WonderSpace Co., Ltd. Held a free online seminar on the theme of “How to find insights in article LP” that achieved CPA-43%

WonderSpace Co., Ltd.
[WonderSpace Co., Ltd.] Held a free online seminar on the theme of “How to find insights in article LP” that achieved CPA-43%
Naohiro Yamamoto, President and Representative Director of WonderSpace Co., Ltd.
WonderSpace Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Naohiro Yamamoto) will hold an online seminar on October 13th (Thursday) on the theme of “How to find insights in article LPs”. (Application: https://forms.gle/JQR5GwtgAtEYG412A)
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Background of the seminar
By the way, do you know the word “insight”?
What is Insight
・A new discovery for the target
・There are benefits
・And it can be done because it is the brand
It’s a fact.
Insight is an important factor that accounts for 90% of article LPs, If it is an article LP that captures the insight,
-Vitamin C beauty that realizes 5-year-old skin … ROAS about 120% ・Vitamin C beauty that Hollywood celebrities are obsessed with… ROAS about 210% You can get amazing results like this.
In this seminar, WonderSpace Co., Ltd., which has achieved a surprising CPA of -43% using article LPs, will hold a webinar on the theme of “How to find insights in article LPs”.
This is a webinar that can be used by many people, from marketers who are worried about the cost-effectiveness of advertising operations to affiliates! Please join us.
・What is an article LP?
・What is Insight?
・How to find insights
・Insight cases
・How to reflect insights on article LP
Recommended for people like this
・Marketers in charge of advertising operations
・ Article LP writers who want to create more “article LPs that can be acquired” ・ Affiliates who have not achieved much effect even after introducing article LP ・People who are worried about not being able to convert even if they are clicked ・People whose CPA is getting worse and worse even though all possible measures have been taken
Date: October 13, 2022 (Thursday) 19:00-20:00
Cost: Free
Details: https://article-lp-221013.peatix.com/
Application method: Please fill in the form on the above detailed page or fill in the URL of the following Google form.
Participation method: It will be held online on Zoom.
After completing the application, you will receive an application completion email, so please join Zoom when it is time on the day. Speaker introduction
WonderSpace Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President
Naohiro Yamamoto
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Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1982. After dropping out of the Faculty of Science at the University of Tokyo in 2006, he joined the law firm Ausense in 2007. In 2010, engaged in corporate sales at Authense Group Co., Ltd. (now Bengo4.com Co., Ltd.). Since 2012, he has been working as a secretary for Mr. Kazuya Maruyama, a member of the House of Representatives (at that time) who is also a lawyer. In 2013, he established WonderSpace Co., Ltd. (former company name: Saru Co., Ltd.) and assumed the position of president.
Currently, in addition to leading the business of WonderSpace with his own know-how, he is a leader in the industry, actively holding seminars on content marketing and SEO, and also serving as a lecturer. Details about this release:

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