WonderSpace Co., Ltd. WonderSpace, 17 new graduates from 22 launched polo shirt specialty store yushim

WonderSpace Co., Ltd.
WonderSpace, 22 17 new graduates launch polo shirt specialty store yushim We sell the most fashionable and cute clothes that are close to the hearts of working women! WonderSpace Co., Ltd.

WonderSpace Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Naohiro Yamamoto), “Solve Japan’s issues with the power of marketing”, will start working from 21:00 on Friday, October 8th. We will release the most fashionable and cute polo shirt brand “Yushim”.
What is yushim, a brand specializing in polo shirts?
[Image 1

Yushim’s brand concept is “Instilling joy in work”
This spring, as new graduates, we have become working adults, and we are challenging many things every day, including the launch of yushim. I work hard every day and sometimes feel a little depressed. It didn’t go well, or somehow.
We are a brand that is close to the hearts of working women by teaching as many people as possible how to “enjoy” “working”. Yushim sells 2 types of 4-color polo shirts that are carefully selected from the materials to the details of the design.
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Image left: Rib knit polo (white/black) ¥ 12,800 (tax included) Image right: Puff sleeve knit polo (black/orange) ¥ 12,800 (tax included) [Size development]
puff sleeve (orange)
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puff sleeve (black)
[Image 4d73985-116-858a7a13099c85efa1ec-8.png&s3=73985-116-2d216799f4b4af30c6c0cef86d4e3549-1080x720.png
・Rib knit white
[Image 5d73985-116-52e2a366781692e6bf65-7.png&s3=73985-116-d3b4dd91e45d357c9a7e685ed6337af2-1080x720.png
rib knit black
[Image 6d73985-116-938394e880b04e84c156-3.png&s3=73985-116-27f703dc6f2721b9ef5a97e4c60241ae-1080x720.png

Why we specialize in polo shirts
What we want to achieve with this brand is for working women to “work with their cutest selves”.
In order to achieve this, it is important to sell “extraordinarily cute clothes”.
And as a result of worrying over my worries, I decided to make a polo shirt. The polo shirt was originally developed as a uniform for men’s sports, tennis. Because of its ease of movement and functionality, it is an excellent item that can be worn in any sports scene.
“I want to look neat, but I also want to be fashionable.”
“I’m a little worried about the eyes around me, but I want to express myself to the fullest.”
In order to fulfill such a desire, yushim reinvents the polo shirt as a brand that only I know, like a classic that will be loved 100 years from now.
Why New Graduates Launch Brands
yushim is a brand in which 17 new employees, graduating in 2022, work together to plan, produce, and sell.
In fact, this project started because the person in charge of recruiting new graduates who hired 17 graduates in 2022 wanted to wear matching items like the class T-shirts for the school festival. It was a big challenge for the company to invest a huge amount in new graduates. It was realized from the expectation of our company’s representative for new graduates, “Because it will be a practical study of
As a result of repeated thought and error, as well as the balance with other duties, all the members involved in the process of creating the brand have the confidence to think, “I’m so particular about making this polo shirt, so it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t sell anymore.” It’s made.
Joint development with manufacturing professionals
This time, we worked with a company that makes clothes for major apparel brands. The buttons are sewn on and the material has a glossy feel, creating a luxurious texture and ultimate comfort that can only be achieved by craftsmanship professionals.
Impressed with it. Solid feeling of knit
Have you ever bought clothes and thought, “I can’t wear it because it’s flimsy…”? I was impressed when I picked up a yushim polo shirt. I think you’ll be surprised at how heavy and comfortable the weight of the fabric is. That’s why we carefully selected the quality of the material and made it thicker.
3. Impressed to wear. best touch
We have created a smooth texture so that even those who are worried that knit products may irritate them can rest assured. It is soft and close to the skin and can be worn without an inner layer, so you can wear it lightly by itself not only in autumn and winter, but also in early spring.
About WonderSpace Co., Ltd.
■Company Profile
Company name: WonderSpace Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Naohiro Yamamoto
Headquarters: D, 11th floor Hamamatsucho Building, 1-1-1 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0023
Established: March 2013
Business: Advertising management agency business, marketing support business, media business
URL: https://wonderspace.co.jp/
note: https://note.wonderspace.co.jp/
WonderSpace Co., Ltd. looks to the future of Japanese society and would like to contribute to the realization of a sophisticated society. We define “iki” as having consideration for the people around us, with the desire to make the world, clients, and users’ lives better. For the benefit of the world and people, we will revolutionize the resolution of social issues in Japan, contribute to the
development of our clients, and create excitement.
Details about this release:


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