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With Green Co., Ltd.
Seasonal salad only for winter A menu using “seasonal” vegetables is now available! [With Green]
From Tuesday, November 1, 2022

WithGreen Co., Ltd., which operates a salad bowl specialty store, will sell winter seasonal salads for two months from November 1, 2022 (Tuesday) to December 31, 2022 (Saturday). There are two types of salad this winter: “Smile Ball and Bibimbap Salad” and “Ginger Chicken and Ayame Snow Turnip Salad”.
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“Smile Ball and Bibimbap Salad” (left) and “Ginger Chicken and Ayame Snow Turnip Salad” (right)
■What are the best “seasonal” vegetables? Reasons for seasonal sales In recent years, with the development of cultivation technology, we can eat delicious vegetables all year round, but the nutritional value of vegetables varies greatly depending on the season. During the “season”, the environment is conducive to growing vegetables, so many vegetables tend to store more nutrients and have a sweeter and richer flavor.
Since we can eat vegetables all year round, we continue to sell seasonal salads because we want people to experience the taste and feel of the season. Due to the effects of global warming, some vegetables cannot be harvested as expected this year, but we will do our best to provide opportunities to enjoy the deliciousness of “season” as much as possible.
The vegetables used in this seasonal salad are “Ayame snow turnip” and “Smile ball”.
“Ayame snow turnip” is a small turnip with beautiful purple and white hues. It is characterized by its dense flesh and strong sweetness, and it is truly a “seasonal” vegetable that can be harvested from the end of October.
“Smile Ball” is an onion that has a strong sweetness with almost no spiciness. Produced by Hokkaido producers, it is a valuable vegetable that is not sold to the general public. It’s not too spicy to eat raw, so we cut it into larger pieces than regular onions.
Autumn Seasonal Menu Overview
Smile ball and bibimbap salad
[Image 2d18848-23-8c1ec81844c7daab5a03-1.jpg&s3=18848-23-ae2b0bc486d508c638b0504a81a773bd-1080x1080.jpg
Selling price: S ¥1,260 M ¥1,310 L ¥1,410 (tax included)
Toppings: smile ball/komatsuna namul/bean sprout namul/carrot/brown rice/Korean minced minced meat
Recommended dressing: sesame salt
Calories (excluding M size dressing): 344kcal
Protein 17.7g Lipid 11.2g Carbohydrate 41.5g
The non-spicy, sweet onion “Smile Ball” is a popular “seasonal” vegetable every year. It goes well with the “Korean minced minced meat” with the spicy flavor of gochujang.
It also contains brown rice, so it’s a satisfying cup.
Ginger Chicken and Ayame Snow Turnip Salad
[Image 3d18848-23-bb15c105669ecc9b00d5-2.jpg&s3=18848-23-d44b46b11532faae4c3153051cdd7c43-1080x1080.jpg
Selling price: S ¥1,170 M ¥1,220 L ¥1,320 (tax included)
Toppings: pumpkin/salt koji shimeji/carrot/iris snow turnip/ginger chicken Recommended dressing: Ginger
Calories (excluding M size dressing): 167kcal
Protein 13.6g Lipid 6.9g Sugar 10.0g
“Ginger chicken” using domestic chicken breast is thoroughly soaked in gari, grated ginger, and salted rice malt. “Ayame snow turnip” with a fresh texture is characterized by a beautiful purple color and is a salad that makes you feel winter.
Enjoy with creamy ginger dressing.
■ About WithGreen
We are a salad bowl specialty store that uses only nutritious domestic vegetables that you will want to eat every day. With “staple food” as the keyword, we offer salad bowls that will satisfy you with just one cup. Our salad bowls are made with carefully selected ingredients grown by Japanese farmers, cut according to the characteristics of the vegetables, and combined in a well-balanced manner. In addition to the 8 types of regular menu, we also have a “custom salad” made with your favorite vegetables. In addition, you can freely change the toppings on all menus, so you can enjoy a salad that suits your mood and taste. 【Company Profile】
Company name: WithGreen Co., Ltd.
Representative: Tomohiro Takefumi, Representative Director
Head office location: 3-11-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
TEL: 03-6721-6039
URL: https://withgreen.club/
Established: 2016
Capital: 50 million yen
Number of employees: 40 (as of 2022)
Business description: Operation of the salad bowl specialty store “WithGreen” E-mail: press@withgreen.co.jp
Official Instagram: @withgreen_official
What is WithGreen: Established in 2016. With the philosophy of “creating a sustainable future through the business of WithGreen”, we started a salad bowl business in Japan. We launched this business with the desire to change the Japanese restaurant industry, which is centered on carbohydrates and heavy meals, to a healthy one. Currently, there are 18 stores in Kanto and Kansai, and in the future, we plan to expand salad bowl specialty stores mainly in urban areas. In the future, we will go beyond the boundaries of the Japanese food and beverage industry and develop into a comprehensive business that includes agriculture and healthcare.
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