltd.
Business description: Planning, operation, manufacturing and sales in the field of culture and art
Details about this release:

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